Best Choke For Dove Hunting 2022 | [Top 5 Picks]

It’s a piece of cake. Yeah, it too easy to find the best choke for dove hunting.

In fact, we’ll tell you how we found ours.

First, find out 5 different forums with dove hunters. In those forums create polls asking for the best choke hunters have used in their lifetime.

From those polls take the top 20 models.

Now, do a price-quality analysis, user review analysis, and spec analysis to take the number down to 5 and also we have decide this product as the best choke for you.

Once you’re done with that, bring up 3 veteran dove hunters to craft a list of five chokes.

Voila! now you can choose yours from this list.

If you don’t want to go through all this hassle, then you can simply let us help you out.

Our Top 5 Best Choke For Dove Hunting 2022

  1. Carlson’s Long Beard 12 GA
  2. Remington Rem Choke 12 GA
  3. Browning Invector Plus Extended Choke
  4. Carlson’s Browning Invector
  5. Browning Midas Grade 12 Gau

So, let’s jump right into the details.

 1.  Carlson’s Long Beard 12 GA

Another choke 12 GA choke tube from Carlson’s. this budget-friendly choke has to offer you something that is a must-have option for a dove hunting choke.

Skeet to extra full choke variations is available from this model. I would prefer the skeet variation for hunting dove.

The skeet version of this model has 0.720-degree constriction. You can expect a decent spray with this version. Made from 17-4ph grade SS and finished with glaze mate to reduce glare. You know birds have keen eyes. So, a reduced glare is a great option to hide from their eyes.

Carlson's Long Beard XR 12 GA Choke Tubes

As this one is not extended, Carlson’s includes a choke wrench with the package. It is indeed a great help;

You can hit your target at a distance of 35 to 40 yards with the skeet version. This choke is not only for dove hunting. You can play sporting clay; trap shooting and can hunt on land and upland prey.

So, this could be a great choice if you consider the extended feature that is not available with this model

  • Six variations are available for this model.
  • Durable and rust-free construction.
  • Comes with a choke wrench.
  • Best product at this price range.
  • Skeet choke is great for dove hunting.
  • Not an extended choke.
  • Not supports all type of shot load.

 2.  Remington Rem Choke 12 GA

One product that we selected from Remington. It is a 3 in 1 pack model. Improved cylinder, modified and full choke tubes are in the package. You can use the first two versions of this model for dove hunting. And the full choke for hunting quail and turkey, etc.

Supports the steel shot and lead shot only. The lead shot could be banned in your state. So, you can only go with the steel shot. What about shotgun support models? Well, all the Remington rem choke shotguns are supported. This is best choke for dove hunting remington 870.


Extended choke tube, so you can expect tools-free installation and removal features. That is great indeed.

  • Improved cylinder and modified cylinder included for dove hunting;
  • Degree of constriction is perfect for uniform spray
  • Offering a durable choke for your hunting seasons
  • Budget-friendly choke tube
  • They could have included other variations of choke.

 3.  Browning Invector Plus Extended Choke

Another extended choke from the manufacturer Browning. What you can expect from this model?

Surely, durability and performance are the prime concern for hunting gear, right? This a 17-4 grade SS made that is surely a durable product, no doubt.

It is designed with an extended knurled portion to make it tolls free installation and removal choke tube. And the Browning invector plus technology is used to support al the newer versions of Browning shotguns.

The degree of constriction is great for uniform pellets pattern. That is really helpful for upland prey as they are moving the target, right?

browning invector plus extended choke tubes

Overall, this highly polished choke tube and you could be a great partner for the upcoming hunting season, I think.

  • Fits all the newer models of shotguns from Browning including Bereta and Benelli.
  • Pellets spreading is uniform and consistent.
  • Skeet to full choke tube versions is available from this model.
  • Heat-treated stainless steel makes it durable.
  • Could be sprayed loose pellets from full and modified choke than usual spray.

 4.  Carlson’s Browning Invector

This is our top pick for the best dove hunting choke. Carlson’s Browning Invector is a product from their sporting clays product line up. And you can use it for dove hunting. Let’s find out why-

The most attractive spec is, you can use the choke with a variety range of shotguns including Mossberg 500, Winchester, Weatherby, etc.

It has 6 versions of this model. And for dove hunting, you can go for skeet, modified, improved cylinder or the cylinder version.

The improved cylinder choke (one of the six variations) has a constriction of 0.720.  you will get a decent spread pattern for hunting dove at a range of 40 yards.


17-4 heat-treated SS made choke ensures its safety and durability during rough weather.

The 12 GA choke system, not only capable to hunt dove but also on land prey like ducks, turkeys, etc.

It comes with a choke wrench as it is not an extended choke. So, you will able to change quickly with this wrench.

Overall, those who love to hunt upland and on land prey, then this choke is best choice.

  • Compatible with most of the shotguns that are used to hunt and play.
  • Durable to stand against rough and wet weather conditions.
  • Various constriction versions of this model for various range and spreading.
  • Mount flush system that can hold tightly the choke with the barrel
  • It could be better if they made it expandable choke.

 5.  Browning Midas Grade 12 Gauge Choke

Extended choke tube, that means, it offers tools free installing and removing choke tube. A most important feature that can save you time while hunting.

The latest invector plus technology is used. So, it is compatible with the latest browning shotguns (Winchester, Mossberg, etc.

You need an improved cylinder or modified cylinder choke to hunt dove and Browning Midas is provided those including 4 other variations of this model.

0.695-degree of constriction, capable to spread pellets widely with an improved cylinder within 40 yards. That is an impactful feature hunting upland prey like doves.

Browning Midas grade 12 gauge choke

Let’s discuss its design. It looks cool for the golden design at the end. They include all the impactful features that should have a choke tube. And the design is an extra benefit for the user.

