Best Thumb Release For Hunting 2022 – [Top 5 Picks]

Are you a passionate bow hunter and always want to hit the bulls eye while hunting? If yes then you are also aware that besides having great hunting skills, it is also important to have the perfect hunting gears. While hunting it ever so often occurs that you missed your bulls eyes for a couple of centimeters or even millimeters.

At that particular period, you feel the urge to owning the best thumb release for hunting so that you never have to face this scenario again. Thumb releases are used to assist you while you’re aiming at your target and also helps you to execute your hunt smoothly. Therefore the noteworthiness of using a thumb release while you are out there in the field for hunting is huge.

Now let us dig deeper and discuss the best thumb releases to date which will help you decide which one of the best thumb releases fulfills all your needs and lets you hunt like never before by consistently maintaining the accuracy. 

We will be looking through the features and benefits, and figure out the consequences for your betterment. Our survey includes real-world experiences so the question of reliability should be non-existent.

First of all, let’s take a quick glance at the comparison table which compares the products that we will be going through in a while. Hope after reading our article you can decide that what is the best thumb release for hunting?

Best Thumb Release For Hunting: Top Picks

1. Tru Ball Max Hunter Release 3: Best thumb release under 100
2. Tru-Fire Hardcore 4: Best thumb release for archery
3. Carter 3-Finger Release: Best thumb release for target shooting
4. Tru Ball Archery Fang: Best thumb release for beginners
5. Hot Shot Vapor 4 Release: Best thumb release for compound bow

Comparison Chart of Thumb Release For Hunting

Our List of Best Thumb Release For Hunting Reviews

1 of 5. Tru Ball Max Hunter  Release 3: Best thumb release under 100

As a bow hunter, while you’re silently following your next target, the last thing you should be worried about is your release. The T.R.U. The ball hunting series of releases gives you a genuine feeling of peace.

While using it, you'll get to know that it’s completely silent for successful hunting and pin-drop silence is a must while you’re up for a hunt. The next thing you’ll find interesting is how easy it is to open and close the jaws. After market out the tru ball max hunter pro 4 release this is the best alternative for all.

tru ball max hunter release 3

For increasing the speed of the bow(fps) the head and the jaws are made smaller which makes sure maximum draw length. The head of the release swivels a total 360 degree which is always a convenience while hunting. If you have tight budget then tru ball thumb release will be the best for you.

It is noteworthy that the feature of a relatively .5 inch smaller head is versatile from other releases of the Hunting series. Moreover, it is CNC machines and prepared in the USA.


  • Completely silent for successful hunting
  • Easy to open and close jaws
  • Head swivels 360 degrees
  • Adjustable sensitivity screw


  • The long neck


So taking everything into consideration, we think that this product is worth the value and it will be able to provide a great experience the next time you go for a hunt. It is economically priced and the loading speed is maximum.

2 of 5. Tru-Fire Hardcore 4: Best thumb release for archery

The Tru-Fire  hardcore 4 finger archery release incorporates all the great features which give you undeniable comfort. It is made super sleek which gives it a premium appearance, the handle is made of solid aluminum while the head with lanyard.

It offers uninhibited rotation which by itself is a unique feature. The head is able to turn on 11 ball bearings for 360 degrees while it can lock in place giving torque. It is not difficult to adjust the tension with a 16-position trigger knob.


Right or left-handed usage is available as the thumb button is easily adjustable for a custom fit. It is quite convenient for the left-handed people as very few releases offer custom adjustments.


  • Trigger travel adjustment
  • Trigger tension adjustment separate from trigger travel
  • 360-degree head rotation
  • Rotates on 11 ball bearings
  • Removable loop retainer
  • Fits both right and left hands


  • May cause misfires if stuck open
  • Not for bow hunters with concerns of grip strength
  • If not lubricated, it can stiff


Therefore, if you’re willing to enhance your hunting experience even more this is the release you should be getting. The price is economic and offers features that are worth your hard-earned fortune.

