How To Attach A Night Vision Monocular To A Scope [6 Quick Steps]

Are you Passionate to hunt at night? What additional tools do you need to improve night vision?

Does it SCOPE? MONOCULAR? BINOCULAR? Will regular scoop or monocular help at night? 

No, regular scope or monocular is not enough. You need an additional optical instrument called Night Vision Monocular.

It is a type of refracting telescope that lets you see far objects clearly. It uses different prisms to enhance the image size. Now the question may pop up in your mind: How to attach a night vision monocular to a scope.

To attach an NVD you need to follow certain steps. First, wipe off dust and rust from the scope base. Secondly, screw up this base to the mounting hole tightly. Finally, attach rings to flip the monocular attached to the base. 

Make sure you have the right size screw to fit the scoop base. Depending on the type of your NVD, you can install it either in front or behind the optic.

What Is Night Vision Monocular

Get through this question first: What does it mean by night vision monocular? It is a vision extending tool, made up of a single piece of the lens. This tool is specially designed to improve night vision.  It gets attached to hunting and security tools. Mostly farmers, hunters, security officers, campers and night explorers use it. 

You can see an image of your target object through a simple monocular. But this image is fuzzy and unclear. To get a more accurate image in the darkness you need the best night vision monoculars. They are available in different shapes, sizes and styles. You can buy one that fits well with your tool.

Can You Use A Night Vision Monocular With A Rifle Scope

Is it possible to use a night vision monocular with a rifle scope? Yes, it is possible, but not advisable. Because the helmet-mounted design of this monocular can cause attachment problems. For red dot NV, it can be avoided. When you attach it to the front of the optic, you can suffer from a terrible zero shift. Similarly attaching it behind the optic can cause focal plane problems.

Riflescope is good for day hunting. But for night hunting, you need something extra like a night vision monocular. It works on two different techniques i.e, image enhancement technology and thermal imaging. Image enhancement technology is the same as a regular scope. In thermal imaging, heat signals from the target object are used to create the image.

These thermal vision monoculars are best alternative of regular scope at night.

6 Easy Steps To Attach A Night Vision Monocular To A Scope

Now you know well about the benefits of night vision monocular. It’s time to learn how to attach it to your rifle scope. It depends on whether your rifle scope is compatible with this additional tool or not. Here we’ve got you covered through 5 easy steps.

Step-1 Prepare Workspace

Arrange all necessary tools like torque and wrench. You will need these tools to change the scope base. Make sure your mounting system is compatible with a monocular device. Read the instructions and follow the steps accordingly.

Step-2 Check Alignments Of Ring

Now check the position, diameter and alignment of the ring. Make sure it is of the right size and positioned at the right height to get good results. Always test the ring before buying to avoid any hassle. 

Step-3 Make The Tools Dust & Rust-Free

It’s time to clean up all the attachment tools with a soft fabric cloth. Use anti-static cleaning material where needed. In case of rust, apply rust resistant oil. Make sure no residue or dust should be there 

Step-4 Screw Up The Scoop Base 

This step is the heart of the whole process, so do it carefully. First, align the scoop base right above the mounting holes. Now tighten up the screws. Don’t over tighten as it can break the screw head. Don’t leave it loose as it will not work properly. Always buy the right-size screw for this.

Step-5 Attach Rings

After attaching the scoop base, attach rings to the base. Tighten up the screws according to instructions. When rings are adjusted to the place, remove the top half of the rings. Now place NVD and scope right in place here. Now re-attach the top half of the rings and screw it to tighten up.

Step-6 Double Check NVD Adjustment

Now hold the rifle in a way if you are aiming. Adjust the scoop by moving it forward or backwards. Keep adjusting until you are satisfied with your vision through monocular. Keep you unloaded throughout the process.

Can You Use Adapters Or Converters To Connect Night Vision Monocular To Day Time Scope

YES, you can use adapters or converters if you want to use NVD in daylight. There are a variety of adapters and converters available in markets to perform this job. Even modern adapters have holes in the top where you can attach a display screen.

This hunter’s top pick build-in adapter with monocular is preferable for expert hunters. It comes with a tripod where you can attach your smartphone also. So, enjoy your hunting adventure with technology.

If you want to avoid the hassle of adjusting and buying an adapter, you should buy a built-in adapter monocular device. They range from $28 to $100.

Does Night Vision Monocular Attach In Front Or Behind Rifle Scope

What is the right position of NVD for rifle scope? Should it go in front or behind? It all depends on the style and design of your mounting system and NVD. There are a variety of designs available in markets such as regular monoculars and clip-on NVDs. 

There are two ways to attach monoculars to a rifle scope. For regular monoculars, it’s better to attach it to it just behind the scoop. While for clip-in NVDs, it works better when placed in front of the scope.

When you put the NVD behind the scope, it’s especially for night mode. It gives you a better image and extended vision in darkness. In this way, focused light passed through the monocular and you get a clear vision. These scopes have illuminated reticles to serve well in night mode

When you put NVD in front of the scope, you need not do adjustment for day time mode. It works in the same way as regular scoops do. For day time usage, you just need to clip in the monocular on and turn off the scoop. To get a better view of this setup. You need 2 times higher magnification of the scope.

Related Questions

Can you use Night Vision Scope during the day?

The simple answer is NO. The reason is that it works on thermal imaging technology. It gets an image by enhancing the heat signals of the target object. For this purpose, it uses an infrared capturing system. This system does not work well in the presence of sunlight. Even if exposed to sunlight for a long time, your NVD can stop working permanently.

Can you use a rifle scope at night?

Yes OR No Both. It depends on how accurate vision you need at night. If you want to hunt small birds or large distant objects, a rifle scope will not work. To get better results you will need something extra like night vision monocular. 

Last Lines

To summarize, night vision monoculars are helpful optical tools, especially for night mode. Regular monoculars will not do the right job at night. You may need these NVD if you want to hunt in darkness. 

To get good results, you need its proper attachment. Read the instructions carefully and follow the steps mentioned in this post. Have you ever used it? If so don’t forget to share your experience in the comment box.