Where Do Coyotes Live? [Habitat Names and Maps Around the World]

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Where do Coyotes live? Coyotes live in every state of America, especially North America and Central America, Canada, and Mexico. Generally, they roam in deserts, plains, hilly areas, tropical and subtropical climates, urban and suburbs, grasslands, tundra, and even swamps.

Coyotes are highly social and territorial animals. Mostly, they live as a part of the pack, but solitary animals are also seen. They mark their territory with the urine and don’t allow other animals to enter their homes. They use vocals to communicate with fellows. Usually, Urban Coyotes mark the home boundary in an area ranging from two square miles to ten square miles. Moreover, they make a den for family raising purposes. Interestingly, the papa Coyote is not allowed to enter the den. Only mom lives with her pups in the den.

Common Habitat of Coyotes 

It seems like saying,” HURREEYY! I am the Champ of the US, Canada, and Mexico “.It is an adaptable mammal that can live well in a variety of climates, conditions, and habitats.

Below are a few common habitats:


You may be surprised to know that Coyotes are shy to humans, occasionally urban coyotes have become a fearless creature. In urban areas, they make homes in parks, golf courses, forest preserves, cemeteries, soccer playfields, and even any safe green patches of land. How intelligent they are. If they face food shortages, they can increase the size or territory. However, if enough food and shelter are available even in a small territory, they live happily. They tend to hide their den in an urban matrix. Researchers have found coyote holes in surprising places like:

  • Small hidden places under sidewalks
  • In culverts-open drains under the roads 
  • In the basement of wrecked houses
  • In existing raccoon burrows
  • Under storage sheds

Interestingly, urban Coyotes even don’t hesitate to travel in a subway. Such a fearless creature! Isn’t it?


They also live in towns, rural and semi-rural areas. As most Americans are adapting organic lifestyles, this mammal is more likely to live near farmhouses. Here they can easily prey on pets. New farmers are mostly unaware of this harm. It also lives near fields, because they eat grains. In villages, they also create homes out of the greenery. If there is more food in smaller areas, they live peacefully, otherwise, they manage to increase the size of the territory.


Historically, this animal used to live in woods and forests. They are actually born in the wild then adapt to survive anywhere. In forests, make territory away from wolf and bear areas. They are most opportunistic to create a shelter in dense trees with abundant food supplies.they can easily hide the den in woods, by digging burrows and covering them with scratch.


No doubt, Coyotes are the most adaptable creature to survive in any habitat. Even they are not disturbed by the blazing sun, burning sand, and the cool night breeze of the desert.in Arizona Sonoran desert, they typically make their homes in:

  •  Elevated peaks.
  • Desert shrubberies.
  • Near small patches of green land. 
  • In the caves. 
  • Near populated areas.

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Grasslands provide shelter to most wild animals including coyotes. They live in nearly all the grasslands of North America. Similarly, In Yellowstone National park, a large number of these species tend to live and raise their families. 


Coyote territories are also seen in the swamps from the eastern to coastal North Carolina. The incredibly adaptable creature, make territories even in the marshes. However, they make territories away from the alligators. Enjoy this amazing image taken from McElroy Swamp Louisiana.


You will be surprised to know that Coyotes are good swimmers. They successfully inhabit the tundra, a vast treeless flat region of North America. Moreover, they also live in the Arctic tundra.

Where Do Coyotes Live in World Map

Now you are wondering whether Coyotes exist in the whole world or they are only the natives of America and neighborhoods? So, let’s figure this out. Coyotes generally live in nearly all states in the US, from North to Central America, except Hawaii, Canada, Mexico. And why is Hawaii free from this creature? The reason is that Hawaii is the only US state that is located outside North America in the North Pacific ocean. Moreover, this state is 3000km away from the nearest continent. Although they are good swimmers but not enough to cover such a big distance. Similarly, they are not allowed to hire a fairy to visit Hawaii. That’s why they are not present in Hawaii.

