Best Choke For Duck Hunting 2022 | (Top 5 Picks)

Make your hunting duck season more memorable than ever. To show your ability to hunting duck with ease, we’ve got something important to tell you.

A simple yet effective equipment can change the way of duck hunting. And it is a small piece of metal which can control the pellets. And you know that by controlling the pellets you can have a better chance of winning the race.

And the thing we’re talking about is, none other than the best choke for duck hunting.

Our Top 5 Best Choke For Duck Hunting 2022

  1. MOJO Outdoors Fatal Shot Custom Waterfowl 12 Gauge
  2. Carlson Waterfowl Choke Set
  3. Carlson Choke Tubes Waterfowl
  4. Browning Midas Grade 12 Gauge Choke
  5. Browning Invector Plus Extended Choke Tubes

Here, we reviewed details the top 5 chokes for duck hunting according to expert’s advise.

 1.  MOJO Outdoors Fatal Shot Custom Waterfowl 12 Gauge

This is not a traditional looking choke. Remington Rem Choke 12 GA will make you feel better and stylish while hunting time.

What you need while hunting from a choke?

Decent and uniform spray at short and mid-distance, I think. You will get 5 sets of chokes that can meet duck hunting requirements as well it can cover general hunting and sports also.

It is designed at a 0.660-degree constriction. Consistent pellets spray for hunting ducks.

It has no limitation to shot loads type. You can use Lead, steel, Hevi-Shot, etc. However, steel shot is our prime concern though. Because of hunting duck, a steel shot is recommended by most hunters.

Convenient because you can install or remove this choke without any tools. And available three variations-

  • Short-range
  • Mid-range
  • Long-range

Compatible with most of the 12 Gauge shotgun (more than 10 models).

Apart from those benefits, it is made from 17-4ph grade stainless steel. So, you use it wet and rough area without fearing any harm to this choke.

MOJO Outdoors Fatal Shot Custom Waterfowl 12 Gauge

These chokes are designed to hold a pattern of spray for longer distance a7nd you will find a consistent point of impact of all types of load. Each of the choke capable shooting steel, lead, hevi-shot, etc. That’s why this is the best choke for duck hunting with steel shot.

So, these are versatile enough and eliminating to need for multiple types of choke. which is also beneficial regarding your investment in the choke tube.

  • Constriction is best for duck hunting
  • Short, mid and long-range choke in a single package.
  • Durable and 17-ph- grade stainless steel made
  • Uniform pellets distribution.
  • Works on all types of shot load.
  • Offering an appealing design.
  • Nothing found in our eyes.

 2.  Carlson Waterfowl Choke Set

What makes carlson waterfowl choke set the second position in our top 5 list? It has constriction as the previous one and all the essential criteria to be the best choke for duck hunting.

Constructed with 17-4 pre-heated stainless steel with three constriction levels- short, mid and long-range. These three constructions are ideal for waterfowl prey including ducks.

For easy install and remove from the barrel, the choke has knurled design at the very end. So, you can quickly change choke for different ranges that are a must-to-do job while hunting. Because your prey can move quickly from one place to another place.

Manufacturer offers 3 pack sets and the set is organized for all waterfowl prey. It is an all in one pack. You don’t need to waste time for searching another choke variation.

carlson waterfowl choke set

What about the pellets pattern?

Tighter pellets pattern from the long-range and the rest two variations can spray pellets decently for the mid and short-range target. You just need to choose the choke according to prey distance. Aim and shoot boom!

  • 3 pack set- short, mid and long-range for waterfowl prey
  • Knurled at the end for easy to install and remove.
  • Browning invector plus thread pattern.
  • All in one package of choke for duck hunting
  • Not extended type of chokes.

 3.  Carlson Choke Tubes Waterfowl

Our first pick for Beretta/Benelli 20GA shotguns. And extended design choke for the best choke for hunting duck. 25 percent longer parallelly choke has the ability to throw consistent pellets pattern.

