Can You Ride a Moose? [New Secret Facts  & Answer Revealed]

Have you ever wondered if you could mount on a Moose? Imagine, you are going somewhere on horny moose. It sounds funny!

But If you can ride a  horse. Why can’t you ride on Moose? Sensible question! Let’s kick the curiosity out to know the exact answer.

Can you ride a moose? Simply, the answer is “No”. You Cannot ride on moose, never. There are so many reasons for not adopting moose as a safe ride. Primarily, they can behave aggressively during mating season and are not safe for the human ride. Secondly, this riding practice is illegal in many states like Zelda. Finally, they can attack humans if you irritate them. So, don’t try to mount on this animal.

Moose is one of the most common giant game animals if you are wondering about this term.

Let me explain these animals hunted for meat or for fun. Many researches have concluded that if you want to ride a moose then you can have it as a calf. Moose also need very much care; you should feed them well for that. Moose are the largest species of the deer family called Cervidae. They can run at a speed of 35 mph. They are dark-colored huge animals and can become dangerous during mating season and in order to protect their offspring. They are so independent beings that they don’t even travel in herds unlike elk and deer.

Facts You Need To Know About Riding Moose

In Alaska, a mail carrier was so famous for having two moose with him. He captured them when they were just 6 days old. He fed them well and they became huge. He didn’t ride them as you ride a horse. He rode a two-wheeled cart and a moose was at the end of it, helping his owner deliver mail. His moose were friendly because he had them when they were calves and he trained them well. He got so famous, why wouldn’t he after putting so much effort into making them fully grown-up moose. He used to feed them condensed milk and oatmeal. He named them after President William Taft and his daughter (Helen). 

Let’s now explore some facts about Moose:

  • Amazingly, moose can live upto 15 to 20 years.
  • They normally weigh more than 700 kilograms, they are heavy! 
  • Moose are also great swimmers and can also hold their breath in the water for about 40 to 50 seconds.
  •  They have a big thick coat that keeps them warm in winters but they face quite a challenge in summer and this is when they go out for swimming to cool down their body temperature. 
  • Moose eat aquatic plants as well.
  • Moose don’t like to form groups.
  • Moose have broad and flat antlers.
  • Moose are herbivores and they like to eat tall plants so they don’t have to bend.
  • Moose like to stay in cool areas because they like cold weather.
  • Female moose lack antlers so it is easy to differentiate between male and female moose.
  • Moose have an excellent sense of smell and hearing while their eyesight is relatively bad.
  • Moose use their antlers and front legs as a weapon.
  • Moose love to eat pine cones and woody shrubs.
  • Their mating season comes in the autumn and this is when their fights reach the peak.
  • Moose are the ruminant mammals which means they are cud-chewing. 

 They give birth to one calf each time but it is of no surprise if twins are born. How cute!

Man Riding Moose

Well, there is a picture of the 26th US. President riding a moose, it is indeed a very famous picture. A curator at Harvard University has discovered that the picture of Teddy Roosevelt was a fake one. Though, it was very much famous at its time. It was a bull moose that he was shown to be riding in the picture. As the picture was fake so you can’t say it is possible to ride a moose. 

Riding a Moose Into Battle

So, in the 1700s A Swedish cavalry thought that it might be a good idea to replace your horses with moose. As we all are aware of how huge and terrifying moose is, they thought the enemy and their horses would get scared and they would turn back. But they failed because one of the biggest reasons was that moose were so afraid of gunfire and the loud voices of the battle that could be heard from miles away. Moose refused to go anywhere near the battle and they ran away. It was also very hard for them to feed them because as compared to horses, they need more care which is not always possible.

Can You Ride a Moose Like a Horse

As we have already discussed above, they can not be ridden like horses. But yes, they are domestic animals, people actually adopt small calves and they turn out to be so friendly. But unfortunately, you cannot have them at your house because they are banned by the state. If you are also wondering whether the moose will attack you if he sees you, then do not worry because they don’t attack you unless you give them a reason. It is better to just stay back and let it do its work. In a way, Moose are deer’s close cousin. Haha! But they do not get scared and run away from humans unlike deer. 

riding a moose

Can You Ride a Moose in Zelda

Not really, in Zelda, it is possible to ride a mountain doe and mountain buck which I think should not be allowed but even there you can not ride moose. Bucks and doe are comparatively less damaging to the people instead of moose and this might be the reason they can be ridden.

Can You Ride A Elk

No at all, you should not ride an Elk at all because just as it would be damaging to you, it would be damaging to the elk as well. Firstly, they can face damage if they find your weight heavy. Secondly, they can hurt you as well if they become aggressive. Just like moose, elk are also the wild animals which should not be domesticated either, what to talk about riding them.

Do Mounties Ride Moose

If you visit Canada, you will see a large number of moose there, near forests and other wild areas. While most people wonder if mounties (Canadian mountain police) can ride moose and can they witness something so amazing. Unfortunately, you can not because they are wild animals and they can not be ridden.

What Animals Can Humans Ride

If you are wondering what animals you can ride if moose can not be ridden. You can of course ride a horse, donkey, yaks, camels, elephants, reindeer, bulls, buffaloes and the list goes on. Horses are famous for riding purposes, people have been using them since 3500 BC. Yes, you heard it right, people actually found the evidence that they were ridden so long ago. Horses were also very useful during the wars. So it is better to get yourself a horse to ride rather than a moose.

Can You Ride a Reindeer

Actually yes, you can but they can not bear your weight because they are smaller than horses. Many people use them to ride on snowy mountains and snowy areas for hunting, they make sure it is big and can carry a rider easily. So, choosing a reindeer to take you to travel is not a good option either.

Can Moose Swim 

Moose are great swimmers and can hold their breath for about a minute. Many people say their nostrils are like valves and they keep the water out for as long as they want. They are lucky that they can swim because they face problems in summer as their coat is thick. To cool down their body temperature and to stay alive they sit and rest but mostly they go swimming. And in winter while other animals can not reach underwater plants, moose can easily hold their breath and eat them. But they can also get attacked under water from predators like crocodiles. Watch out!

Final Words

After reading this article, you’ve got your answers regarding can you ride on moose? They can not be ridden because they are wild animals and are banned plus they need so much care than the horses. They are game animals meaning they are hunted for meat or for fun. Swedish cavalry tried to replace horses with moose but they failed as moose were afraid of battles and the disturbing sounds.

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Moose is from the deer family but they do not run away from humans if they see one but only if you do something to irritate them, then they can also attack you using antlers or front feet. Moose can swim perfectly and have a thick coat that keeps them warm during the winter season. Moose usually weigh more than 700 kilograms and can live for about 20 years. If you found this article helpful then forward it among other peers.