What is a Group of Moose Called? [Common Collective Nouns]

Did you know the name of relatively Shy and less social deer? If not, let me tell you it’s MOOSE.

They love to wander alone. However, it does not mean that they don’t group up at all.

They do form groups. In this article, our main focus is to discover everything about MOOSE GROUP.

What is a group of Moose called? Generally, moose are seen as solitary, they only group up for rutting and mating purposes. Whenever moose gather they are called a herd. However, the male moose is named as “bull” and the female moose is “cow”, while the baby moose is termed as “calf”

Moose are diurnal by nature. They have long faces with muzzles that turn over their chin. Both male and female Moose have a swap of skin under the throat known as the bell. They are huge amongst the deer family. Male moose can easily be recognized by the antlers that grow nearly 6 feet from end to end. The word “Moose” is derived from the Algonquin term which means “twig eater”. Actually, they are herbivores.

Common Collective Nouns for a Moose

Usually, it is not only fun to name some animal groups, but it is interesting as well. Wanna increase your knowledge with fun?

Here we are discussing the most used terms for a Moose group.

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The most popular collective noun used for a group of Moose is called

“Herd”.This name is also used for many other groups of animals like deer, kangaroos, antelopes.

Typically, the word herd is used to represent a congregation of gregarious wild animals.

A gang of moose

Whenever mammals like deer, antelopes, elks, gather, they can be named as a “gang”.The same thing can be applied to a group of moose. Actually, the term gang refers to criminals fighting and doing illegal things. So we can relate this to moose rutting and fighting for mates whenever they gather.

Uncommon names for a group of moose

Are you getting bored with a limited collection of moose gathering names? Don’t go elsewhere, as we have mentioned an exciting list of terms that are not used more often, but you will absolutely love them.


A bunch is used to name the animals that are grouped like a cluster. Therefore, a Moose group is also sometimes referred to as “a bunch”.Just like when we say a bunch of grapes we mean the same as the cluster of grapes. Whenever they gather, it seems like a moving cluster. 

A mob

It is another group name used for a Moose gathering. Actually a mob stands for a crowd of animals showing some emotions like excitement, thrilled or annoying behavior. Perhaps, it is the most perfect name for Moose group during mating, because they only gather to find mates. this term is also used for kangaroos and giraffe groups.

A parcel

Sometimes, the gathering of Moose can also be named as a  “parcel”.However, it is not a popular term as compared to the herd. But its meaning is quite similar to that of herd and parcel is also used for a group of deer. As we know that the deer and Moose are closely related. So, we can also use both of the terms for a group of Moose.


Sometimes, people call the Moose gathering as “meese” in the funny aspects. Just like we use the term “geese” for a “goose”.Actually, It’s not a correct term and the plural for “moose” is also “meese”_however, not a bad idea to make fun. So now, it’s up to you, what would you like to call a collection of Moose.

Interesting Facts about Moose

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  1. You will be surprised to know that Moose is intelligent with a large capability of problem-solving. If you mistakenly stand in front of a moose, it will become aggressive and deadly. Make sure to seek the proper safety measures in case of an encounter.
  1. Moose are good swimmers and powerful natural divers. Amazingly they can dive in the depth of 6 meters and can hold breath up to one minute. During snow, they dive and feed on underwater aquatic plants which are impossible for.
  1. The best and the dominant identity feature of a Moose is its antlers. Generally, only bull moose grow antlers and females are without antlers. They start to grow antlers at the age of one year, and a cyclic process causes them to shed each year.
  2. Usually, an orphan moose doesn’t survive, but under favorable conditions, the Moose lifespan is about 15 to 20 years. However, nearly 50%of the moose becomes the prey of bears, wolves, and humans.
  1. The most amazing and distinct fact is that Moose is the biggest in the deer family. Even the feeding calves gain 2 pounds daily. A fully mature cow normally weighs approx.350 kgs and a fully grown bull weigh nearly 400kgs. 
What is a Group of Moose Called? [Common Collective Nouns]

Why Does Moose Live in Groups

Whenever animals group up, they can beneficially detect the predators and can easily confuse the attackers. However, the purpose of moose gathering is rutting and mating. Apart from these, whenever moose travel long distances, they make larger groups in order to keep them more conscious of risks. Similarly, mothers in a group focus on calves’ safety. Such a caring bond between the mother and the calf.

