Can You Eat Turkey Eggs? [Secret Infos & Answer Revealed]

can you eat turkey eggs

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Once I asked people on Thanksgiving day, can you eat turkey meat? All of them answered YES WE can!

I asked again, Have you ever cooked turkey eggs? Many replied  NO, no, not at all. They even don’t know eating turkey eggs is good or bad. After this, I decided to write on this topic. This article will enable you to sort out any confusion arising in Turkey Lover’s mind.

Can you eat turkey eggs? Yes, you can eat turkey eggs. Turkey eggs are totally edible. These eggs are good in taste and rich in nutrients. However, it is a bit costly to buy them. You can cook them in the same way as you cook the chicken egg.

This game bird is native to North America. People living over here love serving turkey roost or other dishes on Thanksgiving Day meals. To raise this bird in poultry is time taking but profitable business. Keep on reading to know more;

Are Turkey Eggs Good To Eat

Absolutely they are the best source of energy if served in breakfast.

Why don’t you eat turkey eggs? Probably you can’t buy them. It does not mean that they are not good at eating and from a health point of view. Studies have shown that turkey eggs are pretty good in taste and rich in energy. The reason why people don’t eat them is less production and availability in markets. Still, people in North America love spending money on buying this egg for eating purposes. So what is stopping you to taste them? Try one at least this month and tell us what you feel!

What Do Turkey Eggs Taste Like

The taste of turkey egg is similar to a chicken egg. It is yummy, creamy with the larger yolk. Its outer cover is quite thick. So, it takes time to break up. But from inside, it is the same as a chicken egg. There is no special technique to cook this egg differently. You can boil it, cook it in the same way as you cook a chicken egg.

However, a few sensitive people think it is a bit smelly. I would never recommend to use it in baking as it gives chewier results where you need soft dough. Always wash your hands well after touching these eggs as there might be harmful bacteria. If you want to make an omelet, don’t forget to add spices to enrich the flavor.

Here is an interesting video on this topic.

Do People Eat turkey Eggs

Yes, absolutely they do eat turkey eggs but not as much as chicken or duck eggs. This is because hens don’t lay a larger amount of eggs as chicken and ducks do. Less production may result in a high price. So you don’t expect to cook them too often. If chicken produces 3oo eggs per year turkey hens produces only 100 eggs. However, it does not mean people don’t love eating them at all. Where they find them easy to buy, they will buy and eat off course.

Why Don’t We Eat Turkey Eggs

It is a common observation that people eat chicken eggs quite often than turkey eggs. There are several reasons for this unpopularity. Let’s see –

  • Hen turkey lays 2 eggs in a week. The egg-laying period is very less in turkey as compared to other birds. So, egg production is always low.
  • Breeders don’t encourage selling these eggs in this way they will not get chicks for meat.
  • They are quite expensive, about 4 $ to 5$ per egg.
  • Buying turkey eggs from dealers outside the city can result in unsafe delivery.
  • You can get turkey eggs only if local breeders are selling it.
  • Some people complain that the turkey egg is a bit smelly.

How To Cook Turkey Eggs

Cooking turkey egg is as simple as a chicken egg. You need not do anything extra. You can boil it as well as cook it. You can make a spicy omelet also following the recipe below.

Recipe of Turkey egg omelet ingredients are given below:

Red or green chili1/4tb
Corriander(finely cut)As you wish
Onion (chopped)half
Tomato (chopped)half
Cooking Oil1 tablespoon
CheeseAs you wish
  • Wash hands and break the egg in a bowl
  • Wash hands again and whisk it well
  • Add salt, chili vegetables one by one
  • At last, add cumin seed and then mix all ingredients well
  • Put oil in a pan and after heating pour mixture of the egg to cook
  • Cook it until it gets light brown
  • (you can also add crushed cheese if you like)
  • Turn sides also to cook properly.

