Red Dot Magnifier Vs Scope? [Which You Should Choose For You]

Are you a beginner in your passion for shooting? If yes, you may get confused when it comes to adding optical devices for your firearm. 

Should you go with a red dot or scope? Though it depends on your usage mainly. However, to make the right choice you need to know the difference between both optics in detail.

So, keep your full focus on this article to learn  the comparison between red dot and scope. It will help you to decide the best one according to your preferences.

Let’s learn the main points of red dot vs scope. Both red dot and scope are optic equipment with slight differences. Red dot is a non magnifier optic that needs to install a magnifier in front of it if you need. While Scopes allow magnification. Red dots run with battery while scopes have reticles carved on glass. Scopes are heavier and costly as compared to red dots and more differences are given below.

Shooting itself is not easier said than done.While aiming the target ,we have to shift our full focus back and forth simultaneously on multiple points to hit the target successfully. Thanks to technology, now we can use optics to avoid eye shifting natural focus points. 

Let’s have a deep insight of top optics like red dot and scope magnifier here! 

Red Dot Magnifier Vs Scope: Which Is Right?

Red dots and scopes both are optic devices to extend the range of the target . Both are bit different equipment with the same purpose of shooting or hunting. They are designed to enhance visibility and to provide ultimate relief to eyes.

Comparison table of Red Dot Vs Scope

Red Dot Scope Magnifiers
Simply it is an optic with a red dot or green dot in the centre. The light of this dot directs towards your eyes.It is an optic with zoom -in feature to extend the range of far off targets.
Red Dot uses batteries to light up the red or green light Scopes have Iron sights that usually take time in proper alignment.
They are good with short-range, fast shootingThey are good for close range to medium-range shooting
No need to adjust the position of the head or mounts before using red dotsYou may need to use scope mounts or even position your head while taking the shot
Red dots are lighter in weightScopes are heavier in weight
Red dots are less expensiveScopes are costly
Red dots have a broader field of view if used with a magnifierScopes have a relatively narrow field of view
They are optics without magnificationThey offer varied magnification
You can hit the target in red dot while keeping both eyes openYou need to close one eye to acquire the target in scopes

Both optics have some good as well as bad sides. Nowadays varied scopes are available in markets. The only cost is the main factor that is preventing scopes from completely replacing non magnified red dot sights. If you’re in search of best red dot magnifiers, make sure they must not be heavier or complicated to use.

Which is better Red Dot magnifier or Scope

How can you compare red dot vs Scope to find the better choice? By keeping a few key factors in your mind, you can decide which one is right for your firearm.

You can compare both by keeping the 4 categories given below in your mind:

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Reliability
  • weight

Keep your full attention below to choose the right one!

Red Dot Vs Scope: Which Is Quicker

If you are looking for a clear edge in quickness for shooting close-range targets, it’s best to go on for red dots. These are specially designed to shoot quickly. In such magnifiers gaining a side picture is super fast and easy. They provide limitless eye relief without parallax.

The reticle is an additional feature that draws your eyes directly to follow the target with bright red light emission. No need to go in a complicated magnification setup. You can hit your targeting with both eyes opened after practice.

On the other hand, magnified scopes are slower and provide restricted eye relief. The right positioning of your body is necessary before taking a shot through a scope magnifier. If your head is not in the right position, you can’t see through lense properly. The field of view is narrow as the magnification level goes up. Another big trouble is the magnifier setup as the scope offers varied magnification.

If you love speedy shots, you must go on with the red dot magnifier option. It would be an ideal deal! This happens mostly when you are doing many types of hunting during hunting season.

Red Dot Vs Scope: Which Is More Accurate

There are gun people who always consider accuracy more than speed in shooting or hunting. Accuracy depends on the fact that how accurate you perceive and hit your target.

Suppose you aim to hit a steel plate target that is 6 inches in width and about 200 yards away from you. If you try this with a red dot, you can’t do it without mounting a magnifier, Even after a magnifier, you may need to adjust settings many times.

On the other hand, if you try scope, it offers magnification. You can extend the range easily by using the actual scope. With the magnification feature, you can better see your target and can accurately hit your aim

To conclude, Scopes are a winner in the field of accuracy over red dot magnifiers.

Red Dot Vs Scope; Which is More Reliable

In case, you consider reliability, the red dot is an electronic device. It operates with batteries. If batteries run down, the device will be useless. Suppose, you are about to take a shot and you realize that the batteries are dead. What would be your reaction? Shit!

On the other hand, scopes don’t rely on batteries. They have reticles carved on the glass that make this product more reliable for long term usage. Instead, you can add back up iron sights to your rifle. It will make you more comfortable with your ammo and shooting.

To conclude, scopes are more reliable than red dot magnifiers.

