Ramcat Broadheads Reviews In 2020? [Shocking Truth Revealed]

ramcat broadheads

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When it comes to hunting with accuracy, nothing works well as ramcat broadheads. These types of shotting blades work well in almost all circumstances, whereas you are hunting in windy fields or in woody conifers where strong wind resistance is common.

When most people notice its pivoting needle for the first time, they might think it would not go beyond in the body of the prey or it would get stuck in the skin of the animal. However, just a single trial will prove their imagination wrong in a moment when they will see their broadhead piercing the air and creating a deep hole in the body of their prey. Prey will no longer resist and it will be soon in your freezer to enjoy barbeque or steak.

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If you are a hunter who is fed up with chasing prey after getting shot, then it would be your best bet. Not only are they cheaper and easy to carry, but they are best for new hunters as well as experienced ones, they can quickly bring down the animal after deep piercing. Grab your hunting spot and get ready to raise slogan after trying it as Tony Martins wrote,” It Hits like a ram and cuts like a cat”. Let’s move deeper into the ramcat broadheads reviews more –

Ramcat Broadheads Reviews & Features 2020

Double-Edged Pivoting Broadheads

This is perhaps the first mechanical advantage of having a sharp double-edged concave scooped replaceable blade that works hydrodynamic plow. These blades are easily attachable to the arrow with the help of a screw and are loosened by applying slight pressure. In case if the arrow is not passed through, the blade itself will enlarge the wound hole and will make it deeper and deeper. These pivots keep on pushing itself and creates a large channel even up to the bones of animals. Its double-edge facilitates in back cut technology and cuts as many tissues as they can. If distance management of hunter is accurate there are very fewer chances of missing the prey. It does not matter how big an animal is it penetrates efficiently.

Air Resistant Technology

Keeping in view with the aerodynamic principle, its shape is highly air resistant in open fields and in woody forests. Its double-edge technology provides air cut foil and it ultimately reaches its target without getting affected by air pressure. Deep lobes under the blades increase their flight accuracy and help in managing air pressure. Because of these lobes, they reach targets silently.

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Back Cut Technology

The front and back parts of both blades are sharpened. In the case, if the arrow is not passed, blades itself move forward and keep on driving creating a big hole in the animal body. Blades are 0.32” inches stainless steel and noise-free crushes air and pierce animal skin and even bones with no sound.

Blades Over Shaft Technology

Both the design and position of blades help in increasing its efficiency and accuracy.

Blades are positioned in such a way that they are cantilevered over the arrow shaft and designed in such a way that to create vortex damage to animal tissues. This shaft technology is not only helpful in cutting the animal body but it also ensures powerful flight through the air.

Firenock Aero Concentric Technology

There is more advanced technology behind the success stories of ramcat like firenock aero technology. Two O shaped rings on the threaded sharp are placed there on the base of firenock technology that reduces the chances of thread slop in flight and guarantee 100 percent concentric and the alignment during flight.

Legal Everywhere

Although broadhead regulations are different in different states, yet ramcat fulfills all these legal requirements. So, it’s legal to use anywhere even in the forests of the USA to Canada. It makes more than 90-degree angle but after shot, angle reduced to 90 degrees when it comes out of arrow.

ramcat broadheads


  • Highly pivoting and accurate.
  • Powerful alignment and strong air flight
  • Create deep wounds by cutting more animal tissues.
  • Easy to screw and easy to loosen
  • Legal to use anywhere
  • Replaceable and easy to buy
  • Available in different shapes and pricing as grains, silver, hydro shock and in crossbow kit


  • People who love simplicity complain retightening issue in broadheads
  • Its shape sometimes look barbs so, in few areas it has to face hunting restrictions
  • Its
  • In some cases, blades may break off when entangling with bones but these cases are very rare

Ramcat manufacturers have already started working on these issues. Now original broadhead is showing less tightening problems.

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Why Ramcat is The Best Choice

After reading many success stories, I find out that hunters are quickly shifting to ramcat for their high accuracy, penetration power, efficient flight, and unique design. The main reason for hunters’ shift to broadhead might also be its unique feature of both mechanical and fixed blades.

Ramcat is a close competitor of the exodus. Both are durable and hunter’s best choice but exodus can’t beat broadheads in penetration as later creates big holes in the animal body. For this quality of high penetration and perfect flight, broadhead is always the best choice for fresh as well as experienced hunters.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Ramcat
Color  Silver
Ean  0718122917532
Grip Size Array
Included Components Broadheads
Item Weight 2.40 ounces
Lens Color 3 Blade
Material Silver
Model Number R1000
Number of Items 3
Part Number   RAM100XX
Size  Small
Style  100 Grain
UPC  718122917532
Warranty Description 1 YEAR

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ramcat broadheads legal in Idaho?

Yes, ramcats are legal in Idaho. Although they make a 90-degree angle with broadheads angle reduces to 90 degrees when it is shot.as they are less than 90 degrees when they are shot.

Do ramcat broadheads fly like field points?

Exactly, followed by aerodynamic and firelock technology broadheads fly with the same speed and accuracy as field point does.

Are Ramcat broadheads barbed?

It depends on the hunting regulations of different countries. They are banned only in France as the shape of its blade is somehow barbed but not in the US where they are legal and not barbed.

What is the best-fixed blade broadhead?

It depends on what you want to hunt and how you want to hunt and where you want to hunt. Bow performance and distance management are other factors.

Final Verdict

As long as hunting is your passion, broadheads will be your first and last choice. It’s good for training and targeting since it’s highly penetrating, can maintain perfect air flight, having the advantage of both mechanical and fixed blades. Plus, it’s versatile and available in silver, as well as stainless-steel material also and its technology is much better than other broadheads. If you have any questions about our ramcat broadheads reviews then let us know by comment below. You can read our other related guide like – best broadheads for elk.

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