Best Elevated Hunting Blinds 2022 | [Top 5 Picks]

Hunting needs utmost patient. Sometimes you have to stay for hours in a single place for your prey.

A hunting blind can make your hunting comfortable and enjoyable also. Even if it is an elevated one then you can get the full pleasure of hunting.

But not all the hunting blind can give you the ultimate pleasure. You should have some answer to the question of getting a suitable one for you.

The safety feature, water resistant feature, size of the platform and the blind, weight and much more to analyze. To make that easy I have come up with top five best elevated hunting blinds.

Read the article to know about those features and get the one that can give you comfort while hunting.

Best Choice

Guide Gear 2-Man Tower Hunting BlindBest Elevated Hunting Blinds 2022 | [Top 5 Picks]

Guide Gear 2-Man Tower Hunting Blind

Budget Pick

Best Elevated Hunting Blinds 2022 | [Top 5 Picks]Ameristep Element Hunting Blind

Ameristep Element Hunting Blind


5 Best Elevated Hunting Blinds 2022

1 Landmark Permanent Hunting Blind and Tower: Best Elevated Deer Blinds

The permanent hunting blind and tower from Landmark is a blessing for a hunter. Let’s figure out why-

First of all, this landmark hunting blinds can be used on the ground or on the tower. But you have to buy the tower and the blind separately. The manufacturer gives that flexible option to save your bucks if you already have one of these.

The 10 feet tower has enough height for the hunter to acquire a suitable hunting position. The tower is built with sturdy powder coated steel.

The tower has a 6×6 feet platform to place the landmark permanent blind. You can use any other blind that matches with the platform size.

Durability matters and that’s why the tower is made from steel tubing and x-bracing. That gives the tower an extra strength.

The entry of the blind is large enough to get in and out of the blind with a rail system for both hands.

The blind is 7 feet tall with a base of 6×6 feet. The height is suitable for archery or firearm shot and you need not to crouch in it.

Weather resistant marine-grade tarpaulin cover is used to make this hunting blind. The material can last years against any weather condition. The frame of this blind is durable tubular steel made.

Easy to assemble even for the first-time hunter. There are four windows to observe and shoot from any of the sides.  And lots of room to move around easily.

Overall, this one is considered as best elevated deer blinds.



2 Guide Gear 2-Man Tower Hunting Blind: Best Hunting Blinds for the Money

Simple yet effective elevated hunting blind from the renowned manufacturer Guide Gear. The fully concealed Guide Gear 2-Man Tower Hunting Blind is also capable to control of your scent. Thanks to its conceal system. You can get closer to your prey without noticing them your scent with this blind.

Next of this guide gear hunting blind is durability, Steel frame that can survive for a long time against rough weather conditions.

What could make a blind comfortable to stay for a long day? a spacious and if you don’t need to crouch, right? And yes, it is 2-man blind and the peak ceiling has enough height, so that, you don’t need to crouch. Impressively comfortable for 2-man.

You can face rain, sun and windy weather condition during hunting time. DZX camo fabric can protect you from such rough weather condition. And it has also leak protective zipper windows.

21 Lbs. definitely lightweight for hunting blinds. Dimension is 57.5 inches x 57.5 inches with a height of 60 inches. Four windows with a dimension of 21 inches x 30 inches.

Within the price range of this blind, such feature is not available for the maximum elevated hunting blind. So, it is one of the best hunting blinds for the money.



3 Ameristep Element Hunting Blind: Best Portable Hunting Blind

You can hunt with any kind of weapon with the Ameristep Element Hunting Blind. Let’s have a look at what it is and what can do it for you-

It can be placed both on the ground or a tower of 4×6 feet platform. Versatile for the user indeed. 6 feet and 6 inches tall and the base area is 4×6 feet well enough to accommodate 2-man and easy to move around.

Constructed with a lightweight aluminum frame and denier coated polyester. To make it durable as well as a lightweight aluminum frame is a great option to choose. Thus, you can carry easily from one place to another. And a carrying bag is included for easy transportation. So. no doubt that this one is best portable hunting blind.

The Ameristep Element Hunting Blind is a great option for those who like portability and sometimes from a fixed tower.

Four windows for 360-degree view for you to observe your prey. So, you will not miss a single shot.



4 Rivers Edge 48028 Outpost Tower Blind: Best 2 Man Hunting Blinds

Why I named it a true 360-degree tower blind? It has 8 windows and this feature earns the title. But that is not the only feature to buy it. There is more from the River Edge 48028 Outpost Tower blind

Zipper door is easy and convenient to in and out for a blind, right? This rivers edge hunting blinds has a zippered door and windows to make it end user-friendly design.

Rust-resistant steel frame and the ground pads make it durable and stable. The ground pad will give you comfort for staying all day long. For an elevated blind, those features are important to think about.

When it questions about the comfort then a spacious and perfect height comes first place. In this regard, the manufacturer made the base area 4×4 feet. And you can call it best 2 man hunting blinds. Isn’t it large enough to accommodate two people? And the height is also tall enough to move around easily.



