Do Female Reindeer Have Antlers? [Secret Facts & Answer]

What made me curious about female reindeer antlers?

Big story!

Once I visited Magnolia and I saw inhabitants migrating on reindeer back. I thought it would be a multi-talented animal. So, I started to study this species to get more insight. I was really amazed as this creature varies considerably from other species of deer planet. The first thing that shocked me was the antler in both. Yes, antlers in both males and females. Trust me!

Do female reindeer have antlers? Yes, in reindeer species both male and female grow antler. This is because they are naturally adapted to have antlers. However, the number of antlered females varies with population size. Not all females develop it but the majority have antlers. Females shed it near spring whereas males lose it in winter.

It is better to call reindeer as King of Arctic. Finland is a popular destination if you want to enjoy the safari ride of this friendly animal.

Let’s move on to know more interesting facts.

Why do female reindeer grow antlers

Reindeer is a unique species of deer in which both males and females develop antlers. It seems that reindeer have close resemblance with mammals of bovid species in which both sexes develop horns. However, unlike bovids, reindeer shed antlers every year. This shows that the reindeer may have a close connection with the bovid. Another reason is that in this species females mimic males’ behavior as they live together in the herd.

There is a great video of the Canadian reindeer herd.

Do male and female reindeer have antlers

Yes, both sexes of reindeer do have antlers. However, the proportion of female antlered bulls in this species varies with population and area. You can’t claim that all bull reindeer develop it. It is true that the majority got them but not all. There is a slight difference between the antlers of both sexes. Male antlers are 51 inches long whereas females antlers are 20 inches long.

Females also use antlers to defend feeding areas or territories like males.

Why do female reindeer have antlers

Female reindeer do have antlers because she is naturally projected to develop it. After the natural appearance, she adapts to use it as males do. Environment and nature both support this unique feature. So it passes from generation after generation.

However, scientific reasons behind antler growth in females is a high level of testosterone hormone. Such females are also called hermaphrodites.

Female Reindeer Antlers Facts

Females shed antlers in spring because they need a lot of energy for reproduction. They grow antlers in more linear shapes than males. They use antlers in the same way as males use for defending territories, fighting, clearing snow, guarding small food patches. Females that bear antlers are usually bigger in size like males. For this reason, it becomes difficult to differentiate both sexes. Biologists believe that caribou and bovid may have the same ancestors. Reindeer of Lapland is an interesting video with lots of facts.

Female Reindeer names

Female reindeer are named as bulls, males are called cows and babies are calves. It is very easy to differentiate reindeer from other species as both sexes grow antlers. Sometimes it becomes difficult to identify bull and cow reindeer only because of antler presence in both sexes. Females keep antlers until spring whereas males shed it in winter. This trait might help you to pinpoint the animal’s gender. Female antlers are more linear in structure than males of this species of deer. You can read details about all santas reindeer names also.

Female reindeer from Rudolph

Rudolph is a fictional animated reindeer with a red nose to guide Santa’s squad. It is the youngest of Santa Claus reindeer. At first, it was greatly criticized for its luminous red nose. But now kids love this character and especially the siege of toys which they carry with Santa. There is a big story behind Rudolph. To read more get this book and enjoy it. You will fall in love with this interesting story. Believe me!
Do Female Reindeer Have Antlers? [Secret Facts & Answer]

Female reindeer antlers shed

Reindeer females grow and shed antlers but not like males. Although both sexes complete antler growth at the same time but shed it at different times. This process of shedding is dependent on age as well as climate. They shed it in summer or at the end of the spring. First, they lose velvet then gradually rid hard bony rake with trees. Eventually, after continuous scrambling, it breaks up from the head and bull gets free for a possible pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

Do female reindeer shed their antlers?

Yes, females shed their antlers in spring. They do it for reproduction.

Is Rudolph a boy or a girl?

Rudolph is a fictional character but it seems to be female as it comes with antler. However, males lose antlers before Christmas.

Are Santa’s reindeers female?

Santa reindeer are mostly females because they come with antlers while males lose antlers before Christmas Eve.

Do female caribou have antlers?

Yes, female caribou grows antlers like males. However, the antlers of the female reindeer are smaller and more linear than males.

Is it true that only female reindeer have antlers?

No, both sexes grow antlers. Females shed it later than males.

female reindeer antlers

Final Verdict

Do female reindeer have antlers or not confuses deer lovers a lot. This article will tell you the fact with reality. A unique feature of reindeer species is that both sexes grow antlers which set this deer apart from others. If you are hunter, be careful while hunting this animal as shooting females for meat is restricted in a few states. Know well about your prey and state rule before making any hunting plan. You can read our other related guide like do female deer have antlers and do female moose have antlers.

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