How Much Does It Cost To Restring a Bow? [Step By Step]

Is hunting your passion or profession? In both cases, you need to be well aware of hunting tools such as bows, guns, knives, and many more.

Hunting bows are unique tools that can make hunting easy for you. But if the bowstring is loose enough you may not be able to hit your target successfully. What to do then?

The only solution is to visit an archery shop or to restring bow yourself.

How much does it cost to restring a bow? On average strings cost around $60 to $200 and the labor costs $20 on average. The prices of strings depend highly on durability. You can restring it at home as well but with extra attention and effort. Experienced people hardly take 30 minutes to perform this task.

The majority of people suggest restoring a bow once every 3 years but it can last longer if you take proper care and wax it frequently and store it indoors.

What Does it Mean to Restring a Bow

Normally, the bowstring is tight enough to generate more pressure when leaving the bow. However, after time to time use, the string loses its tightness and gets more flexible. When the string is not pulled by creating enough pressure, it means it is damaged.

Now bow needs another new string(replacement) or string repair if possible.

In most cases, string after repair will lose its efficiency and accuracy. So, there is a great need to reinstall high-quality new string to your bow. You can replace string by yourself or through expert archer assistance.

Why Do You Need To Restring a Bow

Both the bow and string are inevitable!

The bow itself is nothing without its string. So, both facilitate one another for successful hunting. There are so many reasons to restring a bow. Let’s find out below

  • The string is loose enough and after drawing lot of pressure it’s still not tight
  • The bow is not hitting the target frequently.
  • The string is rusty and dusty
  • String seemed to be old enough or rough that it could miss target anytime
  • It hurts your fingers after trying again and again.

What is the Average Price of Restringing a Bow

Just like other things, strings also come in different qualities and obviously the best and durable string would be costly compared to the one that is comparatively low in price. But to be on the safe side, you should know that the prices range from $60 to $200. That’s not it! If you are inexperienced when it comes to restringing a bow then you need to take it to the archery store to get the bow restrung and that would usually cost $20 on average. Here also the quality factor comes. It is better to get it done from an archery shop if it’s your first time.

How You Can Restring Your Bow

Well, without a stringer you can restring a bow through two steps but you need to do it with great patience as well as stamina.

Step 1:

Firstly, all you would need to take care of is the length of the bowstring is four inches shorter to the bow or not.

Step 2:

Secondly, hook up the smaller into the bottom limb’s string groove.

Step 3:

Now step inside the gap by holding the top limb and top loop.

Step 4:

Hold the bow making the recurve bottom limb rest on the area below your knee.

Step 5:

Now bend the bow and attach the lop that’s on top. 

Step 6: 

Last but surely not the least, check it all if it’s fixed rightly or not and then get your leg out of it.

Repair Bow or Invest In a New Bow

Usually, you don’t need to change the bow unless and until the riser and limbs aren’t damaged with a crack or bend. In this case, all you need is to change the string.

In most of the cases, only waxing the string does wonders. However, if the problem is still there after replacing the string, then check your bow. But mostly, bows are strong tools and can be mended easily by expert archers help. So, only go on to invest in the new bow, if your existing bow is totally damaged.

Additional Tips For Bow Safety

You should not take it as easy as it seems to restring a bow especially if you are a starter or have not experienced it before. Make sure to follow all the safety rules as they are part and parcel of successful shooting and safety advice. Follow up!

  • It’s obvious but still worth mentioning to point the bow as well as arrow away from people.
  • Only release the arrow when safe.
  • Make sure what you are targeting.
  • Avoid shooting over a ridge.
  • Go to a safe area to try shooting.
  • Avoid shooting and releasing the string without an arrow.
  • Don’t release an arrow up in the air.
  • Wear finger protection and arm protection while using it.
  • Use a bow stringer in order to string recurve bows and arrows.
  • If you are storing recurves and bows then make them unstrung and bows should be in the cases preferably hard.
  • Avoid taking drugs beforehand.

cost to restring a bow

How Much Does a Bowstring Cost

Considering the quality of a bowstring is necessary and the cost ranges fr $100 to $150.

How Often Should You Replace Your Bowstring

It entirely depends on how much you have used it, what is its condition, what forces it has gone through and to what level it is maintained.

How Long Does it Take To Restring a Bow

It depends on how experienced you are with it. Usually, people are known to take 15 minutes hardly.

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Final Verdict

Now you perfectly know how much does it cost to restring a bow. If you are into shooting and hunting then you need to take extra care of your bowstring especially if you go hunting often. If you run your fingers over the string and it feels fuzzy or dry then don’t forget to wax it up with your fingers until it absorbs in the string.

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