Should Hunting Be illegal? [Answer with Explanation]

There are a lot of controversies whether hunting should be made illegal or not. While some people think that it’s okay to hunt animals, the rest of them think it’s ethically incorrect. Both sides have their own reasons to stand their ground.

Hunting has been around since the primitive ages. While our primitive ancestors used to hunt in order to feed themselves and make them warm, in the present time people no longer hunt for survival rather they do it for pleasure or for business purposes. There are many debates on whether and how hunting should be executed without hampering the ecosystem.

Should or Shouldn’t

Some hunters use their dogs to help them hunt other animals. There are a lot of reasons why many people think that hunting should be made illegal and they also suggest that there are tons of other ways by which issues related to this can be resolved. Moreover, this issue has some ethical sides to it. The animals that are hunted have to go through a lot of pain and suffering before they die. If a hunter hurts an animal but it somehow managed to escape, the chances of dying in the hands of some other animals increases. Furthermore, some people hunt animals for pleasure or to satisfy their tradition and culture. Killing an animal without any valid reason is ethically wrong as well.

On the other side of this issue, there are a lot of reasons to back up hunting to be legal. As a part of the ecosystem, animals are usually hunted by predators. In different countries of the world, some animals do not face the threat of their natural predators as they are somehow absent.  The hunters who use the dog for hunting believe that there is nothing ethically wrong about it as the animals are killed instantly and there remains a very little chance for the prey to escape. While hunting with dogs, no target is left injured, either they are found dead or they somehow managed to escape. As hunting has been around since ancient times, many people have been living their life based on it. Hunting somewhat gives an opportunity for employment.

Ethical Hunting

There is a term called ethical hunting. Ethical hunting means that the hunter will follow and maintain all the ethical rules and regulations of hunting an animal. This also includes being aware of not harming the natural habitats of the animals.

There are three important things regarding ethical hunting.

Firstly, the hunter should respect the game and also gather enough information about it. The hunters should be aware of what animals they are after and what their habitat is like. If the hunters are not informed enough about all these, they won’t be able to handle difficult situations very well.

Secondly, hunters should always respect the rules and regulations of hunting. There are many rules and regulations that are placed on hunting so that everything around remains sustainable.

Lastly, the hunters should always be careful about how they behave with non-hunters. The hunters should always be respectful towards other’s opinions. The hunter’s behavior has a lot to do with the future of hunting.

should hunting be illegal


There are some laws that are implemented locally and internationally for the conservation of wildlife. Poaching refers to the illegal act of hunting, capturing or killing animals without following the laws. As the natural habitats of animals are gradually being replaced by the increasing number of the population there was an urgent need of setting a few laws to limit hunting.

The people who are involved in poaching are known as poachers. The poachers illegally kill animals and sell it commercially to earn some profit. If the natural flow of the environment doesn’t prevail, many species get extinct. There are a lot of species that went extinct due to poaching. The poachers totally ignore the laws and regulations of hunting. They also do not have any ethical or moral value for wildlife. The conservation of wildlife laws is carefully placed by the scientific community in our society but they are not being abided by the poachers.

Trophy Hunting

Trophy hunting is a kind of a sport where a part of the hunted animal is preserved as a souvenir. This is usually done for pleasure. To some, it may seem like a good source of entertainment but killing an innocent animal for one’s entertainment is not quite acceptable to a lot of individuals. This also has a huge effect on the ecosystem. Hunting was initially done for feeding humans but there are a lot of alternative sources of food rather than wild animals.

Effects of hunting on nature

Hunting plays a significant role in nature. It comes with some advantages and disadvantages. Hunting is said to be good for the ecosystem as it helps the environment to control the population of animals. Hunting down predators can save the lives of many other animals in the wild. Hunting helps to maintain the balance in the ecosystem. If an excessive amount of animals are hunted then nature may show its consequences. So, it is always important to hunt by following the laws and regulations of hunting.

Final Verdict

With the increasing number of humans on this planet, the natural habitats of other species are being affected. If the conservation of wildlife laws is not maintained, the natural balance and ecosystem will get hampered. This will result in the extinction of a lot of species. The people who are passionate about hunting should know the proper laws and information about wildlife and also respect the opinion of others.

The hunters should only hunt when the hunting season arrives by abiding the laws of conservation. This is our home planet and taking care of it is our responsibility. Killing animals for a handsome amount of money won’t be the right choice to make by keeping the environment at stake.  Remember one thing that hunting maybe its sport to you but a life of an animal. So, don’t kill a single animal without any reason. Before go for hunt take precautions safety because of sometimes deer attacks humans.