Top 5 Best Broadheads for Elk Hunting with Comprehensive Buying Guide

A random elk can cross 8 feet in a leap and can reach a speed of 45 miles per hour. The famous racehorse Secretariat was able to reach 49 MPH in his lifetime. This tells us that no normal broadhead is okay for elk hunting.

With so many broadheads out there, it’s pretty hard to pick the best broadheads for elk. No worries. We’re here to cover you.

We have selected the top 5 best broadheads for elk hunting in this step by step process.


  • We chose the best 20 models from hundreds of items based on customer reviews
  • Next, we did a focus group discussion among 5 pro elk hunters to make a list of 5 products.

In this post, as a bonus, we have included a buying guide to help you out.

Best Broadheads for Elk – Top List

  1. Huntingdoor 12 Pack 3 Fixed Blade Archery Broadheads: Best Fixed Blade Broadhead for Elk
  2. Rage CrossbowX 2-Blade Archery Arrow Broadhead: Best Mechanical Broadhead for Elk
  3. Carbon Express XT Dual Blade Serrated Crossbow Broadhead: Best Crossbow Broadheads for Elk
  4. Muzzy Trocar HB Hybrid 4 Blade Broadhead: Best Hybrid Broadheads for Elk
  5. Muzzy Bowhunting Broadheads 3 Blades Trocar Tip: Best Flying Broadheads for Elk

Let’s jump into the in details review –

 1.  Huntingdoor 12 Pack 3 Fixed Blade Archery Broadheads: Best Fixed Blade Broadhead for Elk

Three-blade design and fixed broadhead from the manufacturer Huntingdoor. To make your hunting experience into the next level you can try it out. What can it do for you?

Stainless steel made and shaft with aluminum to make it more durable. Those blades are properly oxidized for extra strength. Thus, you will get better accuracy with this best fixed blade broadhead for elk.

125 grain and there is no variation. If you are used to using 125 grains then you can have it. Otherwise, you need to practice to used to use with 125 grains broadhead.

If you have a crossbow or compound bow arrow then you can use it for hunting or practice purposes. For better performance a carbon made arrow is the right choice. But you can use Huntingdoor 12 Pack 3 Fixed Blade Archery Broadheads with most kinds of arrows.

Huntingdoor 12 Pack 3 Fixed Blade Archery Broadheads: Best Fixed Blade Broadhead for Elk

Cutting diameter is 1” and has swept wing that helps during the flight. And that 1” cutting diameter is superior to pierce even if it is a bone.

The broadhead head is interlocked with the arrow as like as a bolt. However, you will love to use it while hunting for sure.

  • Easy to sharp.
  • Durable because made of stainless steel.
  • Properly oxidized.
  • Fits most of the arrows.
  • Sharp enough to pierce.
  • Narrow cutting diameter.

 2.  Rage CrossbowX 2-Blade Archery Arrow Broadhead: Best Mechanical Broadhead for Elk

Rage CrossbowX 2-Blade Archery Arrow Broadhead is a mechanical broadhead and it can down your prey without giving them much pain. Simple yet effective design. Let’s see what technology is used to make this one as the best mechanical broadhead for elk

Ferrule Alignment, in short F.A.T for better aerodynamic flight and that technology, ensures accuracy over a long flight. Another one is shocked collar technology for holding the blade with the body of the arrow.

However, stainless steel blade with a razor-sharp edge of 0.35” and cutting diameter is 2”. 100 and 125, these two versions of grains are available with three broadheads in one pack.

One important feature for hunting elk is the tip of the broadhead. Because the tip could face bone of the elk. So, the tip should capable to pierce the bone. A 0.035” razor-sharp tip could do that maximum time.

Rage CrossbowX 2-Blade Archery Arrow Broadhead: Best Mechanical Broadhead for Elk

For hunting elk, a 100 0r 125 grain is perfect. So, there is an option to choose from the lightweight and heavyweight according to user preference.

What else more? Not finished yet. You will get a fee Practice head with the package. So, practice more before the real game is on.

  • Razor-sharp blade with a tip of 0.035” and cutting diameter is 2”
  • 100 and 125 grains, available to choose from.
  • There is a free practice broadhead with the set for practice more.
  • A.T technology ensures better aerodynamic flight.
  • Mechanical broadhead is flexible to use.
  • Sometimes the shock collar can’t retain perfectly and you need to adjust that.

