How Far Can You Shoot a Crossbow? [Secrets U Should Know]

We have been getting a lot of queries about the precision and ability of different categories of bows, their shooting range, etc. So here we are with a series of blogs answering all those questions. In this particular article, we discuss the range and related specifications of different crossbows. We will also compare the range and specifications of some of the most popular and common crossbows.

At first, learn how far you can shoot a crossbow? A typical crossbow can have a maximum range of 50-60 yards. However, it depends on your skills as well as the quality of your bow. Hunters often keep this range up to 35 yards as they think this range is precise enough to hit the target.

Individual differences do also exist here. You can’t say everyone can have the same range or all bows can attain maximum distance. Shooting is more a game of guess rather than maths. If your six sense is wiser you can reach maximum range even with an ordinary bow.

Let’s move on to know more shooting hacks!

How Far Can a Crossbow Shoot?

Knowing the distance that your crossbow can cover, and the distance that average crossbows cover can be helpful in setting targets for your bolt, speed, and performance. By having a rough idea of the possible shooting range and capacity of different bows, you might be able to set an informed target and compare your performance accordingly.

So, coming to our main question, how far can a crossbow shoot? Well, that depends a lot on whether or not you’re shooting a target and also, a lot more on your bow. There is an obvious and wide difference between the maximum distance that you can shoot accurately with a crossbow, and the maximum distance you can shoot with the crossbow. If you’re shooting at a target and would like to actually hit the target, 50-100 yards would be the average distance that an arrow from a crossbow can cover to hit a target efficiently, depending on your skills and the condition of the bow.

Now, let’s say you’re randomly shooting arrows without caring about hitting the target- on an average, any of the modern-day 300 Plus FPS bows that can be categorized as powerful can go as far as 500 yards.

Note that, no matter how skilled you are and how good the bow is, it would be highly unlikely to hit the target at the maximum distance range, and even if you do by any chance, a kill would be unlikely. So, if you are expecting similar results are in case of a long-range rifle shooting, you’d be disappointed.

One more thing: Don’t worry too much if the maximum distance than you are able to shoot the target is much lower than the figures specified here for maximum possible distance with the crossbow on an average. With every other hunting seasons, your ability and performance will increase. Bowhunting is more or less of an art that you master with practice, after all.

What Crossbows Shoot The Maximum Range?

In this section the shooting range of various top crossbow brands and products. In case you are checking out the long-range crossbow, let us make the task a little easier for you.

Barnett Ghost 410 CRT: With a velocity of 410 FPS, this is not only one of the best crossbows available, but also one of the most reliable long-range crossbow shoot options. With a draw weight of 185 lb only, it is even easier on arms. Greater power would clearly mean a greater maximum effective range.

Excalibur Matrix Mega 405: With the velocity merely 5 FPS below the Barnet, this is the next long-range crossbow of our preference. Not just ours, but thousands of hunters love this bow and appreciate its features.

TenPoint Venom Crossbow with ACU50: This is yet another bow that might be worth mentioning while talking about good quality, long-range crossbows.

Factors That Influence The Range of The Crossbow and Its Performance:

As we discussed earlier, the range of the crossbow can be influenced by multiple factors. We’ll be discussing the major factors that can influence the crossbow, notwithstanding its original capacity.

These are very much the factors that you should keep in mind if you are looking to improve your maximum effective crossbow range:

Bow’s quality and velocity: No matter how good you are with bows unless you have the product that can match your skills, the performance is going to be limited. Some factors that determine the quality of a crossbow include the draw weight (150-180 lbs), velocity (greater the better).

Maintain, Tune-up, and gear up the bow: Bow can lose its efficiency without adequate maintenance and tuning. For a proper tune-up and maintenance before and after each season, follow the bow manufacturer’s recommendations. To improve the performance, you can also add scopes and other add-ons, which may assist you in performing better.

Experience and skills of the archer: Last but not the least, this is still a no-brainer. The more practice you’ve got, the more experience you have as a hunter and an archer, the better you will be with the bow. You will notice you are able to provide better direction and power to the shot with every passing hunting season.

how far can you shoot a crossbow accurately

Is It Good to Increase The Shot Distance?

While it may look like a big deal to eventually increase your shot range, there is absolutely no point in competing with yourself to fire greater distances. On the contrary, many of the professional hunters prefer to keep their effective hunting target between 30 yards and 60 yards.

There are multiple reasons for this, and there can be personal reasons for such preferences. But one of the main reasons, we believe, is that the closer you are to the target during a real hunt, the more certain would it be that you’ll hit it. There’s clearly going to be a much greater chance of being accurate and moreover, at a lower distance, the velocity of the crossbow will allow the hunter to make a clean pass and make a clean kill.

In most forms of hunting sports- bow hunting or rifle shooting- the maximum effective distance value is pretty much something that should be determined personally. To conclude, simply try various distances, take note of your personal comfort and find out your personal effective distance- the distance at which you can take your best crossbow shots. 

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Does Broadhead Affect The Maximum Range of Bow

Is this my broadhead that’s slowing down my shot? Hunters often think in this line also.

Though it’s more a matter of personal like or dislike yet you should know the reality

Somehow broadhead can be the culprit! How?

Hunters often choose broadhead according to the style they feel easy to carry or insert in the bow. They have their own preferences in this case. Those who choose mechanical broadheads also have to face some challenges. Because mechanical broadheads are heavier and are good to reduce air friction but can’t travel too farther due to weight. 

So, they miss the target. But this is not such a serious issue. If you keep on practicing hard, you will never miss the target even with using mechanical heads.

Fixed broadheads are another good choice and hunters feel more accuracy and less range coverage issues. When tested, these broadheads always showed less varied results. So, they are more accurate than mechanical ones.

I would suggest getting rather slimmer, smarter, lighter, and sharper broadheads for your bow. Lighter broadheads tend to move far and far easily.

But practice can make you more perfect in even mechanical usage. Right?

Tips to Improve The Range of Your Bow

Wanna do a hunting adventure from a far off place? Maybe scared of animals or beginners. It can be dangerous to take aim from a close distance. For this, your bow must be capable of targeting far off-targets. How can you improve the range of your bow then? We’ve broken down a few tips to share with you.

Let’s check out!

  • Practice, practice, and practice is the key to success. The same applies to hunt .if you keep on practicing you will try to understand your bow well. May be at one time it’s not chasing a far-off target. But after many attempts, it hits the target successfully. So, think about every aspect whilst practicing.
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and set your bow accordingly. Maybe it is not set properly to cover long distances. So double-check it, if it is set according to instructions or not. If it’s not pre-set then tune it following the guidelines.
  • Take great care of your crossbow maintenance. Check its string and light rail. If the string is loose enough then restring it before next hunt. Keep your rail lubricated as directed in the label
  • Learn to fit from other hunters personally. Sometimes just reading the menu can’t make you a perfect hunter. You need to join the hunter’s community personally to get the benefit of their personal experience.

Before we end, if you’ve been looking for, or considering to purchase the best hunting bow of all times, you can check through our top bow review too!

Bottom Line

Now it’s almost understood how far can you shoot a crossbow accurately. Keeping all the figures in your mind, you can aim at your target. Success will be yours ultimately. But be wise before choosing a bow for you. Always do proper research and spend your money on one that is lighter in weight and quick to travel.

We want to hear from you also. Let us Inform through comment if your bow can go beyond 60yards?