How Does a Mother Deer Find Her Fawn? [Secret Deer Info,Facts]

Most of the animals can easily identify their children and distinguish between them. As of deers, the mother deer can only identify its fawn by sniffing them. While a fawn can easily identify its mother by just listening to their mother calling them but the mother deer can not identify the fawn’s call. 

Have you ever thought where does a mother deer hide her fawn when she goes to find food? That’s food for thought!

How does a mother deer find her fawn? A mother deer finds her baby deer by visiting the place where she hid it and in some cases to make sure it is her fawn she sniffs it. A mother deer leaves her fawn hidden in the bushes or vegetation because the newly born fawn has no smell to attract predators. They will then return to the fawn to feed it and soon the fawn will join her.

People also did research on them and they concluded that the female adult deer have a specific and unique call to talk to their fawns and this is how the fawns can identify if that is their mother or not.  Mothers hide their fawns in vegetation. And when they are ready to walk, then they can even run from predators with their mothers. Most fawns are born between the mid of May to the end of June. 

Some Facts To Know About Deer Fawns

Fawns stay hidden for some weeks after their birth and they are totally dependent on their mothers. Fawns are baby deers and these adorable fawns are also called kid and calf. It is interesting to know that a fawn has about 300 white spots on its body. It is also possible that triplet fawns born to the same doe might have three different fathers.

The fawns are born with only four baby teeth. Later in the first few months, they develop premolars and baby incisors. The fawns stay motionless in front of predators and this behavior helps them in survival. People should avoid feeding anything to fawns they find because fawns have their own specific nutritional needs which if not followed can result in bad. In many areas of the world, captivating deers is against the law. These cute little fawns are more sensitive than we all know.

How Long Do Fawns Stay With Their Mother

Well, the male fawns (also known as bucks) stay with their mother for almost a year, while the female fawns stay with their mother for 2 years. It often takes about 3 to 4 months for a mother to wean her baby. When they are young the mother only leaves them when she has to go on the quest for food. 

How Many Babies Do Deer Have in a Lifetime

Actually the deer mate once a year and they commonly have one to two fawns. They can also have three fawns but it is not very common. The white-tailed male deers(also known as bucks) can live up to 6 years, while the females can live about two or three years more than males. The record age of a deer was of a doe that lived for 22 years. Amazing!

Where Do Deer Go To Give Birth

The doe (female deer) chooses a hidden quiet peaceful place to give birth to the fawn. She lies down to give birth and after one-third of the fawn is out, she then stands up so the fawn can slide out. A mother deer commonly gives birth to two fawns. She makes sure that the place she has chosen for the fawns is safe from predators. The baby fawns are able to stand up after almost 10 minutes of their birth.

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Can mother deers recognize their Fawn’s Cry

The Mothers can not recognize their fawns cry, while the fawn can easily recognize their mother calling out for them. Because fawns do not have a unique cry that can help their mother differentiate between them and other fawns. On the other hand, the mother has a unique way to call the fawns.

how long do fawns stay with their mother

Baby Deer Abandoned By Mother

The Mothers leave their fawns on a daily basis to go on a quest for food, they can even leave their fawns for a few days and it does not mean that they have abandoned them. Most people when they find a fawn alone they think that the mother deer has abandoned her baby but it is not necessarily true. If you find one do not touch it because the mother will reject her fawn if she catches your smell on her fawn. As we have discussed above, the mother deer can identify the fawn only by the smell. 

How Long Do Fawns Nurse

Fawns can survive perfectly without their mother’s milk by the age of ten weeks means about 2 and a half months. But it is common for them to take more than 3 to 4 months to wean. They leave the mother’s milk slowly by taking less milk and more forage food. The doe can have 2 to 3 fawns and they are not kept together but 200 feet away from each other.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

How Long Will a Mother Deer Leave Her Fawn?

The mother deer can even leave the fawn for a few days so that she can go to find food for herself.

Will a Mother Deer Leave Her Fawn if a Human Touches?

Yes, you should not touch the fawn you think has been abandoned because the mother is probably near you and she will reject the baby if she smells you.

Why Would a Doe Abandon Her Fawn?

A doe can not abandon the fawn unless she is killed. She can abandon the fawn if the fawn has a defect or abnormality that can affect survival.

What Do You Do if You Find a Fawn?

If you find a fawn do not touch or go near it. It is better to leave it alone because the mother is most likely to be close. She has probably left the fawn to have something to eat. 

Do Deer Mourn Their Dead?

For sure, most hunters have witnessed fawns mourning over their dead mother by sitting next to the dead mother.

How Long is Labor For Deer?

A deer’s labor period lasts for 12 or more hours and if she gets disturbed by any predator or hunter then she stops the labor period.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, now you know how a mother deer can find her fawn and we hope all the queries that you had regarding the topic have been answered. Mothers can differentiate between their fawns and other fawns only by their smell, not the cry.

The deer mate once a year and give birth to 2 to 3 fawns and are kept 200 feet away from each other. Mothers can not abandon the fawn unless they have been touched by a human or only if the fawns have any defect. The fawn can live perfectly without their mother’s milk at the age of 2 and a half months but even then some fawns take 4 to 5 months to wean and eat forage food.