Best Bow Quivers 2022 – [Top 5 Picks]

Bow quiver is used by modern Archer for their target archery or for hunting purpose. It is a very common and essential to have for an archer.

So, a very best bow quiver is indeed the best equipment with a bow. It will increase your draw arrows time.

In the near past, archer used to have arrow quiver. And bow quiver is an evolution of arrow quiver.

A bow quiver can increase your draw time dramatically. It will give you advantages during a practice session or hunting time.

Here, I am going to review top best bow quivers that are dominating in the archery world.

 So, let’s move to the review section-

Product Name

Product Image

Capacity of arrow



Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver

Best Bow Quivers 2022 - [Top 5 Picks]

5 Arrows


Bear Archery Logo Deluxe Back Quiver

Best Bow Quivers 2022 - [Top 5 Picks]

12 Arrows


KRATARC Archery Back Arrow Quiver Shoulder Hanged

Best Bow Quivers 2022 - [Top 5 Picks]

 24 arrows


LimbSaver Silent Quiver for Bow Hunting

Best Bow Quivers 2022 - [Top 5 Picks]

5 Arrows


Tight Spot 5-Arrow Bow Quiver Polymer

Best Bow Quivers 2022 - [Top 5 Picks]

5 Arrows


Top 5 Best Bow quivers Review

1. Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver: Best Rated Bow Quiver

Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver:

Product Overview

One of the most hunting equipment manufacturers is the Trophy Ridge, especially in the section of bow and arrow. They introduced this Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver that has amazing features that helps a lot during hunt time.

What makes this trophy ridge quiver most versatile? Its adjustable feature. You can adjust both vertically and horizontally. It gives you the opportunity to hold different lengths of the arrow. And it is possible to hold additional accessories according to your preference.

For flexible weight distribution, you can move the quiver left to right.

One of the coolest features I have found, is the three green LED light situated at the top hood. It helps to identify which arrow you want to pull out. And while placing arrows you can easily place arrows.

Constructed with Ballistix Copolymer. It will reduce vibration while releasing an arrow from a bow. Indeed, it is a comfortable one. So, This one is the best rated bow quiver.

Fixed head or mechanical broadhead, both are easy to place, thanks to its dual arrow grippers. You can actually hold 5 arrows at a time.

Overall, you can tell it a deadly hunting partner. So, don’t miss this one while hunting.


  • Fixed broadhead and mechanical broadhead can be used.
  • Two colors variation is available to choose.
  • Cool green LED light to insert and takeout arrow.
  • Vertically and horizontally adjustable.
  • Constructed with Ballistix Copolymer
  • Low vibration transferred while shooting.


  • Though the manufacturer claims it is lite I feel slightly Heavy.

2. Bear Archery Logo Deluxe Back QuiverBest Bow Quiver for Hunting

Bear Archery Logo Deluxe Back Quiver:Best Bow Quiver for Hunting

Product Overview

Most stylish bow quiver from Bear Archery Quiver. 100 percent leather. So, no doubt durable enough to survive a long time.

What a hunter looks for in a bow quiver? Holding a good number of arrows, right? You can carry over a dozen arrows in different compartments in this bow quiver. The compartment is protected with durable plastic. So, the arrows can be placed securely in it. It's capacity and flexibility makes it best bow quiver for hunting.

Let's have a look for other features of Bear Archery Logo Deluxe Back Quiver-

What else it can offer you? There is an additional compartment outside the shaft. You can keep small accessories there while hunting. And the compartment is secure with a zipper.

For carrying easily over the shoulder, there is an adjustable 3-point front harness to fit with your shoulder. You can quickly release an arrow from this quiver. That important for hunting or sporting time.

You can tell it a universal bow quiver. Because it has a depth of 22 inches. So, it can accommodate long and short arrow with ease.

One most important precaution you need to take if you want to use it. That is, you should carry a broadhead separately. If you carry arrows that hold broadhead then the arrows will collide there and a messy situation will arise.

High-quality leather ensures durability and smartness. Leather bow quiver is ideal for practice time as it can hold many arrows.


  • 100 percent genuine leather.
  • Can hold over dozens of arrows.
  • Great for practice archery.
  • Letter design makes it stylish.


  • Leather made, so, regular maintenance needed.
  • If you carry broadhead then it can cut.
Best Bow Quivers 2022 - [Top 5 Picks]

Product Overview

KRATARC Archery Back Arrow Quiver is famous for its capacity. I keep it in my list for its capacity and as well as its multi-functional feature.

Black-molle design and camo-molle design approximately 21 inches long and 5.2 inches wide available for the archer. Molle system is for holding archery accessories in an organized way. So, we can tell it a compact back arrow quiver on the market.

Constructed with reinforced polyester fabric. That’s why it is lightweight, weather resistant and durable. And You can call it best lightweight bow quiver.

It can hold 24 arrows and quality zipper side pocket for accessories.

If you want to target practice then it is best for you. Why? The capacity of the arrow, right?

Why did I call it multi-functional?

  1. Bigger storage capacity
  2. Molle system design
  3. The Fabric is truly comfortable to carry

These three features, one archer like to have in the best bow quiver, I think. What do you think about this Kratarc Archery Quiver?


  • Can hold 24 arrows.
  • 1 tactical patch included.
  • Perfect for a practiced shooter.
  • Extra pocket for tactical patch, clips and other archery equipment.
  • High-quality weather resistant fabric


  • You can’t bring broadhead on it. Because broadheads can cut it

4. LimbSaver Silent Quiver for Bow Hunting: Best Bow Quiver for Mechanical Broadheads

LimbSaver Silent Quiver for Bow Hunting: Best Bow Quiver for Mechanical Broadheads

Product Overview

Best bow quiver from the Limb Saver Quiver product line. They have used their own patent Noise and Vibration Control Material technology.

