Welcome to Pick Hunting!

PickHunting is a web-based platform for providing essential information for the hunting enthusiast. Behind the activities behind our websites, we’re a group of people who love to spend pastimes in hunting. Over past 3+ years, i have been providing whatever we find important and essential for fellow hunters like me.

My Goal and Mission

I have been around this website for more than 1 years now. Since the time period, the goal behind PickHunting.Com was simple. We want to pass along the hunting tips, gear recommendations, gear reviews, hunting places that we’ve known. Starting from the hunting place to the choice of equipment, the more you discuss with, the closer you reach to perfection. And that’s been the only motto of the team.

How I Work

At pickhunting, we do two kinds of works- tups and suggestions for honing up hunting skills and reviewing essential products and kits. Here are how we execute both of the processes-

  • We analyze reviews and feedbacks along with our in-house expertise.
  • No promotional or featured contents are published in pickhunting.com
  • We keep an eye on the real value provided for users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do you pick products that you review?
Answer: We go through popular demands and the user’s recommendation around forums/communities.

Question: Do you go through the products yourself?
Answer: In most of the cases, we try to. And almost all of the reviews are first-hand reports.

Question: Do you sell products yourself?
Answer: No, we don’t have any selling purpose.