What is a Fallow Deer? [Secret Facts Revealed]

What is a Fallow Deer? [Secret Facts Revealed]

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What an attractive animal is this! 

Delicate body, brown dress with white dots, black underlines across tail and black nose. Looks elegant. Isn’t it?

You may call it Queen of Deer Planet.

Are you curious to know its exact name of fallow deer? Stay here.

What is a fallow deer? Fallow deer is one of the most adaptive and populated species of deer in the world. It is an herbivore, ruminant mammal of the family Cervidae. It was native to European and Asian countries. Now they are invading the US, Canada, England, Medditerean, Africa as well as Australia.

Females of fallow deer are called a doe, the male is a buck and young ones are fawns. Keep reading to know more:

Fallow Deer Size

Typically, the size of this species is not as big as compared to others. Newborns can even fit in hands. They are medium in size, not too big or not too small.

Table of Size of Fallow deer, Height, and Weight

Fallow Deer SizeAverage Height in cm/inchWeight
Adult Buck(140cm-160cm) long.


(85-95cm)(30-33inch) (in shoulder height
60–100 kg (130–220 lb)

(75-85cm)(30-33inch)( shoulder height)
30–50 kg (66–110 lb) 
Fawns30cm(12inch)4.5 kg (9.9 lb)

Some Fallow Deer Facts

This species is perhaps the most attractive for kids and zoo visitors. That is why animal lovers love to study them. Here is an interesting fact sheet :

  • Fallow deer are herbivore grazers and sometimes browser also especially in winter
  • The average Life span of this deer is between 12-16 years. However, in the best natural setting, they may live for more than 18 years. Until now the longest recorded life period is 25 years.
  • Typically, female deer can give birth to only one fawn. Twins are not uncommon.
  • Buck develops antlers at the age of 2
  • The vision of this deer is extremely sharp and can see even the tiniest object easily.
  • They usually move into two groups with one group of does and fawns, while other youngsters and adult males.
  • The Colour of their coat changes in winter and becomes grey.
  • Like other deer, they may groan or burp in loud voice.
  • A unique fact is that they will not jump over the hurdle like other species of deer but will go from the underside.

If you want to know more, read the fallow deer book thoroughly.

Where are fallow deer from?

Fallow Deer originate primarily from  South-Western Asia. However, they have introduced in Mediterranean regions about 9000 years ago. With Norman conquest in 900 AD, they came to England. From there, they spread wide in Britain and Ireland. Now they are almost everywhere in Europe, Asia, Africa, the United States, and Canada.

Where do you find fallow deer?

The good news is that you may find them in parks or forests both. As compared to red deer, these species live well in parks. In the US, Asia, Africa, Canada, Europe, Britain, Australia, and Southwestern Asia. However, their number is quite low in cold areas of Canada and Europe where snow falls mostly. You may also find them in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and Argentina. No zoo or park is without them. They are very attractive. For this reason, the zoo or animal park keepers love to keep them there.

what is a fallow deer
Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

What does a fallow deer look like?

Undoubtedly, fallow deer are the prettiest species of deer ever seen. They look like they are wearing chestnut coats with white spots. White Fur and black color-contrast around its tail look amazing. It seems as if some expert designer has designed their body coat. Flattened antlers add to their beauty. Kids enjoy watching them in parks. Fawns of this animal are delicate enough, with broad eyes and a black nose. Even mature fallow deer sometimes look like a young fawn because of medium size.

What does a fallow deer eat?

Being herbivores, these animals are primarily grazers. They can eat more than hundreds of plants depending on what is available and what they like. They prefer grass, leaves, acorns, sweet chestnuts, young shoots, heather, cereals, bark, and berries. Sometimes they also browse herbs, especially in winter when other plants die off. Around 60% of the diet comprises grasses, herbs, browsers and leaves of trees. About 40% contribution to acorns, fruits, nuts, and other plants.

What is a male fallow deer called?

Male fallow deer is called a buck while the female is a doe, and young ones are fawns. Depending on the intermediate size of this species, males are bucks who grow antlers. There is a lot of variation of color in this species.

Do fallow deer have predators?

Yes, they do. Both animals and humans prey on them for meat. However, predators of this deer species are not fixed as it may vary with area. If they live near wolves, tigers or lions then surely they will become prey to these animals.

Humans love to hunt them where it is legal. So always learn state hunting laws before going for this adventure. It is interesting to note that there is no natural predator of fallow deer in the UK.

fallow deer
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Fallow Deer Diet

They are super fast eaters and can eat almost every plant that comes in their way. It’s really difficult to count whatever they eat. However, their food requirement changes within seasons. Before rut buck eat a lot while does eat too much before breeding.

They prefer rich easily digestible sources of food. About more than half of their diet consists of grasses, herbs, fresh leaves, twigs, fruits, nuts, acorns, bowsers, and other deer feed. During winter, they will eat dry leaves and branches of plants.

How Did The Fallow Deer Become Invasive?

Fallow deer are highly adaptive mammals and can easily invade wherever they are introduced. They survive well, even when forcefully brought to other areas. The reason might be that they can eat almost every plant from vegetables, fruit to crops. The adverse effect is that they can destroy the ecosystem and natural habitat of pests by eating vegetation. As their population has grown faster so they became the carrier of diseases. Most of them are killed to lower down their number.

Fallow Deer Invasive Species

Yes, they are highly invasive. They were introduced to the Mediterranean where they survive well. They eat almost everything that comes in their way and start destroying nesting birds and insects. For this reason, they were killed in the area to limit their numbers. However,  fallow deer that are kept in the deer-proof fence in parks are not carriers of invasive pests. Wild deer are aggressive and subject to control. In Biosecurity Act 2014, this species of deer comes under the restricted invasive category.

Fallow Deer Scientific Name

Fallow deer are ruminant mammals. The scientific name of this species is Dama dama. Whereas Dama is the term used for the genus. It is native to Europe and Asia. There are two species of fallow deer. One is Dama dama dama, which is European in origin. Another species is Dama dama  Mesopotamica, which is rarest Persian deer.


After reading what is a fallow deer article, you will be able to understand this creature better. Now when you will find one in the park or zoo, your mind will be full of all the facts and Infos about it. But keeping them as a pet is not safe. Always know your favorite animal before going near. Don’t forget to bring a camera with you and take a few clicks as it is a really beautiful animal.  You can read our jokes about deer guide for your refreshment.

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