How Often Do Ducks Lay Eggs? [Secret Don’t Know Before]

Ducks are so beautiful and so are the ducklings. Duck is the common name for many species of the same waterfowl family.

Want to know what encouraged me to talk about duck’s eggs?

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A few days back from now, I visited my aunt’s place and there was a room like a cage in the garden that had ducks and their eggs in the nests. I was amazed to see that some nests even had 15 eggs. Seems strange? but believe me!

Thinking how often do ducks lay eggs? Usually, a duck lays each egg a day but it depends entirely on the breed of the duck. It is seen that some ducks even out-lay chicken in terms of eggs. Mostly Ducks lay eggs 100 to 300 times per year.  

The cute little ducklings, when they hatch, are able to walk within an hour but they do not wander around in search of food because they do not need anything to eat or drink for about 24 hours. 

Do Ducks Lay Eggs

Yes, ducks do lay eggs and even sometimes more than chickens. These baby ducks are called ducklings. When they hatch they start walking within an hour. The eggs won’t be able to live without the mother duck because they will probably freeze to death, their mother keeps them warm and only leaves them for a little time. 

What Time of Year Do Ducks Lay Eggs

Ducks lay eggs in between March till the end of July. The usual interval between laying eggs is one to two days. It also depends on the breed because some ducks lay eggs throughout the year and they can lay over 250 eggs or more. They lay eggs at night or at sunrise at around 4 am to 8 am. 

When Do Ducks Stop Laying Eggs

It depends on the breed but usually ducks stop laying eggs at the age of 6 or 7 years, you will even notice that they don’t lay as many eggs as they used to. But they will stop entirely when they are 7 to 9 years old. They can even stop laying eggs when they are stressed because of a predator or any other disturbance in the environment.

Do Ducks Lay Eggs in Water

Yes, especially when they are young, they don’t know when it is time and accidentally lay eggs in the water or pond. People usually take those eggs out to see if they are fine or not. If the egg is not cracked then the duckling will live or else people suggest that if you know the incubation then you can even do the float test to know if the egg is fine or not, you are gonna have to wait for 25 days for that. Mostly adult ducks lay eggs on the ground normally.

What Time of Day Do Ducks Lay Eggs

Well, they mostly lay eggs in the morning around 4 am to 6 am, it can also exceed to 8 am. You should give the duck some privacy and leave her in the coop with other ducks or chicken, check on them in the morning.

how often do ducks lay eggs in a year

How to Get Ducks to Lay Eggs

As we now know that they lay eggs in the morning so you can cage them in their coop and let them out in the morning around 8 and collect the eggs or leave the eggs untouched. It would be much better if you don’t touch the eggs because if they get cracked or they get cold then they will be wasted.

Where Do Ducks Nest

Well, wild ducks lay eggs near water usually around greenery or in a tree hole. They make sure it’s safe and near to them. If you find the nest does not touch the egg, do not worry the ducks won’t abandon their eggs because they can not recognize the smell of their babies.

Domestic ducks can lay eggs in the coop or cage with chickens and other duck partners.

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How Many Eggs Do Ducks Lay

They lay one egg per day and after a few days, they will be around 8 to 14 according to the clutch. Breeds of ducks define the number of eggs ducks lay.

When Do Sucks Stop Laying Eggs

Ducks entirely stop laying eggs at the age of 7 to 9 years. When they hatch they are able to walk within an hour but they do not need anything to eat or drink for 24 hours. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Do Ducks Lay Eggs All Year Round?

Ducks lay eggs throughout the year and can lay more eggs than a chicken. 

How Many Times a Year Does a Duck Lay Eggs?

Minimum 100 and maximum 300, but it also depends on the breed. 

Does a Duck Lay an Egg Every Day?

They lay one egg per day and they lay an average of 8 to 14 eggs per clutch. 

Do Ducks Lay Eggs Without a Male?

Yes, ducks lay eggs without a male but eggs don’t hatch without a male duck.

How Often Do Muscovy Ducks Lay Eggs

They lay around 100 to 180 eggs per year under ideal conditions. 


The answer to how often do ducks lay eggs has been covered now and also other information that you ever wondered about ducks. We usually see them busy doing their work and wonder when they would lay eggs. So now we know they don’t need a drake(male duck) to lay eggs but yes they need a male to hatch the egg or else they won’t hatch it. They lay 8 to 14 eggs per clutch and they lay one egg per day. The wild ones nest near the water so the eggs would be nearer to them. They hide the eggs in a hole or nest near vegetation. 

You can touch the eggs if you want because the mother duck can not recognize the smell of their babies but make sure you don’t damage them. I hope this article has covered all the necessary details and questions you have had in your mind about ducks and has increased your knowledge.