Where Do Coyotes Live? [Habitat Names and Maps Around the World]
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Where Do Coyotes Live in The US

Coyotes live in all the States of the US. From the past few decades, they have increased their area from North America, Central America towards the arctic. However, at Panama- Colombia border, there comes an area of 100 miles connecting Central and South America and consists of a dense forest. This area, named Darien Gap, acts as a hurdle and stops Coyotes from entering South America. Actually, the Jaguars of Darien Gap dont allow them to enter South America. But if they succeed in entering the South, they will spread throughout the whole continent. Let’s discuss the US areas with a high Coyote population and even if you are planning a coyote hunt, this information will surely help you.

Where do coyotes live in the US
Image credit: urbancoyoteresearch.com


Coyotes are present in the whole Texas but Austin and Travis County are the areas with high coyote populations. In Texas, if you are interested in hunting, you don’t need a license throughout the year.


Coyotes have extended their families in all the 67 counties of Florida. its hunting is legal and allowed throughout the year. However, if you are using a steel leg trap, you must need a permit from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.


Coyotes are living in all the 83 counties of Michigan. According to Michigan Coyote hunting rules, you must have a fur harvester or resident based license. However, the daytime hunting season starts from 15 July to 15 April, and nighttime predation starts from October 15 to March 15. Also, there are some restrictions for night time Coyote hunting.


Nevada is featured as an ideal habitat for Coyotes.The best thing about this area in private ranchers. fantasticBoth local residents and non-residents are allowed to hunt throughout the year. But you need a license in the case of fur selling. Also if you are planning to use a leg trap, make sure to take the permit first.


The beautiful land with high altitudes and the best weather provides a large habitat to Coyotes. This wild animal is mostly attracted to rural areas, where dead livestock disposal sites are a food source for them. Here the natives are allowed hunting at any time. If you are a nonresident, seek permission first.


Wyoming State has 23 counties, and eventually, all of these counties are rich in coyote populations. Moreover, you can enjoy legal hunting at any time. But be careful, don’t hunt the Coyote from the public roads, as it is not allowed. 


Utah state is located in the western US with 29 counties. It has a dry desert climate, with extremely hot weather. But coyotes never mind the weather extremes. hey, exist in all the counties of Utah. Moreover, coyote hunting is also legal throughout the year and no license is required.


This US State, with a mixture of hot and humid weather, mainly consists of great plains. Here, the winters are cold and icy, and summers are hot, providing an ideal shelter to Coyotes.Especially western Nebraska is rich in the Coyote population. The natives here can hunt without a license, but the nonresidents need a permit.


The Kansas state, located in the midwestern US, is the best place where you can find a large number of Coyotes. The best thing is Coyote hunting is allowed throughout the year. However, a license is required for hunting and fur selling.


A large number of Coyote populations exist in California State. This animal inhabits nearly all the areas ranging from mountains to deserts. However, in dense populated areas Coyotes are usually not seen. Its hunting is legal but you must require a permit.

Where Do Coyotes Live in Canada

No doubt, this animal doesn’t take care of borders, so they have expanded their range from America to Canada. Moreover, Coyotes make their homes near farmlands, valleys, mountains, and parks in the urban areas. Interestingly, a dominant species named coywolf exists in Ontario, which is actually a hybrid of Coyote and eastern wolf. Here is the list of coyote inhabited areas in Canada.

  • Manitoba
  • Yukon
  • Southern Saskatchewan
  • Western NWT
  • East of Maritima

Where Do Coyotes Live in Mexico

It is really sad that the destruction of the natural wildlife habitat is sweeping the homes of animals. Therefore, wild animals including coyotes are heading towards metropolitan areas. Although Mexico itself is a small country, rich in the Coyotes population. Here they live more happily in the Sonoran desert, which provides a vast area as a shelter.

What to do if you find a coyote in your territory. You can capture it in a cage and then set if free away from your place.

Dear Coyote’s lovers, if you love to know more about Coyotes, this Book is a must-read.

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Final Words

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