 3.  Carbon Express XT Dual Blade Serrated Crossbow Broadhead: Best Crossbow Broadheads for Elk

Another fixed broadhead of my review from Carbon Express. Unique design with a serrated blade. The blade is attached to the ferrule which is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. And the six blades are made from stainless steel. Let’s have an insider deeper look of this carbon express broadheads review

So, you can expect maximum damage and a humane kill. Fixed broadhead, therefore there is a standard insert system with the arrow.

Two-grain version, 100 and 125 is available. You will get a 250% greater wound than a traditional one. So, what else do you need?

Well, there is more to explain.

Cutting diameter is 1 1/8” and the given serrated blade tends to last longer. And aerodynamic flight with spin helps to make a wide wound. Thus, the prey will lose blood quickly to die. Easy to trail with the blood sign.

Carbon Express XT Dual Blade Serrated Crossbow Broadhead: Best Crossbow Broadheads for Elk

However, the broadhead is perfect for crossbow arrows. We know crossbow is best for elk hunting. And this fixed broadhead with a crossbow can be a great match. Because it is considered one of the best broadhead for crossbow out there.

  • Six blades for making a massive wound.
  • Stay sharpness for a longer time.
  • 100 and 125 grains variety available.
  • Aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel made.
  • Rehappening is difficult as it has six blades.

 4.  Muzzy Trocar HB Hybrid 4 Blade Broadhead: Best Hybrid Broadheads for Elk

A hybrid broadhead introduces by the Muzzy, a well-known hunting gear leading manufacturer. Let’s have an insider deeper look of this muzzy trocar review

Total 4 blades, 2 are expandable while flying and other 2 are fixed. Expandable blades make an angle 2-degree with the ferrule while flying. It has massive power to crush bone with its chisel tip.

The 4 blades have a different cutting diameter. Fixed 2 have 1” and expandable 2 have 1-5/8”. Combination of the both is 2-5/8”. And the tip has 0.035” cutting diameter.

So, you may now understand that this is a combination of Mechanical and fixed broadheads.

The geometry of the blades is the most impressive part of this broadhead. Technically, you are carrying two types of broadheads in a single arrow.

Muzzy Trocar HB Hybrid 4 Blade Broadhead: Best Hybrid Broadheads for Elk

Blades are constructed with stainless steel. The tip and the ferrule are made from hardened steel trocar. So, no doubt those are the best hybrid broadheads for elk.

Fixed blades can deliver perfect accuracy. And expandable blades can spin 100% accurately. That combination can give you full satisfaction with hunting experience.

  • Stainless steel blades are durable.
  • Total 4 blades for a humane kill.
  • Chisel type tip for better penetration.
  • 100 grain is for elk hunting.
  • Great field point flight.
  • Combination of blades makes it harder to sharp.
  • Need practice before the real event to get used to these types of the hybrid broadhead.

 5.  Muzzy Bowhunting Broadheads 3 Blades Trocar Tip: Best Flying Broadheads for Elk

Muzzy bowhunting broadhead featuring with trocar tip. You will be satisfied with the quality that is provided by the manufacturer Muzzy.

The hard stainless steel-made trocar is tipped able to a stable flight and that can penetrate well enough for a humane kill. Let’s dive into deep to elaborate why it is best flying broadheads for elk-

There are three variations- 75, 100 and 125 grains. For 100 and 125 grains variations, the tip is 0.20” and cutting diameter is 1-3/16”. On the other hand, the 75-grain version has 1” cutting diameter with a 0.20” tip.

You will get a free practice blade with the 6 sets of blades according to your choice of grain size. Practice broadhead is not sharp. Though you have to take precaution while practicing to avoid an unwanted situation.

This muzzy 3 blade broadheads interlocks with the body of the arrow. This is an effective way for greater success.

Razor-sharp hardened stainless steel made broadheads are capable of a stable and long flight. So, choosing a stainless steel made broadhead is a great option.

Muzzy Bowhunting Broadheads 3 Blades Trocar Tip: Best Flying Broadheads for Elk

These are fixed broadheads. If your bow support screw-in broadheads then you can use it. That’s why this is the best flying broadhead for elk.

Carbon or aluminum arrows are the best options to use with it. By doing this you will get a true flight of the arrow and better accuracy also.