Less plastic uses is necessary for a durable choke. that’s why minimum gap geometry technology is used here. And that makes it a compact in design.

However, with all the features and design, I can tell it a go-to product for dove hunters.

  • No need for tools for changing and installing.
  • Extended choke tube
  • The most effective design that uses less plastic.
  • Offering an effective design.
  • Some may find it is a pricey product

Let’s Look for The Feature Before Your Purchase

You are going to hunt upland prey. So, you need to think about some features of that choke that you are going to buy. Let me explain-


Lesser the constriction better the spreading. And for dove hunting, you need better spreading constriction. Because only a few pellets need to take down a dove.

So, skeet choke, cylinder choke, and improved cylinder choke may be the right choice.

Chokes weight

Lightweight choke is our go-to choice. Lightweight choke doesn’t have an effect on the swing. It is best for short-range.

Durability matters

Stainless steel made chokes are durable, no doubt. You may need consecutive shoot during hunting. What is more durable to stand still such a situation? I think of stainless steel. And stainless steel can survive any rough and wet condition. So, it could be a better choice, right?

Compatibility with shot load

What kind of shot load you are going to use? Is it steel load, tungsten load, hevi-shot load or other kinds?

Check before purchasing that the choke is compatible with your shot load. Otherwise, there could arise safety issues.

Extended or not

Extended choke is easy to change (no tools needed). Other than that, you will require choke wrench to change the choke. which is time-consuming.

And during hunting time, it is better to use an extended choke to save time. on the other hand, you may lose your prey.

Mount flush system

You will not expect that your choke going back while shooting, right? So, why not go for amount flush system choke?

It will help the choke to stay tight with the barrel.

Tips for Dove Hunting

In the Season of dove hunting, millions of shells drop off in the ground by thousands of hunters. Most of the shells are failed to hit the target as because of proper equipment and preparation.

So, what should you have to go along with proper equipment?

Let’s Find out what you can do-

The Choke

Choke tubes can help you for spreading pellets tightly or widely. For upland prey, it is recommended by a successful hunter to use a choke that can spread pellets widely.

In that case, an improved cylinder or a modified cylinder is perfect, right?

Many of the hunters choose a tight pattern. Don’t do that unless you are a pro hunter (capable of aiming perfectly and quickly).

Pellets size

For close range 7.5 to 8 shot is fine. But for the longer range, you have to upsize your pellets. Because bigger pellets have a long-range. And this is helpful for upland (example: dove) hunting.

Aiming the dove or air

Where to aim for hunting dove?

A common question for upland creatures. It is a general rule that you have to target their flight path not them.

But the question is, how much ahead of them?

For dove, you have to target straight 6 feet ahead on their flight path. To do that your barrel needs to move by 6 inches. We all know that the 1-inch movement of the barrel means 1 foot for the real distance of the dove’s flight path.

Stay on level ground

It is important to stay level or flat ground while targeting upland creature. If the ground is not flat, then make it flat before your shooting. It is because your angle of elevation has effects on the pellets path.

Cheek on the gunstock

While targeting dove, position you your gun in such a way, so that, your cheek can stay on the gunstock to prevent over height shooting.

What to do for long hunting duration?

In such a scenario, you have to sit on the ground. Otherwise, you will fail to maintain your form of hunting. It is because you will lose more energy if you stay stand all the time

During the sitting position, dove can approach. That time you have to shoot while sitting without wasting time. but don’t forget the rule of the cheek on the gunstock.

You can practice shooting in this position before the real event.

dove hunting choke

Where to shoot if the dove going away or coming straight to you?

Dove can come straight to you or can pass over your head. This is a critical situation. But don’t worry. Here is the solution-

If the dove coming straight to you, then you should aim a few inches in front of the dove. And if it is passing over your head, then you have to shoot a few inches below of the dove’s body.

Simple, isn’t it?

Focus on a single dove

What if there is a group of doves appears? Should I fire randomly by thinking that it will surely hit one of the doves?

Of course, not. Most of the cases, you can miss. Sometimes, it can hit the target but there could be not enough amounts of pellets to take down the dove. It can just hurt the target and you will lose it.

So, at first, fixed your target from the group and then aim that to fire.

You can try decoy’s for attracting dove

Doves can come closure if they found there is already another couple of doves situated. They think that the place is safe and there could be food for them.

By disguising them with decoys you can attract them to the hunting place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What shot is best for dove hunting?

It depends on the distance of the dove and hunter. For close range, you can use 7.5 to 8 shot size. And for longer range use bigger shot size. But it is recommended that you have to wait for the dove to come closure for better aiming. So, overall, small size is recommended.

Is a skeet choke good for dove hunting?

Skeet choke’s pellets pattern is about 35 inches in diameter. Very good spreading of pellets for dove hunting. So, affirmative for skeet choke for hunting dove.

What is the best time to hunt doves?

Roosting and feeding time is best for upland hunting. Dove is not different from that. Generally, at 8 am and 5:30 pm is ideal for dove hunting.

How do you attract doves to hunt?

Several ways to attract dove-

  • Provide roost to the field of the hunting area
  • You can use a decoy to attract
  • Use gravel on the field to attract them.
  • Place water at the gravel, because dove drinks water every day.

What can I plant to attract doves?

Dove likes cereal type of food. So, those plants produce grain are the ideal for dove. Such as –

  • Corn
  • Browntop millet
  • Peanuts
  • Soybeans
  • Wheat
  • Grain sorghum, etc.

Dove Hunting 101: Special Video Bonus


With the best choke, your dove hunting skill will skyrocket.

You’ll figure out new techniques and hidden abilities. So, don’t wait for too long.

Go and pick up your choke and start hunting.

Good Luck and happy hunting.

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