Omelet is ready to serve. Watch the video for more omlete recipes. Cook it on Thanksgiving breakfast and Enjoy it!

Turkey Eggs Nutrition

Turkey egg is a high-calorie healthy food especially if served in breakfast. It will provide you enough energy to start your daily routine. It contains vitamin A, minerals as well as fat. Serving one egg daily can provide you 135 calories.

Table of Nutritional facts of serving 1 egg (3.2oz) calories(135):

NutrientsRatio mg/gNutrientsmg/g
Total Fat9.4Sodium119mg
Saturated fat2.9 gIron3mg
Polyunsaturated fat1.3gProtein10.8g
Monosaturated fat3.6gPotassium112mg
Cholesterol737mgVitamin A438mg
Total carbohydrate0.9gramsVitamin C0mg
Dietary fibers0gramsCalcium78mg

How Big Are Turkey Eggs

The size and weight of turkey egg vary with breeding species. The average turkey egg length is between 2 to 2.7 inches. Width is under 1.5 to 2 inches and circumference is 5 inches. The average weight of turkey egg ranges from 66 grams to more than 110 grams. The egg size of midget breeds is relatively smaller than heritage breeds. Turkey egg is relatively bigger than chicken and duck egg but smaller than goose and ostrich egg. Turkey lay eggs in their specific place.

how big are turkey eggs

Are Turkey Eggs Safe To Eat

Don’t you eat turkey eggs? Why? It’s safe and highly nutritious for human health. However, it is not easy to buy as they are costly. This egg contains the same nutrients as chicken eggs. It is a misconception that it’s unsafe. In North America, some breeders sell these eggs and people cook them at home. However, it is highly advised to wash hands before and after touching these eggs.

What Does a Turkey Egg Look Like

The outer shell of turkey egg is slightly different from eggs of quail, chicken, duck goose and ostrich. Its shell is harder and stronger. That is why it takes time to break. Color of the eggshell is white, creamy white or peachy with brown speckles on it. From inside it is similar to a chicken egg. However, it has a big dark yellowish yolk. You can easily identify a turkey egg from its color and size. But it is difficult to identify a broken egg.

what color are turkey eggs

Turkey Eggs vs. Chicken Eggs

Turkey and chicken eggs have the same nutritional value. But turkey eggs are bigger in size and richer in the yolk. You can identify this egg easily if you observe the following factors.

Table of Turkey Egg vs. Chicken Egg

ItemsTurkey EggChicken Egg
Weight60-110 grams57grams
Length65 mm53-59mm
Circumference5 Inches165mm
ColourWhite with brown
White or dull white
Egg Yolk colorDark yellowishLight yellow
Amount of eggs per yearLess than 100More than 300
Price of eggs4$-5$ Per Egg1.61$-2$per dozens

Read this book to know more about hatching & brooding your own chicks.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

Can you buy turkey eggs?

Yes, you can buy them but from local breeders. They are not safe for far delivery.

Do turkey eggs taste different?

The taste of turkey egg is the same as a chicken egg. But its yolk is larger and darker in color.

How big is a turkey egg?

Turkey egg is 50 % larger than a chicken egg. Its weight is 60gram to 110gram.

Do male turkeys sit on eggs?

No, only hen turkey sits on the egg for 28 days to hatch them.

Can you eat wild turkey eggs?

Yes, wild turkey eggs are edible and highly nutritious. You can eat them. But for the safety of wildlife, you should not do this. Wild turkey can fly so sometimes its tuff to catch them.

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Final Words

After dining turkey roost, you may think, can you eat turkey eggs or not? This article covers everything you want to know about this egg. Eating it is safe, yummy and healthy. It is unpopular only for its price and less production. In my opinion, you should taste every healthy food once or twice a month if you can’t buy it frequently. So, think about it and find some sellers nearby. Don’t order it online as it’s not good for safe delivery. I hope you like these details. Don’t forget to comment on the box if you have any queries.

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