Do Deer Eat Pumpkins? (Surprising Nutritional Data & Facts)

Do you want to enhance delight and decrease stress in your life?

If yes, feed animals.

It is an evident fact from different studies that feeding animals from a safe distance always helps to reduce stress levels. If you want to make your soul happy, try feeding pumpkins to deer. Keep reading to know more!

Do deer eat pumpkins? Yes, deer like to eat pumpkins. However, not a first choice. They will eat both pulp and seeds. But they would never try its outer shell as it is hard. For this reason, it is recommended to feed fruit when cut in the middle. Moreover, both plants and fruit are edible.

Pumpkins take a long time to grow. Seedling starts in May and fruit grows in fall and near winter. In America, they are considered Holy fruit and cultivated on a large scale to make Lantern at the festival.

People often throw them after use. With an increase in awareness about food wastage, there is no need to put them in the trash. They can be recycled as food sources for various wild and pet animals. Deer is also at the top of this list.

Feeding Pumpkins To Deer

Are you growing Pumpkin this year for a Caregiving Day meal? If yes, then enjoy its pie and soup but don’t throw its trash in the bin. You can arrange a party for deer because they adore it.

Just smash it and throw it in an open area where deer movement is expected.

I personally threw a few near my home and all were gone till night. Deer will eat every Pumpkin that comes in its way. However, they will not try the hard coat as it is not easy to digest. This wise animal knows what to eat and how to eat.

Attach the camera to a tree nearby and record an amazing video of deer eating Pumpkins like crazy.

Are Pumpkins Healthy For Deer

Yes, pumpkins are highly nutritious. About 100 grams can provide 26 calories if consumed. They are rich in Vitamin A which is essential for bone development. They provide digestible energy which is good for antler growth in bucks.

Table of the percentage % of nutrients in 100 grams of Pumpkin – 

Calories26/100gramVitamin A170%Magnesium3%100grams
Saturated Fat0.1g/0%Vitamin C15%Iron4%100grams
Polyunsaturated fat0%Vitamin B-65%Cobalamin0%100grams
Cholesterol0%Vitamin D0%Potassium 340mg/9%

Do Pumpkins Attract Deer

Absolutely they love feeding them. Not only fruit they can eat the whole plant as well. What makes this plant deers favourite is perhaps –

  • Delicious Taste Of fleshy part or gut
  • The Sharp Orange color of Ripened fruit makes it visible from very far
  • The sweet smell of smashed Pumpkin makes it ready to eat

Remember it’s not the top preferred food. If deer has a lot more choices available like acorns, berries and apple deer may not eat them up.

Pumpkins are not only attractive to animals but also to humans. A Jack o Lantern made by Pumpkin is really wonderful. Hunters often grow them to attract deer. Always check your state hunting rule before planning any food plot for hunting.

What Animals Like to Eat Pumpkins

Not only deer, but other herbivore mammals like sheep, goats, and a cow also love their fleshy part. Even squirrels, foxes, and birds with long pointed beaks enjoy Pumpkin treats. Now when Halloween is over, you can offer the remaining fruit to animals. Wildlife in urban areas is facing food issues. In this way, you can serve them.

In Oregon Zoo after Halloween people enjoy feeding Pumpkins to even black bears and tortoises Studies have shown that such activities may increase the delight and decrease stress. Maybe animals also enjoy a variety of food. Maybe they have developed a sense of taste. Studies are needed on this perspective to know more.

Watch this interesting news and enjoy it!

Interestingly to note that many birds also favor this fruit like ducks and seagulls.

do deer like pumpkins

Can Deer Eat Raw Pumpkin

No, deer will only eat ripe smashed ones. However, it may taste unripe also if it is cut.

Once I tested it by myself. I offered raw and non-smashed fruit to zoo deer. They did not try them. The reason might be the color, odor, and taste of unripe fruit. Its color is green with a hard coat. I thought deer may not like it because it is not cut from the middle.

So, I cut the unripe one from the middle and offered it to the deer. It came close to it, smelled it and even tasted it. To my surprise, it went away without eating. Perhaps deer may not like its taste.

What a clever animal is it! There is a possibility that they might taste conscious.

will deer eat pumpkins

How to Keep Deer Away From Pumpkins

Deer may enter as unwanted guests in your fields. For these reasons, farmers and landowners don’t like them. They can vanish and destroy your cultivation within a day. Here are a few tips to move them away from your plants – 

  • Fence growing area
  • Insert a wooden cage or stake around each fruit if possible
  • Spread the scent of branded soap or repellent with spray around the open fields.
  • Scarecrow may also help but very little.
  • Stakes are smelly enough. Tie stake bags with these  plants 

Best Time For Feeding Pumpkin

Pumpkin starts seedling in May and grows in June or July. They require a long growing season. Because of the association with festivals, farmers grow them accordingly. 

The best time to feed deer is before rut as they need a lot of energy for breeding. Always feed when they are fresh. Don’t spoil them as they may cause disease in the animals. People should save them properly and deliver them to deer bedding areas in good condition.

Final Verdict

Read do deer eat pumpkins thoroughly before planning pulpy pumpkin treats. They are a good source of diet for mammals.

But remember the excess of everything is bad. So, always introduce a new food into any mammal’s diet gradually.

Make sure to keep a safe distance while deer are eating. They may behave aggressively without any warning. If you have any specific questions regarding serving size, get the help of a veterinarian first. You can read our jokes about deer guide for your funny refreshment.

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