How to Mount a Rimfire Scope: Step by Step Guide

Once I found my friend passing a long time just perfecting his scope on his rifle. And I was mocking on him. But unfortunately what I have found on the shooting that I wasn’t being able to shoot at a single target at all. But my friend? He was just giving me a smile and giving me a reply by targeting the harder ones.

So, in the end, I decided to learn how to mountain a rimfire scope. That’s what I am sharing with you. Let’s dive into the words-

Prepare The Workspace

First thing first, you have to select the right space for any job and the right instruments. Otherwise, you won’t be able to finish the job in the right way.

Now, it’s a basic knowledge that you will need your rifle and the scope that you have already bought. Now, it’s time to make you the acknowledgment that you will need some other instruments too. They may vary according to the rifle types and also the scope types. But as the basic, there are some like-

  • Scope base
  • Scope ring
  • Workbench
  • Vice
  • Leveler
  • Degreasing agent
  • Set of screwdrivers

You should make it sure that you have got the right sized ring. It is important to get the right ones. If you get a 40 mm diameter scope, you should get a 40 mm rings as well.

And one more thing, you should go for the best quality. You will find a lot of cheap mountains on the market. But it is better to deal with life with every precaution. SO, I would suggest you not to compromise with the quality. You Can check vortex optics diamondback as it is the best Scope for 3006 rifle.

Look at ring and base

Now, there is a thing that I should make it clear to you that when you will buy the scope you should have to match it with your rifle. Why? Okay! Don’t get confused.

Look, here are two types of scopes ring and base setup. The most common and basic type is the hunting rifle setup. You have to just screw the pin into the rifle. That’s all. And there is another simple setup like divided into two pieces but in half base and ring stay together.

But for the professional like the long-range shooter, it is not as simple like the previous one. You have to mount on the scope by using rail and then you have to mount the rings on the rail.

So, whatever, the summary is trying to be sure that the scope matches to your rifle.

Stable your gun

You should keep your gun at vice or on something else where your rifle will stand straight. If you don’t make your rifle stable, you won’t be able to mount on the scope rightfully.

At least try to make your rifle position parallel to the ground.

how to mount a rimfire scopes

Mount Bases

Before mounting the base, you just need to know something very important. If you are using rail, you should apply a little amount of oil under the rail. It will prevent corrosion to happen. But be sure that the oil doesn’t go to screws.

And if we go for base and ring setup, you will get some suggestions from the people that you should do lapping to avoid torque problems. Torque issues can come in front if you mountain the scope at some angle. But here I should tell you to find the exact rings. That ring will be precise for your rifle. And for that there you won’t need to do any kind of lapping.

And at the end before screwing you can apply some blue solution as thread freezing solution for safety.

Position or Level The Scope

This is the most important setup part of all steps. You have to be very much careful when you will do it. Because of the rifle makes an angle with the rifle, during a shooting at bullet won’t go to the target as you have seen through the scope.

Set the barrel clamp at the index level and tighten it down. Then Place the reference level on the barrel perpendicular. And now adjust your rifle to the level.

Now using the micro adjuster you must level the barrel clamp. Then set the scope in the bottom of the rings. And after that, you have to tighten the screw but don’t give a full tight.

Both for the rail and base setup remember you have to slide or rotate your scope. So, don’t give the screw a full tight.

Now, it’s time for setting your eye relief. Slowly hold your rifle as you do always and obviously move the rifle from the vice. You must set your view now from the scope. You have to adjust until you see the full view of the entire field through the scope. Never mind with the shadow. They shouldn’t stay at the right distance of eye relief.

Now set back your rifle on the vice again. Make it confirm that the barrel clamp scope mount has been fixed perfectly.

Therefore, it’s time to level the turret. Remove the turret and set the leveler. Set your scope until the bubble on the reference level gets matched with the barrel clamp level.

Now, slowly tighten the screw. You shouldn’t give more than 1 or 2 turns at a time.

Adjust the reticle

If your scope has the reticle, you have to adjust it also. But this adjustment will vary for different companies. You have to look through the scope like you do for shooting. You have to adjust the reticle focus until you find you feel soothing for your eyes.

Tight screws

Before final tightening the screws you should do the double-check to assure that the scope’s position is perfect. Then tighten the screws of the ring.


 That’s all about how to mount a rimfire scope. You know every single detail now. Just be assured that you are using a vice. Because crumbling hand or stands won’t give you a better fix. Shoot in the right direction always!