Do Deer Eat Carrots? [2 Nutritional Charts, Images & Videos]

C for Carrot

D for DEER

What a good combination!!!

Yes, deer are made to eat Carrots more and more.

Do deer eat carrots? Yes, deer love to eat carrots. Deer like to eat carrots more than green grass. Like all herbivores, the vegetable is the topmost choice of deer. This animal can eat carrot tops, leaves as well as roots. From the health point of view, this veggie is highly nutritious and a good source of Vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. It is rich in taste and easy to digest.

Nowadays food wastage is a very bad trend. We should think about feeding extra food for wildlife. Instead of throwing extra salad and carrot juice leftover in the dustbin, we should spread it near the feeding areas of animals. In this way, we can save and recycle organic products properly.

Feeding Carrots To Deer

Are you growing carrots this year near deer dominated areas? If yes. You can arrange a carrot treat for deer. Beware this animal can ruin all your cultivation within a moment. It will enter your garden as a silent guest and will destroy it by digging a newly grown plant from the ground. It can smash the delicate plant with its strong antlers.

If you want to feed carrots to park deer then go on without any hesitation. For herbivores, veggies are nutritious and good for health. The best way to feed the carrot is not to cut its leaves from the root. Both leaves and roots are rich in nutrients.

Do Carrots Attract Deer?

Yes,  deer adore veggies, especially with broad green leaves. It becomes difficult for farmers to grow carrots near deer dominated areas without a fence. There are a few reasons for this attraction. Let’s see –

  • Carrots are easy to digest
  • Top Leaves help to pluck underground vegetable of carrot 
  • The red color of vegetable appeals to deers eye 
  • This veggie is super easy to bite as it is small in size.
  • There is no need to cut out from the middle like Pumpkin as the whole plant is edible.
  • It is juicy, nutritious and strong in taste.

Do deer like Carrots?

Absolutely, yes they do love chewing it. Some of the preferred food choices of deer are corn, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. To check the deer preference pattern about food selection, I performed a simple test by myself to prove this fact.

Once I offered corn, apples, carrot, and berries in separate pots simultaneously to 5 zoo deer. To my surprise, two out of five deer went straight to the apple basket, two ate carrots while one deer chose corn first. The majority liked eating fruit first. Through this, I thought deer like the sugary taste of apples.

 Further studies are needed to examine the sense of taste in deer. In my opinion, they prefer sweet over salty taste.

Are Carrots Healthy For Deer?

Carrots are extremely nutritious and tasty. Deer not only eat root but also the tops of the plant which is high in Vitamin A, B6, C and K, folate, manganese, niacin, potassium, and thiamin. 

Table to show the nutritional value of 25gram=1cup  serving of carrot leaves –

Calories88/2000Vitamin A110%Sodium 60mg
Fat 0gramVitamin C10%Potassium250mg

About 100 grams of carrot provides 41 calories per serving. Vitamin A and C are abundant in carrots that can boost bone development during antler growth.

Table of  Nutritional value of serving 100 gram of Carrot –

Carbohydrate3%Vitamin A34%Calcium3%
Proteins 2.8%Vitamin B -65%Iron1%
Calories41%Vitamin C9%Magnesium3%
Dietary fiber 11%Vitamin D0%Potassium9%

What Animals Eat Carrots?

Carrot is the favorite food of rabbits. Almost all herbivores and mammals love to eat radish carrots. In animal parks, it is always exciting to watch animals feeding this vegetable. Even birds like ducks and squirrels also eat carrots. When ducks rib it to take a bite it looks really fantastic. Here is a video to enjoy this scene. 

Do Deer Eat Apples and Carrots?

Yes, deer can eat both fruit and vegetables. Vegetables provide long-lasting energy while fruits are a source of digestible energy. That is why feeding a combination of veggies and fruit is beneficial for deer health. Fruits alone cant fulfill the nutritional requirement of the animal as they are low in fat. For this reason, a mixture of both fruit and vegetable works well during winter. Animals need food to put a lot of fat on the body to survive well on cold days. If you want to feed deer, keep a few things in your mind like –

  • Always introduce new food item in deer diet gradually
  • Don’t exceed the amount as excess can harm the animal
  • Keep safe distance while feeding wild deer


After knowing the answer to this question, do deer eat carrots or not, don’t forget to bring this veggie if you are planning to visit deer park. Snap a photo while feeding deer and update it on your profile. Everyone will like it and will appreciate your positive act of feeding animals. Make your trip memorable. Natural food is always healthy for animals. Deer also eat apples.

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