How to Use a Laser Bore Sight Cartridge? [7 Easiest Steps]

Are you tired of missing the target on paper? Do you feel eye stress while aiming at the target again and again? Are you anxious to hunt in low light? If yes, we have a solution.

Get a Laser bore Sight Cartridge for your firearm. It will assist you to trace your target from distance by creating a red dot-like laser beam. How to mount it on your rifle or shooting gears?

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How to use a laser bore sight Cartridge? It is a step by step procedure to install a laser bore on a gun’s barrel. But at first, ensure safety measures by keeping the muzzle unloaded before startup. Adjust the adapter using the screw given in packing. Next, determine the target whether it is daylight or standard. Now Position the firearm by using a gun vise or stable mounts. Finally, align the sight relative to the caliber.

There are several types of lasers available. Some are red in color while others are green. I would recommend going on with green color laser emitters.

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What Does it Mean by Laser Boresight Cartridge

Are you planning to hunt in dim light or dusk? If yes, use this gadget that is named as Laser boresight Cartridge. It is basically designed to brighten your target from the distance.

Boresighting is a precision instrument made up of the finest material. It is assembled by experienced craftsmen for a lifetime of trouble-free use. It is specially designed to quickly get your rifle, handgun, or shotgun on the paper.

 This device is mainly adjusted on the top of the gun barrel along the bore. It is meant for accuracy in big or small shooting games or hunting. In the dusk, it will brighten up the target from far off distance to enable the shooter to hunt with extreme accuracy.

In this latest technology, the laser dot is immovable relative to the barrel. One thing more, you need not remove the bolt in this instrument while it’s operational. I would personally recommend you to get green laser rifle sight as they are best in quality and cool in colour.

7 Easiest Steps to Use a Laser Bore Sight Cartridge

Finally, you got one for your gun. The problem now is how to use it? where to set it up? There are 6 easiest steps that you can follow to install your laser boresight device on your gun safely.

Consider these simplest step to use boresight:

Step-1 Ensure Safety 

Before dealing with any kind of firearms, it is essential to know the safety rules for startups. These safety rules will keep yourself and surrounding safe from any mishap or accident.

Below are a few tips to ensure safety before using a laser bore sight Cartridge:

  • Double-check your firearm that it is empty or without chamber, magazine, or any bullet. It is always best to clear the chamber. For rifles, check the barrel first for the presence of any bullet or shots. For pistols and guns, remove magazines.
  • Always keep a separate room away from the residential areas to experiment with anything on firearms.
  • Make sure that nobody could enter in your room where firearms are placed.
  • Slight negligence, in this case, can harm yourself, friends, and family members

Step-2 Check Your Gun’s Caliber

It’s time to check your gun’s caliber. In our previous posts, we‘ve discussed ways to measure the unknown caliber of the firearms.

Below are ways to know the caliber of the gun fast:

  • Caliber is always marked on the rear of the can read it from here
  • If caliber is not mentioned on the gun, you can find it written on the firearm case or box
  • For rifles, you can measure the caliber by measuring the distance between two high points on the barrel.
  • Caliber is essential to know to set up adapters in the next step

Step-3 Set Up the Right Adapter

Now you are fully aware of the caliber of your gun. There are 4 different adapters available that are a good fit for your corresponding gun caliber. Choose one adapter that you think is the best fit for your firearm’s caliber needs.

Follow the steps below to set up the adapter safely:

  • Take a screw and make it tight with a wrench to adjust it  behind the adapter
  • Now adjust it at one end of the boresight cartridge with a wrench
  • Set the position of the adapter at the back of the gun or rifle to boost the caliber of the corresponding gun when you fire.
  • Now put the adapter into the barrel
  • Add boresight as if it’s one end that will touch the muzzle’s end from the front side.
  • Adjust it while keeping the daylight factor and caliber in the mind.

Note: When you tighten the screw, the diameter of the adapter will expand. Once it has expanded to match the diameter of your firearm, push the adaptor and small end of the laser emitter into the muzzle of your rifle. Make sure that the laser emitter is inserted in until it is snug with the crown of your firearm

Step-4 Know the Target

.Now adapter is well set, its time to determine whether you should use daylight target or standard target

To adjust the bore according to target follow the instructions below:

  • Read the instructional menu carefully to know adjustments according to the corresponding caliber of gun
  • Remember laser boresight is designed to use indoors or outdoors in dimmer lights.
  • You can change the adjustment according to the caliber of the gun.
  • For daylight targeting, you should point the laser beam  at the center

Step 5-Find a Suitable Position

Boresighter is installed now. It’s time to find a suitable position to sight from your firearm or rifles. Below are tips to position your gun for the final sighting:

  • Use a gun vise that should be mount stable while sighting from the rifle.
  • You can also use stable mounts if required
  • Using gun vise or mounts will bring accuracy and save time.