Constriction is designed to throw tight and dense pellets to the target. This is an important criterion for hunting duck.

Likewise, the previous two reviewed chokes, it is also a 3-pack set. Close, mid and long-range chokes that can meet our recommendations.

You can shoot with all types of shot load except no2 steel shot load faster than 1550 FPS with a long-range choke. This is the only limitation of this choke.

Best Choke For Duck Hunting 2022 | (Top 5 Picks)

Other than that, this is our go-to choice choke that every hunter eager to want.

The short-range choke has a range up to 35 yards, mid-range can 25 to 40 yards and the long-range is for 40 plus yards. within the range, limit pellets spreading is uniform and tighter.

  • Made from 17-4 grade SS, ideal for the habitat of duck.
  • Extended parallelly for tighter pellets spreading.
  • The deformation of pellets is negligible.
  • Designed for Crio-plug shotguns.
  • No2 steel shot is not possible with the long-range variation.

 4.  Browning Midas Grade 12 Gauge Choke

Hunt with style! Browning Midas grade 12 gauge choke gives you that opportunity. To reduces glare the stainless steel made choke is finished with oxide.

Tools free installation and remove features make it convenient to use. Other than this, the manufacturer uses less gap geometry to make it versatile.

Six variations of this model are great to use for a variety range. You can have an improved cylinder and modified choke for hunting duck.

Produce a tighter pattern and a decent spreading of pellets. Applicable for all types of shot load.

With all the excellent feature it can be a deadly partner while hunting duck. Moreover, the design is an extra benefit, I think.

Browning Midas grade 12 gauge choke

Browning invector plus technology is way better for hunting. You can get success with the help of this choke.

  • Excellent design and build quality.
  • Tools free installing and removing the feature.
  • Constructed with less amount of plastic
  • A little bit higher price

 5.  Browning Invector Plus Extended Choke Tubes

Another extended choke with invector plus technology. Browning invector plus extended choke tubes could be a choice in regards to duck hunting.

This 17-4ph grade stainless steel made choke is extended. It will give you a better user experience. Most of the hunters recommend extended choke for hunting duck.

Moreover, it is an improved cylinder choke. and claimed to be ideal for hunting at a distance of 40 yards.

browning invector plus extended choke tubes

Constriction angle is o.700. so, you can expect tighter pellets spray. So, the long shoot is easier with this.

You can just not only hunt duck but also turkey, quail, etc.

Overall, you can think of getting this one to rule the hunting season.

  • Made from 17-4ph grade stainless steel.
  • Invector plus technology for tighter pellets pattern.
  • A newbie could find difficulty while using it

Things to Consider for The Best Choke for Duck Hunting

Maybe you have already chosen that whats the best choke for duck hunting. But don’t hurry. There are several things to consider. Have a look at those-


This is the most important factor to get success while hunting. For quick shooting, you need a wide constriction choke. That scenario happened when you are hunting in creeks with heavy timber or the target moves quickly.

On the other hand, if the target is coming from a distance with a steady speed or the target is not moving so fast, then you will require a narrow constriction for tighter pattern pellets.

There is a wide range of constriction choke available for the shotgun. But for hunting duck, an open constriction model is perfect. Because ducks are moving frequently from one place to another. And open constriction models can spread pellets widely.

Cylinder, improved cylinder, and skeet are examples of open constriction choke.

Do not go for the extra full or super full chokes. The pattern of these chokes is very tight and they are for a stationary or less moving target.

Flush or extended chokes

There are two types of choke according to their size-

  • Extended chokes
  • Flush chokes

You can install and remove an extended without any tools. On the other hand, flush chokes require tools.

An extended choke may be a perfect choice regarding duck hunting. Because the pellet pattern is uniform and accurate.