3 of 5. Carter 3-Finger Release: Best thumb release for target shooting

The carter enterprises wise choice 3-finger release can be categorized as a pricey product. If you’re an experienced hunter and you won’t mind spending a bit more for getting the best outcome while hunting this is the product you should get for yourself.

It is really appreciable that how simple it is to adjust the tension of this release. Moreover, Allen wrench is also included in this package to help you out in the winding key. By using this you can set the key in or out as you wish.


These keys are too easy to absorb dirt particles. So, it is recommended to clean up your release for smooth functioning. Otherwise, it may get stuck in its openings

A unique feature of index finger gaps offers a firm grip on the release during hunting. It is more precise as the caliper jaw closes itself. Trigger sensitivity lets you focus on anchor points without any distraction as an arrow flies in the air.


  • Self-closing caliper jaw
  • Great sensitivity trigger
  • Lightweight
  •  Easily accessible


  • Not advisable for hunters with large hands
  • Prone to dirt and a bit loud


Overall the release was found to produce more noise and also easily catches dirt. It is more convenient for hunters who possess larger or average hands. Without taking these few drawbacks into consideration, this product is able to provide quite a good experience.

4 of 5. Tru Ball Archery Fang: Best thumb release for beginners

While using the tru ball archery fang, the first thing that I noticed is how fascinating the full containment system (FCS) is. Moreover, it is pretty easy to adjust. Either you want to shoot hands-free or shoot continuously the hook-style jaw release will help you execute your shot smoothly.

While there are many advantages to this particular product it also possesses some drawbacks which I faced. First of all, it takes quite a bit of strength to have a firm grip which gets really uncomfortable while hunting at a stretch. If you are a beginner then you can try it. Because in our opinion this is best thumb release for beginners.

Tru Ball Archery Fang

I also had to wear gloves while dealing with this as the grooves were hurting my fingers. Except for these issues, everything else was quite fine.


  • Features a full containment system (FCS)
  • Offers Hook-style jaw
  • Crisp and quiet arrow release
  • Good thumb trigger adjustability
  • Lightweight


  • Might not be ideal for hunters with large hands
  • Jaw might twist your bow’s d-loop


Do I recommend you to use this product? Yes, it is reasonably priced and due to the fact that it possesses a unique FCS feature and you can easily adjust it according to your needs.

5 of 5. Hot Shot Vapor 4 Release: Best thumb release for compound bow

If you’re looking for a thumb release that is low priced but can please you with its features then the Hot Shot Vapor 4 Release is the one you should get for yourself. After thoroughly researching we came to the conclusion that this is a product that offers an affordable price without compromising its quality.

Firstly, the thing that I really appreciate about this product is its automatic closing jaw which is convenient for clipping it on the d-loop. On the other hand, it weighs a bit heavy so I recommend not to leave it hanging on the loop because there remains a good chance that it might fall off while you’re searching for your next target.

Hot Shot Vapor 4 Release

 Secondly, when it comes to noise level this product is really quite comparing to other products available in the market. Then again I missed some shots by a couple of centimeters as it doesn’t offer a 360-degree swivel head. I had to face quite a bit of difficulty while maintaining the angle as the head was stationary.


  • Features an automatic closing caliper jaw
  • Noise level is low
  • Easy adjustments on thumb trigger and tension
  • Cheaper than other thumb releases


  • Does offer a 360-degree swivel head
  • A bit easy to fall off and may snap d-loops quickly


Last but not the least it comes in 4-finger grooves which allows you to have a firm grip and also the tension and thumb trigger are easily adjustable. So, if you’re on a budget you can buy this thumb release and enjoy your hunting.

What Should Looks Before Buying

Here is a list of a few things that you should consider before you make a purchase. So, Lets check these thing -

Most Important factor of finger grooves

If you have some experience as a bow hunter you would know how important finger grooves are for having a firm grip. There are two types of finger grooves :

 i. 3-finger groove

ii. 4-finger groove

It actually depends on your preferences and the type of finger groove you are most comfortable with. But usually, 3-finger grooves are more comfortable while the 4-finger grooves are known for being more stable and accurate.