Are Moose Social Animals

As we know the social behavior of a wild animal ensures its safety in the competitive environment. Unlike most of the deer species, generally, moose don’t group up, except for mating and rutting. In other words, we can say that Moose are not social animals, they are mostly seen as solitary.

How Many Moose Form a Group

Usually, not more than two or three moose are seen in a group. During the winters, when the temperature is too low, moose gather and form a group of more than two or three animals. The reason is they expend more energy than they take in, and they can even die of starvation during harsh winters. They need to conserve energy. So, they gather at the clear patches of land like roads and conserve energy. 

What is a Group of Male Moose Called

 Basically, there is no specific term used for a group of male moose. They are also named as a herd. Interestingly, a male Moose is named as “BULL”.The bulls usually group up to find their mates. They become fully mature at the age of 4 to 5. However, depending upon the mating behavior, Moose are grouped into two different categories.

  1. Taiga Moose

Taiga Moose mainly show a monogamy mating system. In this system, only one bull will mate only one cow during the mating season. However, it is a cow dominant relationship, for instance, if there is are 6 cows, each of the cows will mate 6 different bulls but not the same ones. Unlike tundra Moose, Taiga Moose form smaller holes of urine to attract females.

  1. Tundra Moose

Tundra moose usually show a polygyny mating system. In this system, the dominant bull forms the group, including many cows and subordinate bulls. The rutting season starts from late September to mid-October. During the rut, bulls make striking sounds with the antlers. They also scratch the ground and dig the holes where they will urinate to attract the cows. By doing this action, they not only show the dominance among the males but also successfully attract females.

What is a Group of Female Moose Called

Just like the elks, female moose are also named as “COWS”.They don’t grow antlers. After the maturity, which occurs at the age of 16 to 28 months in the case of females, cows go into estrus from late September until early October. This is a mating period. The cows group up in search of young bull mates. However, they are highly active during only a 16 to 24 hours time period in the estrus cycle. Similarly like the bulls, the cows don’t have a specific name when they gather. They are also collectively named as a “herd of cows”.

What is a Group of Baby Moose Called

What is a Group of Moose Called? [Common Collective Nouns]

You may be surprised to know that the baby moose is given such a cute name” calf”.The baby moose forms a strong bond with its mother. And generally, calves don’t form groups. They remain with their mother until the age of one year. The mother protects the calf and seeks a covered shelter to avoid predators. However, if you ever see two or three calves together, you can call them deliberately as a herd of calves.

What is a Large Group of Moose Called

Researchers have found that Moose grouping behavior changes in response to increased predation risk in the open habitat. For instance, in the wolf’s rich habitat, Moose gather forming larger than the normal groups. In case of deep snow, when their mobility becomes slow they are at higher risk of predation. So forming larger gatherings can eventually save them from predators. However, a larger group of moose is also referred to as a herd, but you can use the term ”gang” if you don’t like repeating. Watch this amazing video of moose herd relaxing in the canola field.

What Do You Call a Group of Moose

After discussing all the possible collective nouns for a group of moose, it’s time for you to select what name suits perfectly for a Moose gathering. We recommend you to call them a herd as it is the most popular one. However, if you feel sick of calling them as a  herd, again and again, there are other options like a mob, a gang, a parcel, and also “meese” with some fun texture. So it’s up to you now whatever you like the most. 

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Final Verdict

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this interesting article about Moose. Now whenever, you see a group of moose, and someone asks you about its group names, you won’t be speechless. So, don’t forget to share this amazing knowledge with other Moose lovers. Beware, if you live in the area of moose take proper safety measures.