Where Do Coyotes Sleep? [Everything About Bedding Areas]

Have you ever got irritated by Coyotes Howl at night? And you might wonder whether they ever sleep or not? What do they actually do apart from disturbing you?


Get Ready, we are going to take you to meet SLEEPING COYOTES in this article. Be Silent, dont disturb them. Maybe they would mind it!

Let’s start with where do coyotes sleep? Coyotes can use any habitat for sleep such as prairies and deserts or cover areas like a den. In urban life, they like wooded patches and shrubbery to rest within. However, they would avoid residential, commercial and industrial areas for bedding. Instead, they will rest on any remaining fragments such as parks and golf courses.

The coyote (Canis Latrans) is a species of canine native in North America. Relatively smaller than the gray wolf, eastern wolf and red wolf, zoologists preferably call them golden jackals. Coyotes are highly social living in packs. Also, they have invaded in the urban matrix due to climate change and habitat destruction. Most humans get harmed when they try to feed them. 

Common Resting Areas of Coyote

Do you love to play hide and seek with a coyote?If yes then you must know its common bedding areas.Here is the list where you can catch them at bedtime.

  1. Above the Ground, Uplift areas

Have you ever seen a  coyote sleeping above the ground? Wait above the ground doesn’t mean that coyotes sleep on the mountain. Usually this creature loves to choose uplift areas as a bed. It may be a piece of rock, a small hill or some boulder. It makes sure that the area must have proper entrance and exit routes with proper drainage of rain water. Though they remain lying down while resting at the same time alert enough to cope with any danger.

  1. Open Covered Areas

Well most of animals don’t like scorching sunlight.Being super furry creature coyotes may like shady areas as bed during summer. Perhaps it depends on the weather at that time of the year. Or this animal may not like to be disturbed.Being nocturnal ,coyotes keep themselves hidden from the view during daylight. Therefore, they use some sort of cover. Moreover, they can be found resting under shades of trees in large bushes, wooded patches, in shrubbery. However during winter, they can rest anywhere even on the snow bed.

  1. In the den

Imagine how you feel if you are told to sleep outside your house? Isn’t it odd for you? Maybe it is. But not for a coyote. Generally a male coyote is not allowed to enter the den. Only it’s better half and pups use a den hole side. Even after the pups are weaned, they will all use this den. But once pups  are older enough they will be outside. Amazingly, a coyote den is the hardest thing to find. Here are some spots where you can find this whole site:

  • Hollowed out tree stumps
  • Rock outcrop
  • In skunks of medium sized carnivores
  • Existing raccoon burrows
  • Caves in woods

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Where Do Coyotes Sleep During The Daytime

During the day coyotes don’t like to appear before human beings that’s why it is not really easy to see them in the daylight.Mostly In the daytime, they prefer to sleep in places with less intervention of people.They are not more active for food and prey during the day. Here is the list of common places where you can spot them sleeping  during daylight:

  • Under shady trees
  • In tall grass patches
  • in skunks of small carnivores
  • Shrubby areas
  • In hidden places of wreckage

Where Do Coyote Sleep During The Rain

Have you ever seen any animal taking a good nap during intense  rain? Maybe you haven’t. Strangely this creature doesn’t mind if it rains during bed time. However, it depends on place and weather at the time of rain. If it rains in summer, they keep on lying and don’t seek cover. Actually, being smart enough male coyotes already select a bed site with proper drainage and high ground. Usually mother coyotes prefer some sort of protective cover for the den like bushes and large leaves. So, its pups may enjoy sound sleep even in pouring rain.

Where Do Coyote Sleep In The City 

Have you ever encountered a sleeping coyote within your city? Although, it does not happen most of the time. Rarely coyotes are seen wandering and hunting during daytimes, except when they change territory for predation. Actually urban coyotes have changed their habits of rest to avoid humans. They may be  active in hunting  from dawn to dusk and in daylight but with less encounters with people. Now the question arises where they actually go to sleep in the urban matrix? Mostly, coyotes use the den to rest and hide from humans within cities.Though in Florida,they  are also seen resting under cars. 

Well, here is the list of common preferable areas of urban coyotes where they make den:

  • Wooded patches in golf courses
  • Under concrete slabs of traffic highway.
  • Shrubbery in parks 
  • Roadside unpopulated areas 
  • Unused drainage pipes
  • In the wreck of old houses

Where Do Coyotes Sleep During Winter

Do coyotes need warm beds in a cozy winter? Perhaps not, they are strong enough to rest even on a snow bed. Apparently winter is a hard time for most wild animals. Although small in size but crafty enough, coyotes have adapted themselves to the changing weather. Moreover, they develop winter coats with heavy fur that protects them from the cool breeze. However, mother coyotes make a den and stay in the den to provide warmth to the resting pups. Usually, male coyotes search their mates in this season. This animal scratches the snow and collects some dry bushes as a bed for taking a nap. In fact, even if they don’t find shelter to rest, they can directly sleep on a snow bed.

Where Do Coyotes Sleep In The Desert

As we know that desert ecology is mainly not a piece of men’s interest due to harsh weather conditions.But animals love this habitat preferably due to abundance of food and  ground area as shelter. Similarly Coyotes love to make territory in the desert. They mark territory by spraying urine. In the desert ,coyotes mainly feed on rats, birds, reptiles, raccoons etc. They have enough predation opportunities  and they can enjoy the food variety  there. Sometimes,they also dig burrows in moist sand and lay down to sleep. Here is the list of coyote bedding areas in the desert. In desert scrub:

  • In Existing burrows of small carnivores 
  • On Steep sand hills
  • Green patches of grass
  • Under shady small plants
Where Do Coyotes Sleep? [Everything About Bedding Areas]

Where Do Coyotes Sleep During Summer

Usually, it’s boring to watch snow everywhere during the harsh winter. Same for the coyotes. In fact, this creature loves summer having more food shelter and more hunting opportunities. In the summer, coyotes bed in open places to keep away from bugs and get access to cooling breezes. However, as the weather turns hotter, they seek shelter under shady areas. During bright sunlight, they will love to bed.

  • Under dense tree shades
  • Moist uplift areas 
  • In tall bushy grass
  • High ground with shady side cover 

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Bottom Line

Dear coyotes lovers, hopefully you have enjoyed this explanatory bedroom tour of coyotes. You shouldn’t disturb them whenever you find them taking a rest. They are scavengers and can harm you. Remember, don’t try to feed them or treat them as your pets. They are wild creatures. Let them live their own life.