Best Gun Bluing Kits 2022 – [Top 5 Picks]

I have worked with many bluing kits for years. I swapped from brand to brand so that I can find the best gun bluing kit for my gun collection. It wasn’t easy as I had to do a lot of research and also spend some money as well. If you are looking for the most efficient bluing kit for your guns like I did, you obviously know how hard it is to find one.

But today all your effort of finding the right gun bluing kit will pay off. After months of searching I gathered the most promising bluing kits I found in the market. I am sharing my list here so that no one else has to go through the troubles that I did to find these bluing kits.

Follow my reviews here and I can assure you that you don’t have to look elsewhere to find your desired bluing kit. At the end of this article, I have also given a complete buying guide to help you use a bluing kit.

Our Top 5 Best Gun Bluing Kit in 2022

Our Top 5 Best Gun Bluing Kit Reviews

 1.  Delta Provision Gun Cleaning Kit

The delta provision gun cleaning kit is a universal bluing kit meaning that it will maintain and clean all the modern firearms that are available. So, whichever firearm you own, you can have a nice finishing with this bluing kit.

This bluing kit offers an organized and tactical system when it comes to maintaining and cleaning your firearms. So, you can not only clean your firearm easily but also it will be quite faster for you and you don’t have to spend too much time behind it. This is why it is the best home gun bluing kit on our list.

It offers a heavy-duty nylon case with durable and strong zipper. Aside from the case, the components inside are also of high quality. This kit is designed to last longer than any other common kit.

The Delta Provision Gun Cleaning Kit is quite compact for a bluing kit. The whole kit is very organized inside the case. The case is both PALS and MOLLE compatible. So, if you want to carry it to some other place, you can easily do that without any problems.

Delta Provision Gun Cleaning Kit

If your firearms have scopes, then you need to clean the lens as well. In that case, this kit has lens pen cleaning options for you. So, you can even clean the lens of the scope as well. Overall, this is quite an amazing gun cleaning kit.

  • Good for both home and field cleaning.
  • Suitable for both rifles and pistols.
  • Low cost.
  • Can be carried anywhere easily.
  • Components are well organized in the case.
  • Not good with shotguns.

 2.  Oxpho-Blue Professional Grade Cold Blue

Either you want a matte finish on your guns or glossy finish, you can get both if you use this bluing kit. But this finish depends on the gun surface. It will give a matte look if your gun has a sanded surface. On the other hand, if the gun surface has polished steel, you will get a glossy look.

While using this blue, keep in mind that this one is the best cold bluing kit and can only be used for touch up jobs. Hence you should not use it for cast iron. It will damage the quality of the material. But for other material like polished steel, this one works like a charm.

As you can maintain a matte blue look of your gun by using this gun blue, it is considered as the best hot gun bluing kit for this reason. After applying this blue, if you douse it in oil, you will see that the bluing will get darkened and it will look very nice.

Oxpho-Blue Professional Grade Cold Blue

For having a perfect finish you should bead blast the slide of your gun. I can assure you that the Oxpho-Blue is great for this purpose as well. After bead blasting the frame of your gun and giving an aluminum black touch-up, your gun will definitely look great.

  • Gives both glossy and matte look.
  • Removes rusts completely.
  • Works well even with grease on the surface.
  • Good for touch up jobs as well.
  • Turns fingernails yellow temporarily.

 3.  Birchwood Casey Super Blue

The birchwood casey super blue review comes in a 3 fl oz plastic bottle. This is sufficient enough to last for months if you use it on a regular basis. It is the best cold gun bluing kit because of having the highest quantity in a bottle, at a time, available in the market.

Whether your gun has harder metal or normal iron or steel, this gun blue will work like a charm for all these materials. This was made to be used on such material and if you follow the given instructions, surely you will get good results.

You can get the instruction manual with the product. But here is a shorter and simpler way. You can use brake cleaner or gun scrubber to get a good result. First of all, you need to apply this blue using scrubber made of wool or cotton. Then repeat the applying process but this time with water. Finally, use steel wool to buff your gun. That’s all.

Birchwood Casey Super Blue

For ordinary gun blues, you need to keep applying the blue over and over again to get good results. But for this one, you can repeat the application process two to three times to get effective results.

In short, this gun blue will help your guns to get sparkling or matte (if you want), even if you have a bigger firearm.

  • Very easy to use.
  • The container has enough blue to last for years.
  • It dries quickly.
  • Removes rusts as well.
  • Doesn’t work well with oil on the surface.

 4.  Birchwood Casey Complete Gun Finish Kit

The birchwood casey complete gun finish kit has a lot of components to offer you. It has rust and blue remover, a walnut stain, a degreaser/cleaner, a stock conditioner and sheen, a tru-oil gun stock finish, a service cloth, and a sponge. With all these components, you can easily make your gun look as good as new. And you don’t have to purchase any component separately.

If you are new to using a gun bluing kit then this is the perfect kit for you. As it has all the necessary components from the beginning, you won’t get confused about which component to use. This is why this kit is good for beginners.

This gun blue helps to break loose the grimes and rusts. So, if you have not been using your gun for months and there is rust, you don’t have to worry about that. As this gun bluing kit will help you to get rid of the rust with the snap of a finger, it is considered the best gun stock refinishing kit.

Birchwood Casey Complete Gun Finish Kit

When you use the cleaner of this kit to clean your gun before applying the blue, make sure to use a wet cloth to wipe out any leftover cleaner. Otherwise, the blue will not provide a good finishing to your bluing job.

