What Do Coyotes Eat? [Diet Menu, Prey List]

Have you ever wondered what Coyotes like the most for their breakfast, lunch and dinner? Are they picky eaters? Or they put tantrums before mealtime like most of us?

Wanna enjoy a comprehensive dining room tour of Coyotes? So, stay with us!

Finally,we are going to explore a variety of food liked by Coyotes.

What do Coyotes eat? Coyotes can eat so many things like mammals, reptiles, birds, marine creatures and insects. It behaves both as omnivores and scavengers. It can also eat up fruit, nuts, beans and corn.

Coyotes adapt their hunting style to what foods are available. Being cunning enough, they can run at speeds of 40 miles- per- hour. Solitary Coyotes usually hunt small prey alone, stalk it and then pounce. They will preferably hunt in small packs if the prey is larger like a deer. They show teamwork, nipping at the legs of the escaping victims, biting the neck and compressing the windpipe until the prey is killed.

Coyotes Favourite Food

Have you ever thought of asking Coyotes about their favourite food items?You might get ready to have a surprised answer—”We are ready to eat anything and everything at any time”.Isn’t  it unbelievable?But at the same time ,it’s true my dear..

So, Stay with us..We are going to explore what coyotes actually eat.

Coyote food category namesDetailsImages
MammalsYou may be surprised to know that 90 %of the Coyote’s diet consists of mammals.They like to eat lamb, adult sheep, fawn, adult deer,elks,baby goats.If they are in pack, they will preferably hunt large prey.Solitary Coyotes mostly hunt small mammals like rabbits,squirrels,etc.What Do Coyotes Eat? [Diet Menu, Prey List]
RodentsRodents are actually problematic wildlife creatures with uncontrollable population.Coyotes are helping us in controlling their population.Mostly coyotes feed on small mammals like rodents including mice, voles, shrews, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs.What Do Coyotes Eat? [Diet Menu, Prey List]Image credit:pinterest
ReptilesDo you like reptile excess in your area?Absolutely not.Coyotes also eat reptiles like lizards, snakes etc.Researchers from urban Coyotes project have found that Coyote abundance in any area reduces reptile population in that area.So thanks to Coyotes for stabilizing the reptile population in an ecosystem..What Do Coyotes Eat? [Diet Menu, Prey List]Image credit:The Daily Coyote.
PlantsBeing omnivores,Coyotes eat both fruits and vegetables.They mostly like berries, watermelon and even ripe vegetables from our backyards.in desert ecosystem,Coyotes mostly feed on mesquite beans, cactus fruits, and flowersWhat Do Coyotes Eat? [Diet Menu, Prey List]
InsectsCunning hunters even from an early age,Juvenile Coyotes usually eat insects like Grasshoppers beetles, scorpions etc.By hunting insects they actually learn how to use stalk and pounce methods of hunting.What Do Coyotes Eat? [Diet Menu, Prey List]
SkunksCunning hunters even from an early age,Juvenile Coyotes usually eat insects like Grasshoppers beetles, scorpions etc.By hunting insects they actually learn how to use stalk and pounce methods of hunting.What Do Coyotes Eat? [Diet Menu, Prey List]Image credit:Pheasants Forever.
Birds Coyotes also hunt  birds like pigeons, sparrows, geese,turkey,ducks, pheasant taxidermy and chickens etc..Coyotes usually do not take away adult geese .Instead they raid the nests and eat its eggs.. What Do Coyotes Eat? [Diet Menu, Prey List]Image credit:Feathered photography 
FishAs we all know that Fish has essential proteins, therefore, it is required to fulfill the dietary requirements of coyotes during winter. Around ponds and lakes, they like to eat any kind of fish that is washed on banks in floods or high water currents.What Do Coyotes Eat? [Diet Menu, Prey List]Image credit:123RFcom
CarrionHave you ever thought that daily a large number of wild animals die whether in road accidents or due to other reasons? Where do they all actually go? We must thank nature for making the food for the wild. Coyotes likely eat the flesh of dead animals like white-tailed fawns killed in road accidents. In rural areas, they are also seen eating dead cows, horses and pigs.What Do Coyotes Eat? [Diet Menu, Prey List]Image credit:Wikipedia

What Do Coyotes Eat in Desert

In desert ecology, coyotes diet varies with the seasons. Desert Coyotes will rarely go near human dwellings. Unfortunately during droughts, they face harsh conditions with no food and water. Therefore, they may get more and more fearless to prowl near populated areas. Possibly, they will try to eat any available food. In Arizona  Sonora Desert, they feed on  Cactus fruit, mesquite beans, flowers, insects, rodents, lizards, rabbits, birds, and snakes. Depending upon availability, they will select the dietary menu of their choice.

What Do Coyotes Eat? [Diet Menu, Prey List]
Image credit: North American nature

What Do Coyotes Eat in Urban Areas

Stay with us and don’t poke around, as we are discussing Coyote scat. It sounds weird but it’s a fact. If you ever find Coyotes shit, just smash it under your shoes. You will find what actually they have eaten YUKKEE. The urban coyote research program has made a study over nearly 1400 coyote fecal droppings. They collected the samples from parks, preserves and cemeteries. They surprised to find that it is a misconception that coyotes feed on pets or garbage. In fact, mostly coyotes in cities stick to a natural diet. Scroll down to view the list of research results.

