4 Golden Rules of Gun Safety That You Should Never Forget

If you own a gun then the important thing that comes first is safety. Before shooting or handling a gun you must follow some safety precautions. Because a gun is a very dangerous thing and any accident may occur at any time. Owning a gun is very risky. It is risky not only for you but also for your family and who accompany you while using the gun for hunting or any other purpose.

Gun-related injuries and death are very common now a day. From research, it is found that for all type of fatal incidences that happen around us, the most common weapon that is used is shotgun. Unintentional firearm discharge can take place if you do not know how to operate a gun.

So you must remain conscious because any accident may happen if you do not follow the safety rules while using and keeping a gun. In this article, we will be discussing 4 golden rules of gun safety that you must follow. Always remember these are rules that you should follow to keep yourself and others safe and to ensure that no accidents happen.

4 Golden rules of gun safety

Rule 1: Gun should be unloaded if it is not in use

Always keep your gun unloaded if it is not actually in use which is the first rule you should maintain. You should load your gun or firearm only when you are using it. When you are in the target or shooting area only then you should keep your gun loaded. Otherwise always keep it unloaded. You must unload your gun immediately when the work is done.

Never keep your firearm loaded unless you are using it. When you are handling it always check the chamber and receiver to ensure that it does not contain any ammunition. After shooting keep your firearm unloaded. It is of course, your responsibility to prevent others to access the gun or ammunition.

Always remember that you should never cross a fence or climb tree or hills with a loaded gun. Never keep your gun loaded and point it to something that you are not willing to shoot. Don’t try to push or pull the firearm towards others. Keep your finger off the trigger. If you are intended to shoot at your target then pull the trigger of the gun otherwise never touch or pull the trigger of the gun.

Rule 2: Be completely sure of your target and aware of what is behind it

Any .270 ammunition can travel more than 3½miles. So before shooting you should be completely sure that if the target misses then it should not harm anyone or anything. You must know where the bullet will hit and ensure that it will not injure anyone beyond your target.

A bullet gains huge energy and it can travel beyond your target. So before triggering your gun make sure that there is nothing behind your target. In the case of hunting animals or birds, you should be more careful because there can be other animals in front or behind your target.

Sometimes your target may not completely stop the bullet as the bullet gains high energy. Never shoot at the flat or hard surface. So you should always keep in mind how far a bullet can travel and where it will strike.

4 Golden Rules of Gun Safety That You Should Never Forget

Rule 3: Keep the muzzle of your gun pointed in a safe place

It is one of the most important and basic rules while using a gun or ammunition. Once the triggered is pulled you cannot call it back. You have to give up all the control over where it will strike.

Never keep your muzzle in a direction where you don’t want to shoot. This safety rule is not only when you are shooting but also remember this rule when you are cleaning the gun or handing over the gun to others. Though the gun is unloaded still you should not point the gun towards anything that you do not intend to shoot. Remember once a bullet is fired you cannot call it back.

Everywhere you point the muzzle is in danger. So always keep in mind where you are pointing the muzzle. Do not point the gun towards yourself or others thinking that the gun is unloaded. Make a habit to keep in mind where the muzzle is pointing.

Rule 4: Do not touch the trigger until you are ready to shoot

The best way to prevent any accident is not to touch the trigger of your gun until your aim is perfect. A responsible hunter always keeps the finger off the trigger until ready for the shoot.

You can easily get distracted when you are having fun in shooting your target and unconsciously you can pull the trigger of your gun. So you must always remain conscious when you are handling the gun. After being sure where your bullet will strike, you should pull the trigger unless keep our finger off the trigger.

So this fourth rule is most important that you should follow when you are using a gun for any purpose. Every time you pick the firearm you must remember that it has the power to kill or injure others.


Everyone who uses a gun or firearm for hunting or self-defense or for any other purpose should follow these safety rules. Remember these are not any recommendations. These are the 4 golden rules of gun safety that you must follow to keep yourself and others around you safe.

Once you fire a bullet you cannot stop it. So before firing be completely confident of your aim and then pull the trigger of your gun. Though you feel comfortable with your firearm don’t forget the power of the gun and its risk. You should not take the gun safety rules lightly or use your gun carelessly at any circumstances.

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