Others benefits are of an extended choke-

  1. Reduces recoil force.
  2. Reduces muzzle movement.
  3. Reduces side blasts.

Other facts

Habitat of ducks is wet and rough. So, a durable choke can be a better choice. Stainless steel made a choke tube is an example of a durable choke tube.

Keep in mind that our target has good eyesight. In that case, a choke with reduced glare is ideal to choose. I will suggest you choose a camouflage choke.

Do you really want to hunt only duck? Maybe not. So, a choke that is specialized for duck is not the right choice. Manufacturers are selling sets of choke tubes to meet a significant range for hunting and sporting purposes. You can think about it.

choke for duck hunting

Does it really matter to have the best choke for duck hunting?

The manufacturer provides sets of chokes along with a shotgun. Then why do you need to buy separately?

First of all, hunters have their own taste of hunting. Some may like to hunt turkey and another hunter may like bird hunting. It is not possible for the manufacturer to meet every hunter’s requirement.

Another important fact is, we have found in maximum cases-

The factory choke that has come with the shotgun is not the best quality product.

How Chokes Work?

Chokes job is to maintain pellets spreading according to distance. Either the spread could be wider or narrower. And it depends on the choke’s constriction.

Usually, pellets travel further distance and it will spread wider. And the result will be less lethality of pellets as well as you will not able to get a humane kill.

So, constriction controls the spreading of pellets. Narrower spreading results waste of meat. It is because of a large number of pellets hit a small area.

What you need to consider is, choosing a choke that has uniform spreading at a distance of 40 yards for duck hunting.

Choke Reaction with Steel Shot

You should think about the steel shot if you want to use a steel load. steel and tungsten tend to tighter for a long distance. It is because of their properties.

In that case, you should avoid the constriction properties that are provided by the manufacturer. Because the manufacturer normally mentions constriction properties with lead shot.

Don’t worry, here is a solution or measurement to know that –

Constriction label by the manufacturer with lead shot Improved cylinder Modified
Result for steel shot Modified Full

So, you should avoid full choke constriction that is labeled for lead shot. You can use an improved cylinder and if a long shot needed, then you can use modified choke for your steel shot.

Duck Hunting 101: Special Video Bonus

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best shot to use for duck hunting?

The smaller shot is better for ducks according to most hunters. But widely used shot for ducks is T, BBB, BB, 1, 2, 3, and 4 shot.

Can you shoot steel shot through a modified choke for hunting duck?

No, it is not recommended until the target is far away from you. The recommended choke is a cylinder and improved cylinder for steel shot.

Can you use lead shot for duck hunting?

As long as you are not violating state law, you can. But most of the state ban on lead ammunition for hunting purposes.

How many pellets does it take to kill a duck?

At 30 yards distance, it will take only 4 pellets of steel shot to take down a duck. And for a shorter distance, 3 pellets of steel shot enough for a humane kill.

Where do you aim at ducks?

It depends on is the duck in a stationary position or flying. If the duck is in a stationary position, then aim to its feet. If it is flying then aim to it’s below body according to its flight path.

Will steel shot hurt a shotgun barrel?

Yes, it can. It can also damage the choke. every manufacturer mentions this thing on to their box of steel shot.

What is hevi-shot?

You know the lead shot is illegal nowadays for hunting. So, hunters use hevi-shot and steel shot. Steel shot can affect your barrel and choke. That’s why many hunters use hevi-shot. Hevi-shot made from tungsten alloy, iron, and nickel.

Do you need tags for duck hunting?

Yes, off course. You must be the age of at least 16 years to get a license of bird hunting stamp.

Do ducks float when they die?

Ducks have oily feathers and these feathers prevent penetrating water. So, yes, dead duck float on water.

Can you shoot ducks on the water?

As long as you have a federal duck hunting stamp, you can. It is not illegal.


All in all, by making the right selection you can get success with ease. A safe and secure choke is the first priority, first of all.

One amazing thing is that variety chokes can change your shotgun’s range without changing the gun itself.

And carry some chokes without lots of guns is way better!!