Small rodents42%
Fruits 23%
Human garbage2%

But it’s quite a controversial issue. A Survey of natives records a lot of complaints of Coyotes attacking pets especially cats and dogs.

What Do Coyotes Eat in Grassland

As we all know that Grasslands provide vast opportunities for hunting. Coyotes that live in grasslands eat almost everything varying from plants to animals. In Louisiana, coyotes are notorious for raiding people’s watermelon fields. You’ll be amazed to learn that they are also seen eating arugula lettuce. Moreover, they are found roaming around persimmon fruit trees. Once the tasty ripe fruit falls they gobble up to give them some sugary treat. Ripe vegetables at the farm’s berries watermelon,.even they won’t miss a chance to taste insects like grasshoppers and beetles. As pasture invaders, they prey the livestock, usually lamb and baby goats, as they are close in size to fawn deer. Enjoy a surprising of Coyotes eating plants.

What Do Coyotes Eat in Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park in the US is home for hundreds of animal species including bears, coyotes, wolves, fox, elks, antelope. Generally, they live here in packs, breeding and raising families. Within the park habitat, Coyotes mostly hunt small mammals, especially brown squirrels.

They also feed on the leftover prey of wolves and bears. Usually, they prey baby elk and enjoy a dinner party of meat. Actually, grasshoppers are in abundance in this park. So, as we all know that something is better than nothing. If they find nothing they will simply rely on these insects.

What Do Coyotes Eat in Winter

Though winter is hard for many wild animals, coyotes have adapted hunting skills to survive in cold weather. If they are in packs, preferably they will hunt adult deer. As deer meat is a good source to keep them warm during the snow. Solitary coyotes more often feed on small mammals like rabbits.voles, shrews. As reptiles are not out during snow, so Coyotes have to rely on any available food source. However, carrion is also an option during the winter. Urban coyotes are seen wandering near garbage bins during the snow. Well, not a bad option to satisfy hunger.

What Do Coyotes Eat in Summer

Wanna enjoy the Coyote summer dining table? Here we go Spring and summer is the breeding season of coyotes. They need more food in this season to raise the pup, so are spotted more often. Pups in the early weeks feed mainly on mother’s milk. After they are 3 weeks old, they start hunting small insects. Preferably mom coyotes hunt protein-rich diet for its pups. Deer meat is a lean source of protein for growing pups. In hot weather, reptiles are in abundance and easy to prey. Urban coyotes are more fortunate with enough food sources in summer.

Do Coyotes Eat Cats

If you are a cat lover, you must know whether coyotes eat cats or not. According to a study led by California University professors, nearly 3100urban coyotes shit showed the evidence of eaten feral cats. Often, coyotes are seen hunting pet cats in urban areas. Actually this creature is saving its natural hunting habitat by cat predation. But if we think positively, feral cats usually don’t allow songs to sing birds and destroy their nests. According to the urban coyote’s research project, the presence of coyotes in high cat populated areas helps to stabilize the ecosystem. Beware, never put cat food outside if you live in coyotes rich area. It can be dangerous.

What Do Coyotes Eat? [Diet Menu, Prey List]

Do Coyotes Eat Dogs

YES. Coyotes eat other dogs, it sounds odd, but it’s the rule of nature.In areas like the West of the US, a large range of coyotes often raid high populated areas. Unfortunately, they begin attacking pets. Researchers have reported nearly 30 breeds of dogs have been killed by coyotes. For this creature, the size of the pet doesn’t really matter. they will attack in gangs and eventually kill even large dogs. Here is a pro-tip, never bring a wiener dog if you live in coyote dense area, as it easy prey. Always get a pit bull sized dog because it can run fast and fight with coyotes. Wanna see coyotes vs dog?

Do Coyotes Eat Grain

If you give a menu list to coyotes, grains would be the least choice for them but still not out of the list. Being omnivores, coyotes usually don’t miss a chance of tasting grains. For this purpose, they are often seen roaming in fields and damaging cultivated crops. Even if you have a bird feeder, coyotes will come to enjoy the scattered seeds underneath. The grains that they like to taste are:

  • Wheat especially green wheat blades
  • Corn
  • Lentils
  • Beans 
  • Sorghum
  • Sunflower seeds

Do Coyotes Eat Everything

No doubt, the most variant eater award goes to Coyotes. Now you might wonder if there is anything left or not, by this wild animal. Basically, they will eat everything that fits in their mouth.ranging from plants to vegetables, fish, birds, mammals, cats, dogs, reptiles, rodents. The diets of Coyotes vary widely depending on the environment they live in.

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Bottom Line

Finally, the complete dietary menu of Coyotes comes to an end. Hopefully, you have enjoyed this interesting information. Make sure to share this article with other Coyote lovers. Remember, never feed this wild creature by chance. They can eventually become aggressive when they are being fed.