5Barronett Blinds Big Cat Pop Up Portable Hunting Blind

Last but not least. Barronett Blinds Big Cat Pop Up Portable Hunting Blind can be a great choice if you like to hunting brush country. Let’s get into the deep-

Durable steel frame for the blind and the ladder stand. Unlike the others, it has a simple trap door at the center of the platform for entering into the blind.

Eight windows with double zipper system. That is versatile to hunt prey from the hunting blind. Like the previous hunting blind, you will get a 360-degree field of view. The window size is 43×18 inches each. And the platform size is 60×60 inches. That is spacious enough for 2 people.

Water resistant fabric with Realtree Xtra camo to make it invisible from animals. And you can get closer to the animals. That will increase your success rate.

However, if you are planning to use for years then this one can be a great choice. Within this price range this one is the best elevated hunting blind for the money.



Best Elevated Hunting Blinds: Buyer’s Guide

At first, there are many types of hunting blinds available on the market. Elevated hunting blinds could be a great choice. Because it can save you from on-land harmful insects and animal.

But choosing the best-elevated hunting blinds, you have to consider some features. Those are-


As I told you previously that it can save you from the on-land animal. But bad weather condition can happen. And the blind can fall down. So, strong build quality blind is must-have to purchase.

Other than that, the blind must able to protect from mosquitoes and flies or such pests.

Waterproof Feature

In the wild, there could be heavy rainfall occur. So, the blind could stay dry and warm is a must-have. And waterproof hunting blind could stay dry and warm. Don’t compromise with this feature to save back.


The best hunting blind can be accessed from various location. As it is elevated blind, so, make sure that animals will not afraid of it.

Construction Material

Normally, elevated hunting blind needs frequent maintenance. There are mainly three types of elevated blind based on making the material. Steel, wood or plastic.

Steel and wood that means best hard sided hunting blinds need well maintenance.

On the other hand, plastic requires less maintenance. But less durable.

So, choose wisely the construction material.


Elevated blinds are expensive from all types of blind. If you have the plan to use it for a long time then you can go for it.

But don’t compromise with the quality of the blind respect to the budget.

The scent

Most of the animal, specially deer can notice scent from a distance. That’s why the blind you are going to get should be scent free. If the blind has scent then make it scentless by keeping the blind outdoor for some time.

Tips and Tricks for Elevated Hunting Blind

It may look similar to hunting from a tree stand. But there is some different and added some benefits if you use an elevated hunting blind. To get the ultimate use of it, follow the given below instruction. It may help you a lot-

The window tricks

It is not a wise decision to keep opening them to observe your prey. Animals can scent your smell and they will leave the place immediately. On the other hand, if you keep closing the window you can’t observe your prey. So, what should you do?

At first, check the window that doesn’t create noise while opening. Keep that window with a small opening. Observe through it and if the prey comes closer to you then open it up to make a clear shot.

Reposition time to time

There are several windows to your blind. You don’t need to wait for targeting from only one position. Take a measure of your prey that which window is closer to the prey. You have to re-position that time to get the prey.

However, for doing this trick you have to practice before the original game.

Rifle or bow: Which one is better?

You may have your own choice and preference regarding the weapon to hunt. But actually, there is certain advantages and disadvantages for both of the weapon-

Advantages of a Rifle

  • The perfect shot is effective to get down the prey on the spot.
  • A single shot is enough.
  • Quicker than any hunting weapon

Limitation of a Rifle:

  • Can make a loud noise if it gets touch with the wall of the blind.
  • Missing a shot means forget your prey, most of the cases. So, lots of practice needed prior to the event.

Advantages of a Bow:

  • You can take down your target silently.
  • You can re-use the arrow even after hitting the target.
  • Missing a target does not means forget the prey. You may still have a chance.

Limitation of a Bow:

  • Slower to reload an arrow.
  • You need to follow the target after hitting because it takes time to kill the target.
  • It takes spacious place for bow hunting. And in a blind, there is not sufficient space. To overcome the scenario, you need lots of practice before the actual event.

Frequently Asked Question (Faqs)

Are ground blinds good for deer hunting?

You can hunt deer from a ground blind. There is no problem if you can hide the scent and blind from the deer. But an elevated blind can give some advantages.

Do you aim high or low from an elevated blind?

The higher you are the lower the aim is needed. Suppose, you are hunting from 12 feet of elevated blind and the animal is a5 yards from the blind. Then you have to aim lower.

How high an elevated blind should be?

On average, an elevated blind is 6-12 feet high from the ground. This is the standard. But the vegetation of the ground needs to take account for the height of the blind.

Do deer see ground blind?

Hunting blinds are made to hide from the animal. But from a closer distance deer can notice the ground blind.

How well do deer see?

How well deer see is a debatable question. Tests show that green, orange and red colors appear gray on deer’s eye.

Final Verdicts

Best elevated hunting blinds could make your hunting easy and comfortable. But as it is a hunting matter, there are several aspects behind the success.

Such as the place, you are going to place the blind, how the environment is and more.

For better result keep attention every single second for your prey.