Although there are a stock cleaner and a stain, they provide a moderate service if you ask me. So, if you mix them up with some polyurethane for sealing, you will get a better result. Overall, if you are new to using a bluing kit, this is one is the perfect one for you.

  • Can be carried easily.
  • Suitable for small and big guns.
  • Dries very fast.
  • Suitable for touch up jobs too.
  • Doesn’t work with oil on the gun surface.

 5.  Van’s Gun Blue 

The van’s gun blue can penetrate through the steel, unlike most other gun blues. This feature provides a durable finish to the iron or other metals like iron. This is the reason we call it the best gun bluing repair kit. But there are more.

After using this gun blue you will notice that the resulting blue will blend completely with the original color. Sometimes it can look a little bit darker than the original color but it gives a good finishing to your gun.

You should keep in mind that, with only one round of polishing you will not get a good output. You need to polish and re-polish at least three times to get a good result. But don’t worry. It takes only a quarter of the bottle to polish a gun three to four times. So, you can use this gun blue for months as ease.

Van's Gun Blue

One more thing you should remember is that, before you apply this gun blue on your gun or firearm, you have to degrease all the parts of your gun. If you don’t do that, the blue will not give any efficient result. You can use any cleaner to degrease the parts. You can apply this using a towel but using steel cotton is better than using an ordinary towel for applying this component.

To sum it up, if you follow the given instructions accordingly, this gun bluing kit will give you better and more effective results than any other gun bluing kit.

  • Works with different metals.
  • Strong and efficient finish.
  • Effects last for months.
  • Can be applied with an ordinary towel as well.
  • Doesn’t works without degreasing the parts.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Gun Bluing Kit

The age of the gun, the monetary value, and the physical condition are the major factors that you must consider before you pick the best gun bluing kit. Here are some things you should keep in mind.

  • The Actual Bluing’s Condition

Cold bluing is enough if your gun still has its original bluing. Even if there are small nicks, dents, and surface scratches cold bluing will still work. But if the original bluing is worn away, you will need professional hot bluing for better results.

The kits I have given in this list are suitable for both types of bluing. You can use it as you want according to the bluing condition of your gun.

  • Your Available Supplies

For beginners, a complete kit with all the necessary components is better when it comes to blue a gun. You can get to work right away if you have a complete package with you.

But if you already own most of the bluing components and know which one is for which purpose, then I recommend you to pick only the bluing fluid rather than picking up all the other components.

  • The Longer the Better

After you are done bluing your gun with the bluing kit, you of course want them to last longer. In this case, before you get a bluing kit, make sure you find out how long the bluing will last after you have applied that to your gun. Some bluing kit provides longer support than others.

Finally, one more thing you should keep in mind that, if your gun is not a collectible, you can use cold bluing on it. But if it is a collectible, it is best that you get the bluing done by a professional.

How to Use Gun Bluing Kit

It is not very difficult to use a bluing kit. Almost every bluing kit has the same steps to follow when it comes to cold bluing. For hot bluing, there are only some minor differences. However, these are the common steps you can follow for bluing using the best gun bluing kits you found in our list.

  • First of all, you have to remove the bluing that was initially there. It may not always be necessary. If you need to, you can use rust remover made of phosphoric acid or white vinegar or the remover that comes with the kit.
  • Next, you have to polish the metal of the gun so that you can remove the scratches on the surface and the rusts. Steel wool or sandpaper can be used for this.
  • After that, you have to soak the metal in a cleaning solution to clean it. Alternatively, you can use cleaning oil to clean the metal if you want.
  • Then you have to heat the metal. You can use a heat gun, a blow dryer, or a torch for this. Heating will make the metal better in absorbing the bluing liquid. So you will get a shinier finish.
  • Next comes the main part. You have to apply the bluing fluid. There can be different layers you have to apply. Apply the coating according to the instruction. Use fresh applicator for applying each new layer and smooth the layer with steel wool.
  • Finally, apply gun oil on the surface to finish the bluing job.

Before you perform these steps, make sure ideally gather around all the components. Keep the place you are working on, well ventilated for better results. Also, make sure there are no children around as you are working with chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do these bluing kits work for all types of guns?

Yes. Every bluing kit you find on this list is capable of bluing guns of different types and sizes.

What kind of finishing will I get using these kits?

Some of them will provide a glossy, matte and a semi-gloss finish. But the others will provide only one type of finishing.

Can I use any of these blues on cast iron parts?

Yes. You can use each of these blues on cast iron.

Do all of them give blue finish or is there any chance of black finishing?

They provide blue finishing if you follow the instructions accordingly. Otherwise, they can give black finishing as well.

Do all of them work on stainless steel?

No. All of the bluing kits in this list are not compatible with stainless steel. You can see the reviews to see which ones are and which ones aren’t.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I would like to say that, as long as you follow the instructions accordingly you will definitely get a good result from any one of the given bluing kits on this list of the best gun bluing kits.

As you can see, every bluing kit here is different from each other. Some provide all the necessary components and some provide only the fluid. It is up to you choose any one of these kits. But I can assure you whichever you pick, you will get the best output compared to any other ordinary bluing kits. You can read our other related guides like shotgun recoil pad, best choke for dove hunting, best choke for sporting clays, best 2 man ladder stand, etc.