  • Three variation-75, 100 and 125 grains.
  • Interlock with the body.
  • 6 sets of broadhead with a free practice blade.
  • Razor-sharp stainless steel made.
  • Trocar tip.
  • Narrow cutting diameter.

Buying Guide For Best Broadheads for ELK

Now, we will give you a walkthrough guide to get the answer to the question of what are the best broadheads for elk hunting.

Why a walkthrough is needed?

A wrong selection can make your hunt break. But the right selection can give you better success.

However, let’s move to the key point of choosing the right broadheads for elk-

Durability and sturdiness:

Carbon steel made broadheads tend to be durable. They are robust and can spin swiftly. So, carbon steel made broadheads could be the first choice if you thinking for long-term use.


An 80 to 125 gram of weight and slim broadhead can penetrate well. and better penetration can increase your success rate. Especially for elk, this is a must-have feature.

This type of broadhead can create a big hole into the elk and thus blood trail will be more visible.

The sharpness of the blade:

Sharp blade can penetrate well and increase the chance of blood trail to track elk. Check out the sharpness and also check that the blade can sharp easily for future use.

Legal law:

In some state of the USA, there is not lawful for the mechanical broadhead. It will be a waste if buy a broadhead that is not legal in your state. So, at first check, the law what type of broadhead is illegal in your state. Then proceed.

The weight of the grain:

What is the best broadhead weight for elk?

The best broadhead grain for elk should not be too heavyweight or lightweight. Because too heavy broadheads have less impact on target and lightweight one can toss away from wind blow.

Swift and accuracy:

A good broadhead can fly to the field point. A stable flight of an arrow is a mandatory option for hunting elk. so, go for the broadhead that is well renowned for its accuracy and swift.

By the way, You can use binocular to watch elk for hunting. You can read our article here on that.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: Can you shoot mechanical broadheads with a crossbow?

Answer: Any kind of broadhead can be shot with a crossbow and as well as for compound bow. The matter is grain. The heavier grain is for a compound bow.

Question: How much draw weight does it take to kill an elk?

Answer: An average man can normal strength is 65 pounds. So, 70 lbs. draw weight may be better. For lower power archery should have a minimum of 50 lbs. draw weight.

Question: How many grams is a 100-grain broadhead?

Answer: 1 grain is approximately 0.o6479891 grams. So, 100 grains mean 6.479891 grams.

Question: What are broadheads made of?

Answer: Most of the broadheads are made from stainless steel. Sometimes there is a combination of aluminum and steel.

Question: What happens if your arrows are too lightly or heavily spine for your bow?

Answer: Such a condition will give your arrow a low flight or higher flight. Thus, you will lose accuracy.

Question: Do heavier arrows fly better?

Answer: Heavier arrows have lower speeds but can omit wind obstacles and can penetrate deeper than the light arrow.

Question:  Can arrows be too long?

Answer: A longer arrow will have less spine capability. The spine is needed for an accurate shot. But you could have a longer arrow. The benefit of the longer arrow is, it can penetrate deeper.

Question: What grain arrow should I shoot?

Answer: It depends on your draw weight. For example, you are going to hunting an elk. so, you should have a minimum draw weight of 75 pounds. So, you should have 375 to 450 grains of an arrow with a broadhead.

Question: Is an arrow as deadly as a bullet?

Answer: Nowadays arrow can reach a maximum of 50 miles per hour. It can’t go throw an animal but can be deadly under 40 yards. In short deadly but not deadly as a bullet does.

Question: Can an arrow travel faster than a bullet?

Answer: Big no is the answer. The fastest arrow can travel 400 feet/second and the slowest bullet can travel 600 feet/second. So, you can understand the difference.


So, you may have already made up your mind to get one from the best broadheads for elk. Right?

For successful hunting, you need to observe the area you are going to hunt for elk habitat. You should have a good bow and arrow too along with broadheads.

You have three options mechanical, fixed and hybrid broadhead to choose from.

However, let’s finish with a quote-

Anyone who thinks hunters are just ‘bloodthirsty morons’ hasn’t looked into hunting. If you wait through long, cold hours in the November woods with a bow in your hands hoping a buck will show, or if you spend days walking in the African bush trailing Cape buffalo while listening to lions roar, you’re sure to learn hunting isn’t about killing.”

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