Where To Shoot a Deer With a Bow? [5 Secret Place Revealed]

If you are a hunter then the chances are that you worked really hard and spent most of the year planning for the deer season. On that note it’s easy when you see a big buck – you get nervous, really excited and think to yourself if you could just get a shot at it. But that’s where you are mistaking my friend. It’s always best if you step back a minute because there’s nothing worse than shooting and losing or ruining that deer. As a responsible hunter and sportsman, you should never hurt a deer and leave it there to suffer. So, think about those angles before you shoot the deer.

When it comes to bow hunting the wounding rates are found to be really high. On average the wounding rate of experienced bow hunters is about 18%, it reaches a staggering 50% among the new hunters.

What causes this difference?

Most of the new hunters aren’t aware of where to shoot the deer with a bow. This leads them to wounding the animal but not being able to recover them. A responsible hunter should never exhibit this type of inhumane kills.

To solve this issue a hunter should be using the proper tools and gather enough knowledge about where to shoot the animal. The hunter should get his hands on the top-rated compound bow which are available in the market.

Where To Shoot A Deer With A Bow

It is essential for every hunter to know where exactly the deer is to be shot and in this article we are going to discuss where to shoot a deer with a bow and the various angles to shoot from while hunting a deer.

  1. The Broadside Shot

The broadside shot is very lethal and can quickly kill the deer. The broadside enables your arrow to hit either the heart, lungs or liver of the deer.

The heart region is located four inches above the deer’s armpit and hitting that area will give you a good result. Even if you aimed for the heart of the deer and missed it, there is a high possibility that the deer got shot either on its lung or liver. The broadside shot enables you to cut through its blood vessels very effectively and will offer you better tasting meat.

  1. The Quartering Away Shot

This shot is a great one indeed. It’s the dream of every hunter to see a deer just standing peacefully. Well, deer’s are often seen to give a shot like this in the late afternoon or before the night falls.

If you are also confused about, ‘When is the best time to shoot a deer with a bow?’ then the answer to that is, evening or daybreak. The white-tailed deer feed during this time and will allow you to hit it quite easily.

You should start working on shooting under low-light. The expertise will prove to be useful in your future hunts.

You should always wait until you get either a broadside shot or quartering away shot. These shots are proved to be lethal as it can damage the vital organs of the deer.

  1. The Head Shot

The headshot is the quickest way to kill any animal. An animal that gets shot in the head dies instantly. However, there is a chance that your arrow might get deflected after hitting the skull.

This shot is not for everyone because if the arrow doesn’t hit the head properly and gets deflected, it might leave the deer run away and hurt. So, if you are not an expert hunter or the deer isn’t keeping its head still for a long period of time I would suggest you not to attempt this shot.

where to shoot a deer with a bow

  1. The Straight Ahead Shot

When the deer is facing straight at you there is no way that you can shoot it at this particular angle because none of the vital organs of the deer is exposed in this position.

The best thing that you can do if you find yourself in that situation is to change the angle. Take an angle from which the broadside of the deer is visible so that you can get a clear shot and cut the blood vessels of the deer quite easily with your arrow.

It will also be wise for you not to shoot the deer if it is facing completely away from you. In that case, too there is no way that you will be able to hit the vital organs of the deer. It will just probably leave the deer wounded and make it run away. You should always wait for the deer to expose its broadside you decide to shoot the deer.

Best Shot: Pass-Through Shots

As a hunter, you should always want your broadhead to pass through the deer and make sure that it creates an exit wound. It will help you furthermore to track the deer afterward.

Making the shot

There are a lot of factors that you should be aware of before you decide to fire your bow. First of all, make sure that there is no obstacle between you and the deer which can cause your arrow to deflect before hitting it. Remember that the deer has a good hearing ability which allows them to get aware of any potential threats that lie around them. Moreover, the difference of altitude between you and the deer is also an important factor to keep in mind.

The difference in the altitude can make things complicated for you. However, you should always aim to target the vital organs of the deer regardless of what the altitude difference might be.

Lastly, make sure that your arrow passes through the deer and makes an exit point after hitting it. Also, keep it in mind so that there is no other animal around it because the arrow can sometimes unintentionally hit other animals.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you’ve already got your answer, where to shoot a deer with a bow. You should always try to hit the deer on its vital organs for a quick kill. Before killing you should also take safety enough because sometimes deer attacks humans.

You should also keep in mind that while hunting is not actually important what weapon you are using but waiting for the proper time and angle to hit your target properly.