If you are making a purchase from the store make sure the finger grooves fit perfectly and try out both the types and select the one that you feel more comfortable, stable and firm. Make sure that the groove track isn’t causing any kind of irritation on your skin because it can cut through your skin easily.

Ideal Weight factor

Weight of the thumb release plays a vital role while you are out there hunting but many people tend to neglect the weight factor. If the weight of your thumb release isn’t between 4 to 8 ounces there may arise some problems.

If the thumb release weighs 8 ounces or more it might cause irritation while you are holding it for a long time. On the other hand, if the weight is 4 ounces or less there is a high chance that it isn’t strong enough. Also, the weight has a lot to do with the speed and balance of your bow.

Noise-free is preferred one

Noise is a crucial issue while hunting. The thumb releases which are quite should be preferable. Some of the thumb releases that are present in the market make a clicking sound during the process which may hamper you while you’re silently following your next prey.

So it is recommended to use the thumb release that produces the least sound for a better hunting experience.

Check String Style

There are a few thumb releases that don’t get attached perfectly to that particular style of string. So, while choosing the thumb release make sure it’s a proper fit.

Prefer inexpensive but high-quality release

Each thumb release has its own unique feature so the prices vary depending on the features it has to offer and the brand tag it carries. When it comes down to how much you can afford paying for a thumb release you must keep in mind about for which specific purpose you’re buying this and for how long you’ll be out there hunting.

Fix a range of prices so that you can choose the best product in that range which fulfills your requirements. The thumb releases that are made of high-quality materials will cost you more but will also last longer than any other.

So, as a professional bow hunter, it's worth investing in a thumb release that is made of high-quality material.

Why You Should Use a thumb release?

Yes, it is necessary for you to use a thumb release for hitting your target each time an arrow leaves your bow. As a professional bow hunter, I would suggest that you use it. I will suggest you that before using a thumb release at first get some knowledge about that how to shoot a thumb release and how to hold a thumb release.

Here are a few reasons why you should use a thumb release for hunting. 

To Increases Sensitivity

Hunting is all about making the shot as precise as possible. The thumb release increases the sensibility to a great extent so that you have a higher chance of hitting the bulls eye.

May it be a professional or an amateur hunter will always agree on a point that the thumb release enhances their hunting skills. Moreover, with a thumb release, you can execute your shots easily and quickly. 

To maximize Anchor Draw

With a thumb release, you have the privilege of drawing your anchor to the max which increases your consistency and also comfort.

It helps you to maintain an anchor point so that you can take your shot easily. It also makes the total process really comfortable and smooth.

To offer comfy adjustment

Every thumb release nowadays comes with the function of adjusting it by your preference. It’s very easy to customize the adjustments according to your comfort.

Hands-free or shooting continuously both can be done very quickly by simply adjusting the thumb release. This plays a huge role in maintaining the accuracy of the shot.                          

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

What type of release is best for hunting?

Only those types are best that are low in weight, easy to adjust and noise-free. The ideal weight of thumb release should be between 4 to 8 ounce.

How do you do a thumb release?

For thumb release just hold your grip tight on the handle. Don’t try to put extra pressure on squeezing it. Now clip the strings in the jaws and put the handle back after getting the desired tension.

What kind of bow release should I get?

It mainly depends on your shooting goals and your own preferred style. If you feel comfortable to use your fingers only then here is no need to go for mechanical release aid

What are the benefits of bow release.?

Bow release is helpful in reducing the chances of thumb trigger and other medical conditions like joint pain. It may also ensure more stable and accurate shots

How should a bow release fit?

It is a must thing to find a bow release that fits well in your hand, otherwise, you may not be able to shoot accurately. Keeping in mind your hand size and structure you can choose the best fit for hunting.



Hopefully, the information in this article will help you to choose the best thumb release for hunting.

If your budget is low then I would recommend you to buy tru ball max hunter release 3, as it is super easy to adjust and extremely light in weight. If you prefer quality over price then carter enterprises wise choice 3-finger release would be a perfect choice. Whichever thumb release you get from the above list, it will never disappoint you. You can also read our related guide like best bow quivers, best ladder stand for bow hunting, etc.