Let's read the limbsaver silent quiver review-

The technology is used to make it quieter and a silent partner while hunting. So, in the wild, you can be remained undetected by animals if you even misfire.

Universal design gripper is capable to hold fixed broadhead and mechanical broadhead up to 5 arrows. Specially this one is the best bow quiver for mechanical broadheads.

You can use a large number of various sizes of arrow because it is adjustable. So, no worries for your arrow size.

LimbSaver Silent Quiver has eight different models for this quiver. So, you can choose camouflage or carbon fiber design, whichever you want.

For this wide range of model, you can use it with long arrows, long draw length bow. Maybe you are thinking that there will be a bulky weight for the bigger models. No, there is not that much different. That is so negligible that you can hardly feel any disturbance.

One more important feature everyone should like. Single Thumb Mechanism for quick release.

Durable and made to use outdoor purpose, can defeat any kind of rough weather.


  • Eight different models are available.
  • NOVACOM technology used.
  • Noise and vibration free.
  • Can hold 5 arrows at a time.
  • Single Thumb Mechanism with the repositionable gripper.


  • This bow quiver size is a little bit larger.

5. Tight Spot 5-Arrow Bow Quiver Polymer: Best Compound Bow Quiver

Best Bow Quivers 2022 - [Top 5 Picks]

Product Overview

Another 5-arrow holding capacity bow quiver from our practical choice. If you are looking for a quicker point bow quiver then you can have it without a single thought.

Lightweight and narrow in size, you can set it near the bowline and will hardly feel that there is a quiver.

The latest chatter technology is used for strong arrow gripping feature. So, you can shoot your target from close range.

You don’t have to worry about the safe arrow clip of the best compound bow quiver. It is designed to attach the bottom size closely but the center point is large enough to the easy shooting.

It can hold all types of the broadhead and you can remove by a single hand. It can hold arrows tightly. So, you don’t have to fear that your arrows will never fall down.

The tube-like design bow quiver has a hood to hold broadhead, carbon rod, and gripper. This simple design and material are used to make it lightweight as well as durable.

I hope this tight spot 5 arrow quiver review help you to decide What is the best bow quiver.


  • Can hold 5 arrows.
  • Latest chattering technology for a strong grip.
  • The bottom part is narrow and the center part is bigger.
  • Quick access for the second shoot.


  • This is a little bit pricey one

Important Things you need to think before buying the best bow quivers

So, now you have learned about different types of bow quivers. And the final part is selecting the best one that suits you.

For bow hunting, it is important to think about. Because you should have a quiver that matches your style and as well as it can serve you the maximum output.

Let’s have a look the criteria that you need to think before getting your best bow quiver for the money-


Does the quiver work with your both hand?

Your quiver should have this facility. The other thing is, it should be adjustable with different kind of bow you are going to use. The great news is, newer models have such features.

Rugged and durable

You will not like to carry a bow quiver that may break in the middle of hunting. Right?

Make sure that the bow quiver is made with the highest quality of the material. So, it could resist rugged and will not break easily. Durable one will also last longer.

The capacity of the arrow

This one depends on personal preference. Some of the bow quiver models can hold one arrow and some can hold more. So, what you like is important here.

Low vibration and noise

After shooting an arrow it will vibrate. It affects the steady shot. To get a steady shot you have to select a bow quiver that can able to eliminate vibration and noise.

Ease of use

Time is an important factor while hunting. Select the bow quiver that is easy to load and remove the arrow. Also lightest bow quiver is one of the great advantage for hunters.

What if there is a locking option that can save you from the unwanted shot?

It will be great obviously. Some of the models of bow quiver that have this feature. So, don’t miss to get one.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: How many arrows are in a quiver 5e?

Answer: A quiver that can hold 20 arrows is referred to as 5e.

Question: How many arrows can an archer fire in a minute?

Answer: If it is a military archer then he should fire at least a5 arrows per minute. If he shoots 10 or less then he will be tagged as an unfit archer.

Question: How much should my arrow weigh?

Answer: It depends on your bow and purpose of shooting. Let assume you are going to target practice and your bow has 60 lbs. of draw weight. Then you should have 330 to 350 grains.

Question: What is an arrow holder called?

Answer: in short it is called Quiver. A quiver can carry not only arrows but bolts and darts also. An archer can place the quiver on his back shoulder or on the bow. Placing the quiver depends on which bow quiver you are using.

Question: What is an archery target called?

Answer: Usually made from foam or straw. Not very complicated item but the term archery target is the most common term. All types of the bow can be used to target practice.

Question: What is the Centre of archery target called?

Answer: This is called bulls-eye. An archer gets 10 points if he can hit it.

Question: Did archers use quivers?

Answer: There are two types of quiver. Arrow quiver and bow quiver. Arrow quiver is an ancient invention and used by a warrior as well as a hunter. Bow quiver is a modern invention and used by archer nowadays.

Question: Is archery a good sport?

Answer: Archery is an ancient sport. It is a sport that can be used in practical life also.

Obviously, it is a good sport. Because it will build up your muscle and mental health. Why?

Archery needs 4 important facts- focus, precision, controlling power and ability of your body. This increases your mental health and develops your muscle.

Question: What is it called when you shoot an arrow into another?

Answer: A very common scenario in target archery. It frequently occurs over there. And it is called telescoping.


After all, the discussion you may now able to find the best bow quiver for you. I have mention 5 of the best available in the market now.

You can take advantages of this modern equipment to increase your ability in archery.

This bow quiver reviews may help you to involve with modern Archery world.

I think this is the most scientific way to devolve yourself.

Keep up yourself.