If you don’t have a vise, you can get one with good quality from here at the cheapest rates.

Note: Never rely on hands for adjusting your firearms. It will generate an error.

Step-6 Align Sight 

The final step of adjustment is the alignment of sight. For this, turn the laser on by rotating the on/of the switch until the red laser dot becomes visible.

Follow the steps below to align sight:

  • For a smaller range of about 25-yards, the laser covers the center of the daylight target completely.
  • For wider ranges of 100-yards, the laser should fill 3 to 4 inches of the center of the target.
  • You should also line up back up sights or secondary optics if you are using a rifle.

Step-7 Remove Laser Boresight from the barrel

The last step is about safety again. If you are done up with installation, it is necessary to take out laser boresight from the barrel. Your carelessness can harm your firearm as well as yourself.

So, ensure safe removal after everything is done up!

How to Use a Laser Bore Sight Cartridge? [7 Easiest Steps]

Advantages of using Laser Boresight

There are so many benefits of using a laser boresight cartridge. Once you use it, you will never try any other instrument

Below are a few benefits of this device

  • It saves time and money as it is a long run the trouble-free instrument
  • It will put fresh shooters quickly to shoot right on the paper. You can even hit the paper at a distance of 100-yards.
  • The possibility of getting closer to the center is very high while using this instrument with your firearms
  • It is even more accurate than the human eye because of technology
  • It is highly precise because the rifle moves not the red dot of laster moves at all. You need to adjust the gun’s scope in order to hit the target, not the laser beam or red dot.
  • Another benefit is that you may need not look down at the gun’s barrel to see. Because the gun is unloaded before adjusting boresight.
  • Lastly, you need to remove the bolt. If you want to view the barrel, you should try it from the breech end.

Types of Laser Boresight Cartridge

Want to go deep in this amazing product? There are several types of optical instruments. You can identify between different lasers by class, color, and Fluorescence.

Let’s check out the brief detail of each laser boresight cartridge

Magnetic Mounted Laser Bore Sights

Hunters love this equipment. It is simple to adjust to attach on the muzzle and use it. However, it is not much accurate if the body of the firearm is not properly aligned.

Bore Arbor Sights

They are simple to use as they are not much concerned with gun structure. However, it is a challenging task to align sight in these instruments.

In -Barrel Laser Bore Sighters

In barrel instruments are the safest options as they are easy. They are lightweight and easy to carry for long-distance. However, they are not versatile and can’t be used for a variety of firearms.

Is a laser bore Sight Really Necessary?

Can you go on with your shooting dreams without a laser bore sighter? Important query. Why is it necessary to take this optical instrument along with a gun?

There is a misconception that it did not work as it is explained. It’s just a show-off!

It’s true that hunters who are experts can go on hunting without missing the target even if they don’t have a laser bore sighter. The reason is that they have done lots of practice and they are comfortable with old methods of adjusting the bore.

Keeping this aspect in mind, it’s unfair to underestimate the use of technology like laser bore sighters.

Obviously it has many benefits. It saves time and gets the freshers quickly on the paper. It’s more precise than a guessing game of the human eye. If anyone experiments shooting with this equipment, I guarantee he would always love to use them.

Top Laser Bore Sight Cartridge

If you feel that, you are short of time and can’t choose the top product. We have a list of top boresights for you. All of these are tested by our experts to be used in rifles, pistols, shotguns, and even AR15. All of them can accept caliber between 22 to 50 Cal firearms. Let’s check out the top 3 lasers bore sighter in our opinion –

Final Words

To end up, I would recommend you to use laser bore sights to save your time and money. This instrument is really worth its money as it will not run down after years of use.

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Shooters often rely on the eye to hit the target. But the signals from the eyes can mess up while reaching your brain. Thanks to technology that is even more quick and accurate than the human eye.

Why stop yourself from getting one for your gun then? Also, tell us about your experience with a laser bore sighter! We love to hear from you!