Can You Use a Hunting Rangefinder For Golf? [The Answer You Should Know]

can you use a hunting rangefinder for golf

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How can you use a rangefinder for a purpose outside of hunting? Do you wonder how to get the most out of hunting rangefinder? Probably your mind is occupied with such queries before you place an order for it.

Wait and read this article to know the multipurpose usage of the hunting range finder. Now you can play and hunt with the same device. How?

Can you use a hunting rangefinder for golf? Yes, you can use some hunting rangefinder for golf, not all. It is possible only when you are wise enough to choose a smart device that could serve both purposes. But knowing the limitations and basic differences between both is the main point.

It all depends on the way you choose. If you buy a multipurpose rangefinder, it will surely be flexible enough to do more than one job. For many years players are constantly switching from golf rangefinder to hunting tool. Let’s know what is special in this tool to serve multi-task well.

Here we go! 

Are Hunting and Golf Rangefinder The Same

Still confusing! Are both the same thing or different?

No, they are different devices but can be used for the same purpose. The first one is made to hunt in open fields, woodlands, and meadows but it is a multipurpose device that is legit to be used in sports like golf.

The second one is designed with specific golf features such as the nearest object detection. Though both tools run in different modes so how can they be the same? Hunting rangefinders work on “Distant Target  Mode” whilst golf rangefinder works on “First target Mode”. In Distant mode, the main focus is to measure the distance between hunter and target. In the first target mode, the focus point is the distance between the nearest object like a pin or flag and you. Right?

How To Use One Device For Both; Golf & Hunting Rangefinder

Does hunting rangefinder have golf features too? Obviously, it lacks the nearest object detection ability. But you can adjust your hunting device to view closer objects. In this way, you can use one device for hunting as well as golf. For this, you need to read the menu and then shift the setting from distant mode to first target mode. A hunting rangefinder with both near and distant mode can do the work for both. So, think about this deciding factor before placing an order for a rangefinder. Always go for a device that has the flexibility of switching between nearest to distant mode.

If you ‘re hunting under 250 yards distance from the target you can use a golf rangefinder easily and is quick to detect the target. I am sure you will never miss your prey. But it will happen only under 250yards not above.

So, you can overlap both tools according to your knowledge and skills.

Names of Top 6 Rangefinders For Hunting & Golf Both

Why not save a few extra bucks? Let’s enjoy the hunt and play golf! Yes, you can do both with just one wise decision. If you choose rangefinders that could serve multipurpose you can save your time as well as money. 

A wide range of laser rangefinders is available online. They are multipurpose and highly reviewed products. You can use them in different kinds of hunting like bow shooting and rifle hunting. If you need an honest opinion of mine then  TecTecTec ProWild Rangefinder is my favorite one as it is the best rangefinder based on its super unique features.

Why Use Hunting Rangefinder for Golf; Pros & Other Facts

Ever heard golfers shifting to hunting rangefinder? Yes quite often. There are so many benefits of this shift that golfers find more precise than golf-specific tools.

Let’s discuss some advantages that you may get if you try this!

  • Hunting rangefinders offer more variety as compared to golf tools. These tools offer more yards and magnifications.
  • Golf tools are restricted and available in low range. That’s why players switch to hunting tools
  • It is legit to use hunting tools and accessories in play like golf. So, you can go on without any fear of penalty or fine.
  • Hunting rangefinder can cover 75-1300 yards whilst golf rangefinder can only cover 400-500 yards. For this main reason, players are shifting  to hunting accessories
  • Golf is famous as a very expensive sport. All of its accessories cost too much. However, hunting is a general adventure and its accessories are not much costly. So, to save money you can use a single rangefinder for both purposes

Drawbacks of Using Hunting Rangefinder For Golf

There are a few limitations to this usage. Are you aware of them? If not, read the point below and make your choice by keeping these drawbacks in your mind. However, these are minor consequences not serious enough.

Let’s read on!

  • If players use hunting rangefinder for gold, they would think more about numbers rather than skills’.So, the real essence of the game will die of
  • Players will calculate more and enjoy less
  • If your hunting rangefinder is not good enough to detect the nearest object, you can’t play golf well with it. To remove this issue, it is required to buy those rangefinders that work on distant as well as first target mode.

can i use a hunting rangefinder for golf

Golf  Vs Hunting Rangefinder

Now you know well that you can use a rangefinder for both hunting and golfing. But it does not mean that there is everything common in both. Let’s check out the list of three basic difference between hunting rangefinder and golf rangefinder – 

Hunting RangefinderGolf Rangefinder
It operates through the Distant Target Mode which measures the distance between target and hunter. This Mode is good enough to detect far-off target animals.It operates through the First Target Mode which measures the distance between the nearest object like flag or pin. This Mode is good enough to detect closest objects
It gives an accurate reading of distance but not too quick as hunting targets are sometimes too farIt gives quick reading but not as precise as hunting ones because the target is too close to you
It offers a big range of yards and magnifications that can cover 75yards to 1500yards easilyIt offers a restricted range of magnifications and covers a maximum of 400 -500 yards only.

Can You Use a Golf Rangefinder For Hunting

Ever heard anyone hunting with a golf rangefinder? Yes but not too often why?

We heard most of the players use a hunting rangefinder for golf but rarely heard the reverse case scenario. Why can’t hunters deploy golf manufacturers’ rangefinders?

A simple answer is that It is possible to use a golf rangefinder for hunting but it is not as easy as you think. 

A golf rangefinder is designed to serve different purposes especially to pick up a pin from background objects. It does it by means of unlocking onto the object that is nearest to you. These tools are given different names according to a specific task such as  Pinseeker by Bushnell and Pinhunter by Leupold. The best option is to go for a laser rangefinder that can be easily used for both hunting and playing golf.

Can Hunting Rangefinder Work Like Pin- Seeker Technology

How can you take the pin seeker like work from a hunting rangefinder?

Yes, it is possible to detect pins from a small distance from the best rangefinder for hunting. How?

Usually hunting range finders are pre-set to Distant Mode. But you can reset it to First Target  Mode to detect the nearest object. In this way, it will work like pin seeker technology. Now you can pick up the nearest pins or flags easily.

However, if you are using hunting tools that can’t be set on the nearest object setting, you can’t get the pin-seeking job accurately from it.

Do Hunting Rangefinder Has Range Enough For Golf

Will hunting rangefinder be helpful to detect long distant objects in golf? Yes, of course, hunting tools have a long long range of more than 1300 yards. It’s funny that golf courses range between 250-500 yards. That’s why hunting devices can easily detect your long distant objects or pins or flags. For this reason, players prefer to use them in a course where long distance is expected.

Can I Use Hunting Rangefinder For Golf

We made it absolutely clear for you that you can use a hunting rangefinder for golf. Although there are few drawbacks to it but not very serious. So, you can go on and enjoy golfing with hunting tools, and don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment box. We love to post what others experience in real life

Bottom Line

Hey, that’s the end. YOU CAN DO IT!! Simply, you can use a hunting rangefinder for golf. Because the first one offers more yards, variety, and accuracy. Though it lacks specific golf features yet it is not essential if you can switch from Distant Mode to First Target Mode. Don’t hesitate to overlap this hunting tool with sports. It’s legit as well as easy. Enjoy!

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