Red Dot Vs Scope: Which optic is Heavier

You need to be more careful while purchasing any optic device that is usually attached to your rifle or firearm. The rifle itself is heavier. If you add heavier optic equipment, it would be hard to carry at a longer distance.

When it comes to weight, red dot magnifiers are relatively lighter than scopes. A micro red dot with a magnifier would weigh 3.5 to 4.5ounces. It’s easy to carry weight. 

On the other hand, scopes need mounts also to get the right position. The whole set up of scope would weigh around 15 ounces minimum to 25ounce maximum. That would be a heavy deal!

To conclude, the Red dot is again the winner over Scope in the weight category.

red dot magnifier or scopes

Is Red Dot magnifier Worth it?

People often ask:  Does a red dot magnifier worth it or not? It’s true that they are costly gears but not as much as scopes. One more bad news is that they are a bit complicated to set up. However, today more advanced technology is used in a combo red dot magnifier setup that works really well.

They are easy to install with flip sides and more magnifying options. They help you to clear your target and make fast decisions.

One thing that is really annoying about these magnifiers is the heavyweight. They can weigh 10 to 18 ounces. They become difficult to carry for distant hunting expeditions. Depending on manufacturers prices of red dot magnifiers vary from 200 $ to 300$. However, as compared to scopes they are cheaper

In return, the relief and accuracy they will add to your hunting journey would be priceless!

Does a Red Dot Scope Magnifier

Red Dot Scope magnifiers are amazing optic tools to provide eye relief during shooting or hunting. Red dot optics do their best job under 100 yards. However, above 100 yards red dot accuracy mainly depends on the size of the prey. Red Dots are actually non-magnifying scope for short-range shooting. The device that can show magnification is the hunting rifles scope.

They operated through LEDs that actually pointed right towards the gunman’s eye. Red dot Scopes are good for many types of hunting.

Does a 1x Scope magnify

No, not at all. 1x actually means no magnification. It is impossible to have 1x magnification with an old lens or optic technologies. Only vortex manufacturers provide an additional lens that is set on 1x magnification. It cancels the magnification of the main lens. .You can flip the main lens and use this vortex 1x magnification lens.

Ordinary scope cant magnify 1x. The only vortex is a brand that offers this 1x scope magnification. Right!

Vortex Red Dot Magnifier Combo

Are you worried about setting up a magnifier for your Red Dot rifle? Thanks to technology and Vortex manufacturers for giving the ultimate solution in the shape of the combo. It is simple to operate with a push button to flip the magnifier aside when not in use. Lens provides eye relief for up to 2.2inches. The VMX-3T does not require any special sight-in technology. The dot centering screws can be used to help center your red dot image in the field of view.

Get rid of the stress of adjusting the magnifier to your red dot again and again and get this amazing deal of Vortex red dot magnifier combo right now and enjoy hassle-free hunting!

Red Dot Vs Prism Scope

I would say two totally different gadgets that serve similar purposes. Let’s compare both with their characteristics below:

Magnification: Red Dot is different in magnification than the Prism Scope. Red Dot performs its task at 1x magnification only. On the other hand, the Prism scope operates in the magnification of 1x.2x,3x,4x, or 6x.

Reticle: Red Dot lacks reticle. Instead of the reticle, it has speck floating in the FoV that stands for a field of view. On the other hand, the Prism scope is specially designed with a reticle on the glass. It helps to reduce the chances of Ammo drop.

Both can use red and green illuminations. For small range shooting or hunting. I would recommend red dots magnifiers. For close range to medium prism scopes will do the right job as it provides a lot of magnifications.

Can you use a magnifier with Red Dot?

Red DOT is basically a sighting technology. With this technology, you need not worry about centering the dot. Just hit the target as a red dot appears on prey. If you feel your eyesight or eye range is not enough to cover a 400+yards target, you can attach a magnifier to your red dot. However, you may not always need this magnifier for every hunt. It would be more beneficial under foggy weather, long-range target, and low light.

However, these magnifiers also do a good job while working as a simple monocular. You can serve multipurpose through this one set of magnifiers.

Though it’s a bit complicated to set a magnifier with Red dot. Always keep your setting at QD throw mount. In this way, you can easily push the magnifier aside when you don’t need it anymore.

Final Words

Neither red dot or scope is essential to make you the number one shooter. It is a game of practice, motivation, and passion.

Whether you use red dot or scope, keep your  hunting goals, health, and abilities in your mind. You are the best evaluator of your precision and accuracy. If you are sharp enough to aim right, you would surely hit the target even without any optic instruments.

But why  stress your eyes? If technology is there take its advantage. I would personally go on with red dots as I don’t love to carry weight when I set off for hunting.

What would be your first choice and why? Tell us in the inbox!